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of the 

Georgia Historical Society 

Vol. XIII 

The Letter Book of Thoimas Rasberry, i 758-1 761 

Edited by 

LiLLA Mills Hawes 




The Unbich Bonnell Phillips Memorial Fund 

Has Made Possible the Publication of This 



Thomas Rasberry & Company was not the first mercantile firm 
in Savannah or Georgia, but, so far as is known, the letter book 
of the company is the earliest Georgia merchant's letter book still 
in existence. Thomas Rasberry and William Russell were partners 
in the company. 

The letter book is of interest from several standpoints, for not 
only does it show the sort of goods being bought and sold for 
domestic and Indian trade, but it gives a good picture of economics 
of the period. Through its pages, also, one catches fascinating 
glimpses of colonial Savannah, e.g., the Parish was too poor to 
buy an organ for the church, red and yellow were not popular 
colors, the financial troubles of Attorney-General William Clifton, 
news of the French and Indian War. As the letter book antedates 
the publication of a newspaper in Savannah, it helps to fill gaps 
in the history of the colony. 

The letter book is transcribed exactly as written except for a 
few minor changes in punctuation. The symbol used for "per" 
and "pair" has been written out. The many cases where margins 
of pages have been broken off have been indicated as [torn]. In 
other places missing words or parts of words have been supplied 
in brackets. The first pages are missing. 

The letters were first published in The Georgia Historical 
Quarterly, September 1956 through September 1958. 

Little is known of Thomas Rasberry. He came to Georgia in 
175 1 or 1752. As he died in 1762, he was in the colony only nine 
or ten years. During this time he attained a place of some promi- 
nence, having been appointed to several commissions for Savannah 
and Christ Church Parish. He was elected to the Commons House 
of Assembly from the town and district of Savannah in 1758 and 
served until his death. At the time of his death he owned, in ad- 
dition to his business, much property in Savannah and vicinity. 
He was survived by his widow, Ann, and two daughters, Ann 

and Esther. i\Irs. Rasberry became the second wife of John Mil- 
ledge, Sr., in 1767. The daughter, Ann, married Robert Hamilton 
and Esther married Ebenezer Hills. 

A. D. Candler, ed., The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, VI (1906); 
VII (1906); VIII (1907); X (1907); XIII (1907); XVI (1907); XVIII 
(1910); XXVII (typed ms.) ; XXVIII, pt. 2 (typed ms.) ; Travis Abstracts 
(mss. at Georgia Historical Society); The Georgia Gazette, July 15, 1767; 
and the following manuscript records in the Georgia Department of Ar- 
chives and History: Georgia Entry of Claims, U^ 1757, pp. 56-57; Inventories 
of Estates, Book D, pp. 118-20; Ordinary's Court Minutes and Letters Grant- 
ed, Book N, p. 13. 


6 ps fine bright coloured furniture Check at 3 prices — for Curtains 
6 Womans blue & White striped cotton Gowns at 9/ each 

6 ditto better a ios/6d each 

let the above Gowns be narrow blue Stripes the length of 

the Cloth and White Grounds 
24 ps. scots linnen Check at j-i/^d or y-i/zd per Yd 

6 ps. yard wide ditto at lod. 

6 ps. do a 1 2d. 

12 ps. 7/8ths ditto at 9d. or 9-1/4 

I shou'd be glad to have the above 7/8 and yard Checks 

folded up one half the Wedth of the Cloth, and not done 

up in the same Manner as the 3/4 Checks. 
10 doz scots Handkerchiefs not to exceed 7s/ per doz 

quarter Lawns 
ps. Cambrick 
ps ditto a 

ps ditto 





15s. each 






a 29s per ps 

1 8 Yard Callicoes large flowers & White Ground 
ditto lower priced 

dark Ground Callicoes a' i6s each 

ditto a' 2 OS each 

ps. Chintz 5 Colours a' 22/6 each 

ps. full Chintz a' 26/ each 

ps purple & white birds eye printed Linnens abt. 17 Yds each a' 2od 

per Yard 
ps. china blue do. 8-3/4 or 9 Yards each at 2/2 per Yard 
ps. do. same quantitys a' 2s/ per yard 
[torn] ps netted Lawn for Pavillions or [Mjusquito Netts - 10 Yards 

each ps at lod per Yard 
4 ps ditto same quantity at i2d. per Yd 

I ps plain Muslin about 20 Yds at or about 3s/ or 3s/6d per Yd 
I ps holland long lawn abt. ;C3 ^r ^^ 3.6.0. 
6 fringed Diaper table Cloths a 3/10 each 
6 ditto at 5/ or 5/6 each 

6 clouting Diapers a 10/9 each 

2 ps coarse Russia Linnen for Towells 
4 doz. silk and cotton Handkercheifs 

a cheap sort; I think they are called cherriderry Handkercheifs 
4 doz blue & white paste work ditto at 11/9 or 12s per dozen, they 

are had at Pomeroys and are differently printed on each Side the 

2 doz, red linnen birds eye ditto 
2 doz. blue birds eye ditto 
2 doz. silk Handkerchiefs 20s per dozen 

2 doz do 30s per dozen 

3 doz. mens white glazed Gloves at 1 1 s per dozn 
3 doz ditto's black do a' 12s. 

3 doz womens white do. a' iis/ dozen 

3 doz ditto's black do. a 13s. 

2 doz woms. black silk Mittens at 2/8 or 3/s per pair 

2 doz. dittos. Silk Hats, chiefly black from 3/6 to 6s. each 

half dozn. dittos, black silk Bonnetts of the old Fashion 

12 Lb OSnabrig Thread in half pounds of 70 ozs at i4d per Lb 

12 Lb do at i8d. or igd. per Lb 

4 lb different coloured do at 2/6 per Lb 
4 Lb whited brown do a' 2/2 

4 Lb Stiching Thread a' 3/2 

4 Lb do a' 3/8 

4 Lb do a' 4/6 

2 Lb scots ounce Thread a' 4/6 per Lb 

2 Lb do a' 6s/ 

2 Lb do a' 7/6 

1/2 Lb do a' 20S 

6 doz broad manchester Tapes at 24s per groce 

2 gro scarlet star Gartering at 9s per gro 

[torn] gro. birds eye do a 12/ do 

6 doz dutch pretties a 5/6 per dozn 

I Lb Crewels different Colours 

I Lb light colours sewing Silk 

1 gro. thread Waistcoat Buttons 

2 doz mens brown Thread Stockings at 21 or 22s per dozen 
[torn] doz dittos white ditto a' 32s per do 

2 doz. Woms. ditto a' 22s per do 

2 doz. dittos ditto a' 28s/ do 

The thread Stockings sent me per the Venus are complained 
off as very dear bought 

3 Reams good post Paper 

6 Reams good fools cap do 

6 Reams ordinary do ' 

2 Reams brown paper 

2 Reams whited brown 

6 doz black lead Pencils 

I doz Slates a 8/6 per dozen 

I doz do a 4/6 do 

6 doz slate Pencils 

6 [?] lead Ink Stands with Glasses a' 2s/ each 

1 [?] doz Ink Powders at 3/3 or 3/6 per doz 
[torn] doz better Sort 

2 doz gilt Letter Cases about 7s or 8s/ per doz 
half dozn. Bibles at 2/6 each 

half dozn. Testaments at 1 is/ per dozen 

[torn] dozn Childrens Primmers 

[torn] dozn horn Books 

[torn] dozn, spelling Books 

half dozn. common Prayer Books about . . . 

2 dozen Tin pudding Pans at i5d each 

2 dozen Do a i2d. ea 

2 dozen do a lod. ea 

[torn] dozen quart Tin Potts 4/6 per dozn 

[torn] dozn. halfpint do at 2od. per doz 

6 dozn nutmeg Graters at 6d. per dozen 

4 dozn. larger do a i2d dozen 

half dozn. lanthoms a 2/ or 2/1 each 

half dozn. dormered Lanthoms about 2/6 or 2/8 each 

4 painted sugar Boxes a' i8d each 

4 do at i4d each 

4 do a' 1 2d ea 

2 doz. draw Tobacco Boxes a 4/6 per dozn 

2 dozn larger do a 7/6 do 

4 Nest Tin Kettles same as per Venus 

4 dozn. hard mettal pewter flat Plates 

2 dozn second sort do. 

3 dozn hard mettal soop Plates 
6 small dishes 3 Sises 

4 pint pewter Basons 
8 3 -pint do 

6 2 -quart do 

1 2 pint porrengers say 1 2 

4 dozn. felling Axes at 30s per dozn 

4 dozn broad Hoes at 17 or 17/6 per dozn 

I dozn joiners Adzes at 21/ per dozn 

6 3/4 Inch Augurs 


6 I Inch Do -T 

6 1-1/4 Inch do 
6 1-1/2 Inch do 

1 dozn. socket Gouges 

4 large broad Axes at 3/10 each 

2 dozn. pint Skillets 
2 dozn. quart do 

2 Grapnals about 28 Lb or o.^.l.o each 

2 do 34 Lb or 0..1..6 each 

2 do 38 or 0..1..10 each 

lom. 2od Nails 4m. Card Tacks at 8d per [m] 

lom. lod do 4m Do at lod per [m] 

lom 5d do 

Please to let the lod and 2od Na[ils] say 6m of each be put 
up in boxes of 2m each, the 5d Nails may be loose in the 
Cask some of the Iron Ware by the Venus appears to be 
high charged; the Nails in particular I have seen some that 
Mr Nutt ship't my Neighbour Graham by same Convey- 
ance, bought of Tappenden & Hanbey charged as follows, 

2od. Nails at 6/1 per m 
lod. do 4/3 per do 

'-'■\ $d do 2/1-1/2 per do 

yours from Crowley & Co are as under 

2od Nails at 6/7 
- lod do a' 4/6 

5d do a' 2/7 

and Tho Crowleys Nails may weigh i Lb per m more than 
Tappendens, I think the difference in Cost is more than 
equal to the differrence in Weight and the lighter Sort of 
Nails will suit my purpose best 
4 doz. hard shoe Brushes a' 3s per doz 

1 doz. soft do or blacking do 

2 doz painters Brushes sorted 

6 Cloth Brushes los per dozn. 

4 dozn. dust Brushes 3s/ per dozn. 

4 dozn. fine hair sieve Bottoms 

2 dozn. Rims for do 

1 dozn short Tar Brushes 

2 dozn. horn Spring Penknives a 2s/per dozn 
2 dozn do 3/3 per dozn 

[torn] dozn buck spring do i8d per do 

2. Here and in many places in ttie manuscript is an illegible symbol of 
weight. It cannot be reproduced in print. 

[torn - doz]n Do a 2 id per do 

2 dozn. Stag Cuttoes at 4/4 per dozn 

2 dozn. do a' 5/ per do 

2 dozen Razors a' 4/6 per do 

2 dozn. Do a 9/ do 

2 dozn large horse Scissars a 8/ do 

2 doz. woms fine do a 9/ do 

2 doz. childs metal shoe Buckles a' 2/6 per doz 

2 doz. woms. white square do a 4/ do 

2 doz mens Do a 4/6 do 

2 doz Sailors brass do large a' 6/ per dozn 

2 dozn Setts mens white wrought metal do at 8/ per dozen 

2 doz. Setts dos. Steel do at 8/ per do 

2 doz. Setts dos. yellow do. at 8/ or 8/9 per do 

2 groce flat white mettal breast or Jacket Buttons at i9d per groce 

I doz. Spectacles in Cases at d/d per dozen 

1 doz. do at 8/ 

2 doz. gun worms at i8d per dozen 
2 doz. do at i4d. per do 

2 doz. ponty pool Snuff Boxes a' 3/6 per dozen 

2 doz. figured do a 5s/ per do 

2 doz. burning Glasses a 4/ per dozen 

200 sail Needles sorted a 4/ per 100 

50 bolt Rope do a 8/ 

2 dozn Palms a' 14 or i6d. per dozn 

2 lb brass knitting Needles fine sorts 

12 lb 3-strand sain Twine at lod. or iid per Lb 

6 lb 3 do casting net do at 3s per lb 

6 lb do coarser at 2/6 per Lb 

1 2 lb sewing Twine at 1 1 d. per Lb 

6 doz. bed cords a' 8s per dozn 

2 doz Cod Lines at i8s per dozn 

2 doz. fish Lines at 12s per do 

2 doz do at 7/6 do 

2 doz do at 5s do 

2 . . o . . o Lb white Inch Rope 

2 . . o . . o Inch & quarter tar'd do 

[torn] doz. china Cups & Saucers at ^-i/zd each 

4 doz do at 6d ea 

4 doz do at yd or 7-i/2d ea 

I mean that a dozn Cups & Saucers shoud be 6 Cups and 6 
Saucers and please to let them be midling Sizes none small 

4 doz. blue & white earthen Plates at 2 id. per dozn 

4 doz. ditto about 2s/6d per dozn 

4 doz. do 3/6 per do 

4 dishes at i5d each 

4 do a' lod ea 

4 do a' 8d ea 

6 Bowls at 15s per dozn. 

6 do at 8s per do 

6 do at 5s per do 

6 do at 3/6 per do 

1 2 white Chamber Potts at 5s per dozn 

12 blue & white stone do at 7s do 

2 dozn w hite stone quart Mugs say 2 dozn. 

2 dozn black do 

2 doz. white quart Tea Potts 

2 doz. large ditto at 8s per dozn. black 

2 doz. black sugar dishes at 6s per dozen 

2 doz. do milk Potts at 3s or 3s/6d per do 

6 doz. white stone Tea Cups & Saucers 

4 doz. handle Cans at 8d. per dozn 

2 doz. wine Glasses at 2/6 per dozn 

2 doz. do at 3s/ per do 

2 doz do at 5s. do 

2 doz Tumblers at 5/6 do 

half dozen quart Decanters with Stoppers 

half dozen pint do with do. 

2 doz Fans at 7 or 7/6 per doz 

2 doz do at 10/ per do 

[torn] doz do at 18/ per do 

8 Ps. 9/4ths. flanders bed Ticks at i6s/6d each 

4 Ps. io/4ths ditto at 21s each 

The above Prices on board 
I Ps. Ticking to cut into Bolsters & Pillows about i4d per Yard 

1 doz knitt worsted Patterns for Breeches, let 8 of them be black 

4 red & of a good Sort 

2 brown Fustians about 19s per ps 

2 Ps. do. olive coloured at 30s. or 34s per piece 

I Ps. dyed Jeans, about 50s per piece 

I doz Com or meal Sacks at 2s/ each 

I ps. Sacking - same kind 

6 ps. brown Roles or about 220 Ells at 4-i/2d per Ell on board. 

im Needles for darning Stockings 

500 Glovers ditto sorted 

12 mens hunting Saddles say i dozen at 16S/9 or 17s each 

1 doz pr Housing at 6s. or 6s/4d per pr 

2 doz. snaffle Bridles - about 21s. per dozen 

1 doz. copper Tea Kettles same shape as per Venus & chiefly large 


Please to add to the Haberdashery 

2 gro. manchester Tapes at i6s per gro 
8 doz. Holland do a' 9s per doz 

1 2 groce horn mold thread shirt Buttons at 1 8d. per groce 

6 gro wired do 

6 doz bobbins at 2/2 per doz 

And to the Hosiery 
2 doz mens brown thread Hose at 30s. per doz 
2 doz mens good white thread Hose at or about 40 [torn off] 
8 groce narrow 4d. Ribbon of different Colours at i6s per gro 
8 doz figured Do at 6s/ per doz 

4 doz of which as per Sample & the other the newest Fashion and 

to the Pewter 
2 doz quart Tea Pots at 
2 ps. white sattin Ribbon 
2 ps. white doub. Ribbon at 1 3/6 per ps 
2 ps. single do at 9/6 per ps. 

I wou'd if possible have the foregoing Goods sent me per two 
Conveyances and as there are a Number of Articles that cannot be 
divided so as to come equally in two Bottoms as in the Articles Dowlas 
Irish Linnens & Checks where only 3 pieces of a Price are mentioned, 
I wou'd in this Case have 2 pieces of a Price come in one Vessel & 
one Ps of a price in another and in respect to all other Articles that 
by reason of the small Quantitys ordered they cannot admit of a 
Division I leave it entirely to your Discretion to send them in such 
manner as may be attended with the least Inconveniency to yourself. 
I intend to ship nothing 'till the coming Fall but hope very soon to 
make you a remittance of something considerable in Bills on your 

I am Sir &ca 
4 doz best cawkin Pins at 12s/ per dz 
4 doz best whites a 7/6 

4 doz lilikins a 6/ 

4 doz country cawkin do. a 9/6 

4 doz do. smaller a 7s 

4 doz do. smaller a 5s/ 

4 Nests red gilt Trunks 
6 large netted Umbrelloes about 8 or 9s. each 

8 pair Womens Stays 
8 pair Girls do 

at midling Prices and of different Sizess 
6 doz Boys felt Hatts at 8s. per doz 
4 doz mens do a 14s, per doz 

4 doz do a 1 6s. per dozn 

1 gro. horn Combs at 12/ per groce 
6 doz. buckling do at 3/6 per doz 

2 ps. black sattin Ribbon 

2 ps, black lod Ribbon double a 12s per ps 
[torn] ps. lod do single a 8/6 per ps. 

please likewise to add to the Ironmongery 
12 doz hand saw Files at 2od per dozn. 
2 doz X cut saw do at 3/2 

2 doz better do at 3/9 

2 doz pit saw Files at 3/9 

2 doz do at 5s. 

12 doz good small Nail Gimbletts sorted 
6 doz. larger Do sorted 

1 doz heading Chissells 5/4 per doz. 

2 doz bright short Firmirs 3/4 and i Inch at 2/9 per doz 
I . . o . . o frying Pans sorted 

I dozn. grid Irons - 3 Sizes 

I doz Currv Combs at 7/6 per doz. 

I doz chest Hinges at 9s 

I doz do d/d \ 

I doz do 4/6 f P"^ ^°^" 

I doz Table Hinges with Screws at 4/8 per doz 

I doz do larger at 5/3 

Please to let Callicoes lively Patterns & as little yellow in em as 
possible, a doz of the Womens silk Hatts about 3/6 each may be all 
black & the other dozen at 6s. must be flowered and of other Colours. 

Mr. John Smith 

Sir Mr. Bishop delivered me your Lre of the 3d Instant with the 
sundr>' Articles you mention. I hope to have the Account of them 
soon. Mr. Pruniere tells me he cannot comply with your Request in 
either case. I really dont know what to think of him now after so 
many Failures of promise. I intend to push him very closely for Pay- 
ment in some Shape or other as I'me apprehensive his Delays may be 
attended with Danger. If you have not engaged any Cutlery for us, 
omit it entirely as I soon expect some from Mr Thomson but if you 

have any white and brown Edinburghs to spare, Should be if you 
could send me 2 Ps. each per the first opportunity. 

I am Sir 

Your most hble Servant 
Thomas Rasberry 

Mr Bishop has taken the whole of your Sugar for which Mr Vin- 
cent is paid the Cost at Vendue and the Duty is also engaged. 

Mr Brabant 

Dr Sir I have credited your Account with ^28 received per Mr. 
Cormiere, and have sent you as you desire one bag Coffee and 2 
samples sugar, no 3 cost 18/6 per 100 lb and no 10, i5s/6d besides the 
Duty of about 4/6 per 100 lb the Coffee has not been paid for, as I 
purchased that of Mr. Maxton who bought the whole Lott. I be- 
lieve it will be about 22s or 22/6 per 100 lb. As to the Sugars you may 
have a Rice Barrel of each if you please (which is one hogshead) or 
you may have the whole of No 3, which was bought for you, just 
as you think best, it shall lay till you come down. The Coffee weighs 
1 18, 2 lb allowed for the Bag makes 1 16 lb. I am Sir Your most Humble 

Thomas Rasberry 
August 9: 1758 

PS. To Wm Thomsons Lre 13th July 

I had almost forgot to desire you to send me with the foregoing 
Two peices english printed or flowered Cottons. I never yet imported 
any and am told they contain four Womans Gowns each peice, please 
to let one peice be at about 2/4 per yard and the other peice about 
3s. handsome Patterns and good Colours 

Mr. Josiah Smith per Talbert 

Sir I wrote you a Line the 25th. Ulti[m]o per Jacob Berrier and 
enclosed you ^^20.15/ your Currency which I hope you've received 
together with a Cask of Bees wax sent you per same Conveyance. 
Youl find under Cover of this fifty Pounds more in your paper 
Money to be placed to my Credit and I must beg the Favour of you 
to get the Silver Watch mended which Talbert will give you and 
Charge the cost of Mending. In your next please to notice the number 
of maps you've carried to my Credit and whether you have a prospect 

of disposing of the whole Number I am Sir Your most humble 

Thomas Rasberry 
August zd: 1758 

per Joiner 
Mr. Josiah Smith I received your Lre of the 2d Inst, with the Sun- 
drys you mention amounting to / 304.10/ your Currency which are 
all approved of. I shall be quite obliged to you to get the Bees Wax 
melted down in the manner you propose and let the Gentleman have 
it at the price offerred. I'me much hurried at present and have only 
time to request you to forward the enclosed Letters for London, 
as they [are cop]ies of each other. I must beg of you to take care that 
2 of [them] Directed to one person does not go in one Ship but by 
different Conveyances I can only add at present that I am Sir 
Your most Humble Servant 

Thomas Rasberry 
August 9th 1758 

Savannah August 12th: 1758 
Messieurs John & Ulric Tobler I received your Letter of the 7th. 
Instt. by Mr Meyers and agreeable to your Desire have sent you the 
Sundry x^rticles as per Bill enclosed amounting to ^31.12.2^4 Sterling. 
I have no white negro Cloth nor Duffills or Linseys at present but 
expect them to come in very shortly, when you shall be supplyed; 
however, as I understood you wanted the OSnabrigs very much I 
bought the 3 ps. of Irish sent you of Mr Graham at the Price charged 
tho' I think it a little too high, but mine was all gone. I observe what 
you say concerning the Organ but I'me afraid it cannot be sold here, 
as our Parish is very Poor. I received the Butter & Beef Skins & 
Bees Wax, I dont know what to say about Bees Wax, I shall lose 
considerably by the Wax lately received of you the Gentleman I 
sent it too in Charlestown says its chiefly very bad. It's impossible 
to get any Rum here at 3s/ per Gallon; mine cost me 20s per gallon 
in Charlestown besides Freight &ca. Ime glad you are quit of the 
small Pox; we have not had it here, you'l observe that I charge only 
50 or io'/2 per Cent on the Goods, the same as the last and am 

Your most obedient Servt 
T R 
Lieutenant White Outerbridge 

Savannah Augst. 12th. 1758 
Sir I have sent you per the Bearer a Cask Sugar Wt 370 Lb; at 30s. 


per Ct ;^5.ii.o and have received from Messrs. Harris & Habersham 
/'/4 Stg for your Account. I make no doubt but the Sugar 
will meet your Aprobation and as I Presume the above Gentlemen, 
in their enclosed Letter, have made myself known to you, I have 
only to add that if [you] Please to favour me with your future Com- 
mands they'l be executed with the greatest Punctuality and on the best 
Terms by 


Your most Obedient Servant 
T R 

To Mr Brabant We have now sent you the Tea by one of the 
French accadians who enquired about it (I presume by Order) and 
also a Tea Kettle as near the Price as possible and under this you 
have the Charge of both, we are very well satisfied in regard to the 
Trunk and as to Chintz you rightly observe that only one piece is 
charged instead of two pieces, which we found out in examining 
our Book. The Coffee you mention in the prize its said to be much 
damaged but as to the Sugar you may depend on our getting you 
some if reasonable and also some Coffee if it proves good & at a low 
I am Sir yours &cra 

56 lb Tea, cost 3s. id at ^s/jYzd per lb 
I Tea Kettle wt 3 lb. 8 oz cost 2s/4d at 3s/6d per lb 

Mr Josiah Smith 

Savannah Augt. i6th: 1758 
Sir You have enclosed Mr Thomas Hoopers Note to Thomas Vin- 
cents 29th Ulto for £i6.g.6 Sterling, its payable at six Weeks but if 
you could get Mr Hooper to take it up so as it may come into the 
Account you send me I should be glad. You have also ^25 your 
Currency under cover to be passed to my Credit, and I must beg of 
you to send me one hogshead of Rum by Talbert or any other Vessel 
that clears at your Offices and that is coming here soon. If there is 
no such opportunity offers at present, Please to send it per the Bearer 
together with 6 pr mens fine cotton Stockings rather less than a 
midling size and one ounce cotton Thread (If readily to be got) 
suitable for the Stockings. I must again trouble you to forward the 
enclosed Letters for England; the Two for Mr Thomson are Copies 
of the three sent you 9th. Inst, per Joyner and please to forward 
them by different Vessels; those also to Mr Lloyd and Mrs. Nickleson 
must go by different Conveyances. I hope Capt. Tucker is [pre]- 


paring for Sailing as I find a number of Vessels are already gone down 
to your Road for that purpose 

I am Sir yours &cra 
Samuel Lloyd Esqr. 

Savannah Augst. i6th: 1758 
Sir I am favoured with yours of the 23d & 28th. February last but 
cannot for want of time reply to them now this serves only to advise 
you that Mr Clifton has not made any satisfaction for his Debt to 
you and is jest embarking (together with his Family) for Europe; 
he comes in a dutch Ship called the Princess Caroline Jurgen Rupke 
Commander for Amsterdam and has promised to pay you in London; 
he is greatly embarrassed here and as there was not the least Prob- 
abilit)^ of recovering a farthing from him on this side I thought it 
proper to give you the earliest Advice of his returning home that you 
may apply to him on his Arrival 

I am Sir yours &cra 

Savannah Augst. 31st. 1758 
Mr Nathaniel Polhill Mr, Nicholas Hayner requests that you'l 
please to acquaint him whether you have purchased or have any 
Prospect of purchasing the Negroes he some Time agoe spoke to you 
about. There is a Parcel of Slaves expected here shortly for Sale and 
if he cannot conveniently get them from you he wou'd endeavour to 
supply himself here 

I am 

Sir &cra 

Samuel Lloyd Esqr. 

New Grace, Carr, Bristol 
2 Brothers, Yates, London 
Noble Galley, iManchester, 
Savannah Georgia the 12th September 1758 
Sir I wrote you a Line the 16 Ulto, in order to apprize vou of Mr 
Attorney Cliftons return to England that you might have recourse 
to him as soon as possible as we found it morally impracticable to do 
anything with him here in your Affair. And under Cover of this you 
have the first of two Setts Bills Exchange on yourself together amount- 
ing to Two hundred fifty one Pounds eight Shill[ings] and four pence 
three farthings sterling which I apprehend will meet no difficulty 
on being passed to the Credit of my Account with you Namely 
Harris & Habershams first Bill to William Russell 

dated the i8th. April last for 182,0,0 


Jonathan Bryan & William Russells first ditto to 

me dated the 31st. last March 69.8.4-^ 

I notice (by your Favour of the 23d, Feb.) that you have finally 
adjusted the Adventure per Charming Martha with the Insurers and 
that on the whole it stands agreable to the Account you transmitted 
me, according to which I'me to govern myself here with all concerned 
in said Adventure, which I'me glad that I am now enabl'd to do, and 
hope that your next will bring me a Determination of the Affair by 
Lesslie as you say (the 9th March last) the Accot. Sales &ca were 
then before the Insurers for their Answer which you daily expected. 
It's a long Time since I heard from Mr Rae in regard to the Bal- 
lance due you from R & B; his answer to what I wrote him concern- 
ing it was that he had furnished Mr Stead in Charles Town with the 
Means to discharge it which Mr Habersham thinks has been done and 
that your next will confirm it, as I hope it will. I make no doubt but 
you have made the Insurance on the sundry Goods consigned you 
by the Mary Ann Capt. Tucker from Charles Town who sailed with 
sundry other Vessels from thence about a fortnight ago under Con- 
voy of the Blandford and Winchelsea M Warr; you did right in ac- 
cepting the Payment of the Bill on Mr Albinus in the manner you 
mention rather than to have returned it and I kindly thank you for 
your Tenders of future Service and am glad to find that (by what 
you say on this Head) my Application to Mr Thomson was agreable 
to you from whom I have received one parcel of Goods and daily 
expect in another. I shoud be very glad to receive my Account Cur- 
rent up to any Period of Time that may be convenient and am Sir 
Mr William Thomason 

New Grace, Carr, Bristol 
Two Brothers, Yates, London 
Noble Galley, Manchester, ditto 

Phoebe, Bennett 1 Liverpool 
Hardman, Jordan j 

Savannah Georgia Septembr. 13th. 1758 
My last which was the 13th. July contained an Order for sundry 
Goods for my next summers Sale which I make no doubt you'l com- 
ply whith, if it comes safe to hand. The present serves chiefly to en- 
close you the first of the following Bills Exchange & two certificates 
on the Pay Master General of the Army amounting in the whole 
to Two hundred forty six Pounds sixteen shillings and eleven pence 
halfpenny Sterling Namely: 


Govr. Ellis's first Bill to me on Benj. Martin 

dated 9th.Ulto. for ^^ 60.0.0 

dos do to Bartho. Zouberbuhler on do same 

Date 50.0.0 

Bartho Zouberbuhler's do. to me on Edwd. Pearson 

5th. last June 50.0.0 

Jos Ottolenghe's do to me on do 25th do . . . 15.0.0 
dos do to me on the Revd. Mr. Waring same date . 25.0.0 
Noble Jone's's do to me on Jams. Fitter 3d 

July last 23.8.0 

Govr. Ellis's Certificate on the Pay Master 

Genl. to John Milledge dated the 31st January 


Dittos do on do same date 10.18.2-^ 

£2^6.16.1 1 Yz 

When the foregoing are Paid you'l please to pass the amount to my 

Credit, and I shortly expect to send another Draft or two on your 

City, together with what Indico &c. I may receive the present Fall 

of which youl have notice to ensure. I am Sir 

Your's &cra 
PS. you have also enclosed a Certificate from our Custom House of 
the landing the Chest Tea received per the Venus Cecil. 

Mr Josiah Smith Junr. 

Savannah September 12th. 1758 
Sir I am favoured whith your's of the 29 Ulto with my Accot. 
Current, the Ballance of which ^^655.1 3.4 V2 your money appears to 
be right, and I expect to remit it you in a very few Days together 
with a considerable Surplus perhaps it may be by the present convey- 
ance if I'me not disappointed. I thank you for your remark on the 
Bees Wax and observe that Mr Hoopers Note is not yet accounted 
for. I notice also what you say concerning Mr Debrahms Maps, 
I apprehend a second advertisement may be needless, as it may be 
suppos'd that the Majority of the Subscribers have been already ap- 
prized of their being in your Hands, and tho' I am apt to think with 
you that some of them may be prejudiced as to the Performances yet 
I am of Oppinion that the Gentlemen subscribers ought in point of 
equity to receive them (as the Work is) because the Performer, in- 
cited by the Subscriptions, has run himself to a very great expence 
in getting them engraved and Printed in London. 

I notice Capt. Tucker's Departure under Convoy and am content 
at the Freight, as it's what is paid to others. I am glad you put two 


of my Letters in the M. War as they were of some consequence and 
I now make bold to trouble you with several Others which you'l 
please to forsvard by three Different Conveyances just as they are 
tyed up you'l find also a packet directed to one of the Kings German 
Chaplains, which I must beg of you to request the Captain to whom 
'its Delivered not to put it into any Post Office at any out Ports, but 
at some penny Post Office in or near London, this Caution youl Ob- 
serve only respects some London Vessel, I shall heartily be glad to 
hear of the Confirmation of the good News you mention and am Sir 
your's &ca 

NB the Above Lres are 3 to Thomson and 3 to Lloyd made up in 
3 parcels, 

Mr. Josiah Smith per Mr. Henry Yonge 

Savannah Septembr, i6th. 1758 
Sir You have also with this a few Lines wrote you the 12 th. Instant, 
and I now enclose you John & James Grahams Order on Mesrs. Smith 
& Brewton for one hundred Pounds Sterling this date in favour of 
Elliott & Gordon - when 'its paid you'l pass the amount to my Credit 
and if i\lr Yonge (the Bearer) shoud want about Two hundred 
Pounds your Currency please to supply him and charge it to account 
of Sir yrs &ca 

PS. I expect in a few days to send you another Draft for a larger 
Sum. The revd. Mr Bolzius is continually writing me to procure him 
a Receipt from Mr John Edwards of your Town for £20.2.6 your 
Money that I enclosed him the 31. Decemb 1757 per Talbert. I have 
wrote to Mr Edwards once or twice about it but can get no x\nswer, 
please therefore to procure one from him if he reed, the Money, and 
send it me. 

Mr. Josiah Smith 

Savannah Septr. 2 2d. 1758 
Sir My last was the i6th. Instant which I hope you have receiv'd, 
and in which I forgot to mention that I hourly expect in a parcel of 
Goods from Mr Thomson and have great Reason to think that they'l 
come your Way, shou'd it so happen, I must beg of you to get some 
careful Person to receive them for me as it may happen your own 
Affairs may prevent your doing it yourself. I made bold to order 
them to your Care and if there's an Appearance of any considerable 
Damage on the Packages please to open the Letters that may come 
with the Goods to have recourse to the Invoice, if a sur\rey may be 
thought necessary 


I have a good Bill on New York for /136. Sterling, please to ac- 
quaint me whether it wou'd suit you or any of your Friends? 

I am &cr 

Mr John Smith 

Savannah Octobr. 3d. 1758 
Sir I have your Favour of the 29th Ulto. but have not yet received 
the 2 ps. OSnabrig vou mention as they were carried to your Planta- 
tion but expect them to Day or tomorrow. We are sadly disappointed 
in respect to our Goods from Mr Thomson, the Woollens in par- 
ticular are now very much wanted and as you propose to be soon 
in Charls Town we must beg of you to enquire of Air Josiah Smith 
Junr. whether we have any Goods arrived in any of they Vessels 
that iMr Groves mentions as just coming in, and in case there is none 
for us, we must request you to send us per first Opportunity about 
400 Yds of good white Plains 100 Yds good Blue ditto and two ps. 
Duffil Blanketts. We want no other Articles at present as we may 
reasonably expect that it cannot be long before our Goods arrives & 
we are certain several of our Orders must have reached Mr Thomson 
in Time. Mr Russel will acquaint you of Mr Maxton's Journey to 
the Soward; M'hen he returns I shall Endeavour to prevail on him to 
take up his Note. Should there be anything come in for us please 
to Desire Mr Smith to send them up by first Opportunity, the Wool- 
lens especially and in this Case you may Omit purchasing any for us 
in Charles Town as we shall then have sufficient. I am Sir 

Your's &cra 
Savannah Octor 3d. 1758 

Mr John Smith 

Savannah Octr. loth. 1758 
Sir. I wrote you the 3d Instant to send me 500 yards Plains and 
2 ps. Duff ills, which I must now beg you to omit sending [the] Per- 
sons for whom it was intended cannot wait any longer for it and 
they'l get supply'd here as a large Quantity is just come up from 
Charles Town. Should this meet you at the Indian Land, I should 
be very glad if you cou'd acknowledge the Receipt of it immediately 
that I may be certain of its having reached ^•ou in Time, 

I am Sir vour's &cra 
We are afraid neither of us shall be able to purchase any Indico 
for you on the Terms you mention as several Planters have already 
refused selling at 3s/9d 
Savannah October 


Mr Josiah Smith 

Savannah October 23d: 1758 
Sir. I have your Favour of the 4th: Inst, and the Sundry Articles 
therein mentioned per Talbert please to put by for me two hhds 
Rum, to send by him when he returns to your Town, if it may be 
debenture Rum it will be so much the better. Tis said there are 
Sundry European Vessells arrived with you within a few Days past, 
if so 'its probable my Goods are in some of 'em (as I expect a parcel 
from Bristol as well as those from Mr Thomson) and as the Bearer, 
Adam Crawdy, has promised to take in as much as he can for me, 
I must beg you to deliver him as many of the Woollens as he says 
he can carry, I presume they may be readily distinguish'd by the 
Packages, if not, please to open my Letters to have recourse to the 
Invoices. Mr Hooper desires his Note to remain a short Time longer 
with you to which I consented. I shall write you a Line per Talbert 
and am in the Interim Yours &cr 

Samuel Lloyd Esqr per the Phebe - Bennett 1 

TTj ij r Liverpool 

Hardman - Jordan J ^ 

Knowles - Brooking - Bristol 

Savannah Georgia November ist. 1758 
Sir I have your Favours of the 2 2d. & 26th: May last both now 
before me, together with my Account Currt: brought up to the 24th 
May the Ballance 257.18.9 appears to be right, except the 20 Sola Bills 
per Thomson, which, in my Opinion, ought to have been carried to 
my Credit, and if hereafter they might appear in the Manner you 
sometime agoe mentioned, and you obliged to pay 'em, I shou'd then 
be accountable to you for their Amount, but of this I shall give you 
my Sentiments more fully in future. I notice you've Insured the 
Sundrys consigned you per the Mary Anne Tucker from Charlestown, 
and also the Manner in which you have effected it; i. e. Conditionally 
with return of Prems. which I also think (as you do) is rather prefer- 
able, in the present Time than an absolute Warrantry of Convoy, the, 
you will have learnt that the Mary Anne departed with Convoy for 
the Voyage, which intitles us to a Return. I am induced to think that 
you've been misinformed in Regard to the Quality of the Indico per 
Lesslie, because I know a great part of it was good, and had we been 
lucky enough to have sold it in England (instead of Guernsey) it 
would have proved by far more lucrative both for us as well as the 
ReCaptors for besides the Differrence in its Sales (as I imagine there 
may be but few Purchasers there) had it come to England a great 
Part of it must have obtained the Bounty, tho' I'me really not clear 


by your Letter whether that Advantage may or may not be yet obtain- 
ed tho' I apprehend the latter, however, I'me satisfyed you consulted 
my Interest in that Event, which has turned out better than I ex- 
pected when I first heard of the Capture. The News of Governor 
Ellis's suceeding Mr Reynolds in the chief Command of this Province 
was Matter of Joy, I presume, to most of our Inhabitants, and as our 
Arms have been very successful this Campaign on the Continent, I 
hope we have little to fear from the Enemy. The Reduction of Louis- 
bourgh with the Loss of their Men of War in that Harbour - The 
taking and demolishing Fort Frontenac on the Lakes (a Place of 
great Importance to our Indian Affairs) must certainly greatly distress 
them in these Parts and I hope may be the means of bringing about 
a safe and lasting Peace [I a]m very glad to learn the recovery of 
your Health and notice what you say concerning the dividing my 
Orders for Goods between you and Mr Thomson, and altho' I'me 
in a Manner engaged with him yet I cannot think he'l take amiss my 
desiring you to ship me the few Articles herein contained - tho' he 
writes me very kindly and has recommended me to his Bristol Cor- 
respondents for such Goods as I may want from that City, however, 
I must request you to send me by the earliest Opportunity after the 
Receipt hereof the following under Insurance. Vizt. 
lom. 2od Nails - lom. lod Nails let 6m each of the above be done 

up in Bags of 2 m each 
lom. 6d Nails - 20m. 5d. rose heads do, - 

2om. 4d. do. let about one half the above be in bags of 6m Each 
im. 3d. clout Nails 
im. 4d do - im. 6d. do. im 8d. do 
2m Scupper Nails 

I . . o . . o 24d. Nails - i . . o . . o 3od. do 
I . . o . . o deck do - I . . o . . o Sheathing do 

1 doz. large round plated Bolts for doors 
4 doz. Smaller do. for Shutters 

2 doz. common large Iron Bolts for Gates to fix on with Staples 
4 doz. smaller do for Shutters or small doors 

6 large Carpenters claw Hammers - a good sort 
6 smaller do. - 6 smaller do 

1 dozn. shingling Hammers 

6 whites hand Saws - a good sort 

4 pannel Saws 

4 tennant Saws 

6 good X cut Saws 7 ft. long 

6 Steell Corn Mills a good sort 

2 doz. narrow Hoes - at 15s or i6s. per dozn 


2 doz. hand saw Setts at 2/ per doz 

2 doz. pint Iron Skilletts 

2 doz. quart do 

2 doz box marking Irons to mark Rice Barrels 

4 doz Carpenters Compasses. 

2 doz. dittos Iron Squares. 

1 doz. Cow Bells 

2 doz. horse do 

2 doz. Wool Cards at 1 5/ per doz 

2 doz. cotton do at 20s/ do 

I doz. HL Hinges at 12s. doz 

I doz do at 16s/. 

1 doz do at 20/ 

2 doz X Garnet do at 4/6 per doz 
2 doz do at 6/6 

2 doz do at 9s/ 

1 doz do at 14s/ 

2 doz side or H Hinges a 2/6 per doz 
2 doz do at 3/ 

2 doz do at 4/6 

2 doz do at 7/ 

2 doz. dove tail Hinges at 2/6 per doz 

2 doz do at 3s/ 

2 doz do at 4/ 

I doz. Thumb Latches for Doors. 

I doz. common do with Rings or Handes to turn up 

1 doz. common Iron Candlesticks 

2 doz. Twisted Hooks with Staples for window Fastnings 
I doz. large do. 10 and 12. Inches long 

4 doz. Fire Steels at 9d. per doz 

4 doz do at i6d. do 

4 doz. Hasps and Staples sorted 

I doz. rim'd closet Locks at 11/ per doz 

I doz do at 15/ 

I doz do at 18/ 

I gro. Vi Inch wood Screws lod per Groce 

I gro: % Inch do at i2d 

I gro: I Inch do at i5d 

1 gro: I V2 Inch do at 22d 

2 gro sorted Aul Blades at 2 id per gro 

2 doz. pegging Aul do 8d per doz 

6 doz. Aul Handles 

I doz. boys shoe lasts sorted 


I doz. mens dos do , . , 

I doz. womens dittos do 

I doz. girls dittos do 

I doz. flat & half round Rasps 

6 pair knippers at ^d ea 

3 pair Pincers at i/ 

3 pair do at 1/2 

4 pair neat round joint Tongs & Fire Shovels at 4/9 per pr. 
6 Tin Kitchens or Ovens - 2 Sizes 

6 one Pound tin Canisters 
6 two Pound do 

I doz. large flat Candlesticks 
I doz. smaller do 

4 doz. half pint tin Pots 

1 doz Yz Gallo Funnels 

2 doz Yz pint tin Saucepans 
2 doz. pint do 

2 doz. quart do 

I doz. tin Tea Kettles ) ^. 

I doz Coffee Potts ) 

I doz. tin Slices at 1/9 

I doz do at 3/ 

I doz. tinder Boxes vi^ith Candlestick 

Yz doz. Cullenders 

I doz. Pannekins with wood handles 

6 quart pewter Tankards with Lids or Covers 

6 pint do with do 

1 gro. hard mettal Table Spoons 
r gro Tea do 

2 doz. quart Tea Potts 

4 pewter Cullenders - 2 Sizes 
4 large copper Coffee Potts 
4 smaller do 
4 smaller do 

3 copper Saucepans at 3/6 each 
3 do at 4/ or 4/6 each 

2 large copper Tea Kettles 

2 smaller do 

2 smaller do 

Yz doz brass flat Candlesticks of a midling size 

I doz. brass Snuffers at 11/ per doz 

Yz doz. brass Tinder Boxes 


Yz doz. Pepper Boxes 

6 Tea Table hand Bells 

6 bell mettall pestles & Mortars - 2 Sizes 

1 pair copper deep Scales with Chains about 20 or 21s. Cost 
[ I ] Sett brass Weights from 4 lb to V4 lb 

I would have the foregoing Tea [Kettles] to be a 
light thin Sort that they may be sold cheaper than 
others of the same Sizes 

6 hand Coffee Mills round - a good Sort 

6 do. square with Draws 

2 doz. thrum Mops 
6 doz. Sieve rims 

4 doz. womens Straw Hatts a cheap Kind 

2 doz. do - better 

2 doz. Girls do 

25 lb. Thrums for Tar Mops 

2 doz. hair Brooms iis per doz 

2 doz staves or handles for do 

Yz doz hearth Brushes with tum'd painted Handles 

2 m. small fish Hooks at 3/ per 1000 

2m. do 4/ per 1000 

im. do 5/ 

im. do 6/ 

4000. sorted Needles 

4 doz. mens felt Hatts at 1 2/ per doz 

4 doz. do at 16/ 

2 doz. boys do 12/ 
I Chest good bohea Tea 

I . . o . . o black Pepper if it can be purchased on equal Terms with 
a larger Quantity if not send more. 

3 . . o . . o single refined Sugar in small hard Loaves = 28 lb brown 

Sugar Candy 
28 lb Carraway Seeds 
1 2 lb fig Blue 1 8d per Lb 

I doz. girls white thread Stockings for girls of 8 and 10 Years old 
I doz. smaller do. for 4 or 5 Years 
I doz. childrens do 
I doz. boys ditto for Boys of 8 or 10 Years old 

1 doz. ditto for 4 or 5 Years 

2 doz. womens white cotton Mittens a good sort 
I doz. girls do 

I ps good spotted Lawn 
I ps. fine flowered ditto 


I ps. for pattern for 2 Gowns (of printed India Chintz Dimmity 
good Colours & a Handsome Pattern 

1 ps. black crape ) 

I ps. black Alamode J. ^or Hatbands 

I ps. white Sarsnett j ^ Scarfs 


I ps. good black Taffety for Mens waistcoats &ca 
6 ps. blue OSnabrig about 25 Yds each 
6 ps. good Nankeens 
3 Womens black flowered Capuchins a good sort 

3 dittos do cheaper 

/4 lb. good black sewing Silk 

1 lb. good, red, blue, white & green do say only one pound in the 


2 lb. Wafers 

2 lb. good sealing Wax, let one lb. be in small sticks 

Yz Ream blue Paper, same kind as the ounce threads are done up in 

2 Reams cartridge Paper 

4 doz pair Hinges with Hooks at 4/6 per doz 
4 doz do at 6/6 

4 doz do at 9s. 

2 doz do a 14s. 

Yz doz do a 20s. 

I gro: narrow silk Ferret of different Colours 

I ps. double purple Ribbon a 13/6 per ps 

1 ps. scarlet in grain do a 14s. 

2 ps Cambrick about 23s each 
2 ps do about 27s 

2 ps do at 30/ or 31s. each 

I shall be glad that youl expedite the foregoing Goods so that they 
may be here as early in the coming Spring as possible; if they come 
into Charles Town please to consign them to Mr Josiah Smith Junr. but 
if to Beaufort youl address them to Mr John Gordon Alercht. there 
except any Opportunity may offer directly here which will be the 
more preferable and as it's probable I may have something from Mr 
Thomson by same Conveyance, Just for the sake of distinguishing 
the Packages please to mark yours thus L 

T. R 

I particularly notice your Addenda under the 26 May last, and 
you may be assured of every Thing in my Power to serve you in 
R & Bs. Affair, provided my Information from Mr Rae Junr. is not 
Just who assured me that Mr Stead had made the promised Remit- 
tance by the last Convoy from Charlestown and of which you been 

acquainted and indeed both myself and your other Friends here have 
Reason to think that it has been done, but in order to be fully sat- 
isfyed in the Affair I shall immediately write to a Friend of mine 
in Charlestown (and an Acquaintance of Mr Steads) to make the 
Enquiry and shoud it prove otherwise than we expect, every practi- 
cable Means will be used to procure you Satisfaction. Ive already 
advised you of Mr Cliftons Departure and that his affairs were so 
circumstanced her[e] that there was not the least probability of ob- 
taining a farthing from him or even the Shadow of a Security for 
your Debt but I hope he'l have Honesty enough agreable to his Prom- 
ise to make you ample Amends in England. 

I am Sir 

Mr. Cornelius Cook 

Sir I have now the satisfaction to enclose you your Account with 
me (as Ive been lately furnished with the Accounts of the Indicoe 
shipt in the Charming Martha Capt Thomson) and by which you'l 
find Contrary, I presume, to what you expected, that you have gained 
between £^ and ^^5 Sterling more than what you valued your Indico 
at here which I was heartily glad to see and was intirely owing to my 
Correspondents prudent Management with the Insurers and Officers 
for the Bounty which he luckily obtained notwithstanding the Indico 
Certificate from hence never got to Hand. 

The Ballance of the enclosed Account ^ 18. 17.6-3/4 in your Favour 
Messrs. John & Ulrick Tobler will pay you, as, agreeable to your 
Order, the same is now placed to their Credit with me, and of which 
I've acquainted them accordingly. I am glad we are so agreeably 
Disappointed in our Expectations of this Adventure, and am Sir 

Yours &cra 
Savannah Novemb i6th. 1758 

John & Ulrick Tobler Savannah Nov. 20th. 1758 

I have Delivered Mr Shanols all the Articles mentioned in the within 
Account amounting to /74.i9.i'/4 Sterling which I wish safe to your 
Hands Mr. Smith writes me that all the Woollens were Shipt before 
you got down to Charles To. so that you got none of them I have 
received all the German Almanacks and beg you to get me as much 
clear hard Tallow as possible you can 

I am Sir Yours &cra 

To Lieut White Outerbrige Savannah Nov. 20th: 1758 

I have your Favour of the iith Septemr last enclosing 20s/ Sterlg 
which I've passed to your Credit. I cannot find any leaf Tobacco 
in this place at present thats either good or reasonable else Should 


have sent you the Qty Desired. Rum is exceeding Dear & Scarce both 
here and in Charles To. my Correspondent there (who is one of the 
principal Dealers in that Article) writes me within these few Days 
it is got up to 30s/ your Currency per Gallon by the hogshead, and 
its likely to rise higher unless a Supply arrives soon from the W. 

I am Sir Yours &cra 

Mr. John Smith 

Dr Sir/ I shall shortly have about 3000 lb. Indico to ship Mr Thom- 
son but propose to send none unless under Convoy. I should there- 
fore be very Glad to know whet [her you] intend to Ship any thing 
to said Gentleman by any Vessel that may wait the expected Convoy, 
and if you do that you'd please to engage the Freight of mine and 
Favour me with the Ship & Masters Name that I may send away my 
Letters for Insurance as Speedily as possible. Capt Cecil sails for 
London the middle of next Month, if you have any Commands per 
him Please to send 'em in Time. Mr Pruniere tells me as soon as our 
river rises he expects 40,000 Staves to send to Charles To. on Acct 
of the Rice sold him, I hope he'l not disappoint us 

I am Sir Yours &cra 

Phoebe - Bennett 1 ^ . . 

Jordan - Hardman J " 

Knowles - Brooking - Bristol 
Mr WilHam Thomson Savannah Georgia December 4th. 1758. 

Sir/ In mine of the 13th Septembr. last (which contained sundry 
Bills Ex. &ca to the amount of _^ 246. 16. 11 '/z Sterling) I promised to 
make you another Remittance in Bills and Indico and under Cover 
of this youl find the first of the following Setts of Bills on your City 
amounting to Two hundred and Ten Pounds 10/ 2Y1 Sterling which 
when paid youl pass to the Credit of my Account Namely 
*Govr. Ellis's first Bill on Ellis & Fivey to the 

revd. Mr. Bolzius dated the 29 Septr. last for . . . 40.0.0 
Dittos Do on Do to John Fieri same date .... 40.0.0 
Jas. Habersham & Jos. Ottolenghes do. on John Goodchild 

Esqr. to Wm RusseU dated 2 3 Octobr. last . . . .87.15.11 
John Gordons do. on Benj Martyn to David Douglass 

dated the 24th last June 

Govr. Ellis's do. on do. in my Favour da 2 2d Ulto . . 1 9.1 5.0 '/i 
Revd Mr. Bolzius's do. on Revd. Mr Broughton to 

Russell & Rasberry da. 12th. Septr. last ii-9-3 

;(; 2 10.10.25^ 

I have likewise a fine Parcel of Indico to ship you amounting to 
about /6oo Sterling, and as it must go under Convoy from Charles 
Town I have desired our Friend Mr John Smith (who has lately re- 
moved there) to engage the Freight of it that I may write you to insure 
as speedily as possible, and I hope that my Letters for that purpose may 
soon reach your hands. 

Your Favour of the 13th June I've received with another from 
Devonshier Reeve & Lloyd of Bristol together with Sundry Goods 
from said Gentlemen in Virtue of your kind Recommendation. I 
heartily thank you for this Instance of your Friendship and you may 
be assured of my best Endeavours always to make both you & 
them such Remittances as shall leave no manner of Room for Com- 

iMy Friend Mr Lloyd has lately transmitted me my Acct. Currt. 
with him from whence it appears by some late Consignments I've 
made him that he will be something considerable in my Debt, and 
as I'me unwilling to draw the Ballance out of his hands I have desired 
him to ship me a few Articles for the same that were not comprized 
in my last Order to you 

I have been sadly disappointed as to the timely Arrival of the ex- 
pected Goods from you and hope for the future to receive 'em more 

I am Sir Yr. most hble Servt 
*P. S. Instead of Governor EUis's Bill on Ellis's & Fivey to Mr 
Bolzius for /40 as mentioned in the foregoing I have enclosed you 
said Bolzius's first Bill on Thomas Broughton in my favour dated 
the I St. Ulto for /50 Sterling which makes the amount of this present 
Remittance Two Hundred Twenty Pounds ten Shillings and lYzd 

Mr. John Smith Savannah Deer. 8th. 1758 

Sm I have your Favour of the i6th November and thank you for 
making the Enquiry of Mr Stead. Mr Gordon (now at the Southwd.) 
has with him Mr Maxtons Note but its said by several that Maxton 
himself will be here in a few Days, when all that can shall be done 
to obtain the Payment shoud Mr Gordon not succeed in it. I notice 
what you say about Rice. I expect about 60 or 70 barrels this Month 
which I propose to let you have in Payment at the Cost if agreeable, 
but I apprehend more than 50/ will be demanded for it as I'me told 
that some here has already sold at X3- I wrote you a short Time 
agoe to engage freight for about 3000 lb Indico that I intend to 
ship Mr Thomson on board some Vessel that goes under the expected 


Convoy from Chas Town, and to acquaint me with the Ship and 
Masters Name that I may write for Insurance perhaps you also may 
have somewhat to ship him by some such Vessell and I shoud be glad 
that mine may go with yours, therefore your speedy Answer will be 
very acceptable to Dr Sir 

Yours &cr 

Mr Josiah Smith Junr Savannah Deer. 9th. 1758 

I have your sundr)^ Favours per Crawdy Tobler's Boat & Capt 
Drummond and from the latter I've all the Articles contained in 
your Bill Parcels amounting to £5^1.$/ your Money together with 
my Goods from Bristoll. 

I notice your receiving the Drat, on Smith & Brewton 700 ^^ and 
allso pT 1 8. 1 5. 1 1 Drawback for which sums you are Debited against 
£$ Sterling which I readily allow you for transacting my past Af- 
fairs in your To. and you'l Please to make me Dr for the same. 
Your proposal of accepting the same like sum per Annum for what 
you may do for me hereafter I think extreemly reasonable, to which 
I freely consent and shall endeavour to make my Affairs as easy to 
you as possible. I'me sorry you had so much Trouble in procuring 
the Indico Certificate, nor can I conceive any reasonable Motive 
your Collectr. cou'd have against granting it on the first Application, 
as the End of the Law was answered however, for the future I'll 
avoid, as much as Possible, putting you to such Difficulties. The Good 
News you mention was also brought us here by a Vessel from Gi- 
bralter, and I'me soriy to hear of Capt Tuckers Misfortune. Capt 
Talbert will deliver you with this 3 parcels of Letters marked 
A.B.C. which please to forward by the three first Conveyances that 
may offer for any Ports of great Britain and notice the sd Convey- 
ances. If I have any Goods from London arrived please to load them 
in Talbert 

I am Sir Yours &cr 
PS I shortly expect to send you another Draft on your Town 
Parcels [of] Lres refered to in the preceeding Lre 

A. To Lloyd for Goods da, Nov ist. 

" Thomson (with ist. Bills) da. 4th. Inst, 
" do. with 4th. do, OttoLenghe & Zouberr. 
da 13th Sept 

B. To Lloyd for Goods - Copy of the above 

" Thomson with 2d. Bills as above 
" do, with 5th, do. as do. 

C. To Lloyd for Goods as above 
Thomson with 3d. Bills as above 


Mr William Thomson Sav Georgia Decembr, 2 2d. 1758 

Sir In my last (of the 4th. Inst) I acquainted you that I had a fine 
Parcel of Indico to ship you by some Vessel that goes under the ex- 
pected Convoy from Charles Town So Carolina; the said Indico is 
now packed up, and ready to go there per the first Opportunity, but 
as I cannot yet ascertain the Vessel it may be shipt in for your City, 
I have desired my Correspondent, Mr Josiah Smith Junr., to engage 
the Freight of it and to add in a Postscript to this, the Ship & Master's 
Name it goes in, and I therefore desire you immediately on Receipt 
hereof to Insure on said Indico so as fully to net in Case of Loss Six 
Hundred Pounds Sterling, as I shall write you again with said Indico 
I have only to add that 

I am Sir 

Your most hble Servant 
T. R 

Samuel Lloyd Esqr. Savannah Georgia Decemb. 22d. 1758 

Sr. I'me desired by Mr Russell to ship you Mr Robinsons Indico of 
the last Crop, which will go under Convoy from Charles Town So. 
Carolina, Mr Josiah Smith will engage its Freight from thence to 
London but as I cannot determine the Vessel it may go in I have 
desired Mr Smith by an Addenda to this to acquaint you with the 
Ship & Masters Name youl please therefore on receipt hereof to Insure 
on said Indico so as to net in Case of Loss Two Hundred and thirty 
Pounds Sterling. 

I am Sir &c 

Mr Josiah Smith Junr. Savannah Decembr. 23d 1758 

Sir Ime informed theres a Probability of several Vessells sailing from 
your Port for Europe before the departure of the Convoy under which 
I have sundry Casks of Indico to ship for London I must therefore 
request that in Case there shoud be a sufficient Number of such 
Vessels that may not wait for the Convoy that youd please to put one 
of the enclosed Letters on board each Ship. I must also beg the favour 
of you first to engage the Freight for said Indico on Board a Vessel 
that will absolutely go under the Convoy and before you seal up the 
enclosed Letters, which are as youl notice for Insurance, youl please 
to insert in a P. Script to each, the Ship & Commanders name by 
whom you determine to ship the Indico. As I send this by a Boat 
where theres none but negroes aboard I have promised to make 'em 
Satisfaction for their Care in delivering it to you on their producing 
at their Return a single Line under your Hand specifying the same. 

I am Sr. &c 


P.S. before you engage the Freight please to consult Mr John Smith 
late of Indian Land concerning it as I lately hinted somewhat of this 
Kind to him supposing he had also Goods to ship Mr Thomson 

Ime informed that the Penguin & Surprize Men of War are to con- 
voy the Trade if they do perhaps it might be necessary to mention 
it in the enclosed Letters. 

Mr John Smith December 30th. 1758 

Sr. I received your Lre of the 2 2d. Inst, and accordingly dispatched 
a Boat to the Orphan House for a Load of Rice, with directions to 
proceed with it directly for Beaufort and there deliver it to Mr 
Gordon agreable to your Order. As the Boat don't touch here in 
her Way I cannot say how many barrels she'l take tho I apprehend 
it may be about 40 or 42 and there will be about 20 more left which 
must come in over Land, as no Boat can be procured to go for so 
small a Quantity. The Rice (if agreable to the Sample produced me) 
is really good and proper for any Market but how I shall get the 
Remainder of it to Beaufort in Time I know not 

Mr Russell and I have taken the Liberty to enclose you 3 or 4 
Letters herein, intended (as youl observe) for your Glasgow Cor- 
respondent to send us the few Articles there mentioned, and shoud 
the same appear anyways eligible to you, we wou'd be glad that youd 
please to forward the same for us, together with a Line of Recom- 
mendation annexed to each of them. I am sorry to acquaint you that 
Mr Maxton instead of returning again, as reported, has taken Refuge 
at New Hanover (Edmund Grays Settlement). John Graham is lately 
returned from thence and tells me that Maxton has confessed Judgment 
to him, that he is now possessed of his Books and finds only about 
;^6oo Sterling in outstanding Debts (and many of them bad ones) 
to answer the Amount of near / 3000 Sterling thats already appeared 
against him, and whats yet worse there's no other Effects of any 
Consequence that can yet be found, so that I apprehend both you and 
several others will be Sufferers in this Affair. 

I notice what you say concerning your Rice - if 'its sold here it 
must be paid for in our Currency which perhaps might not suit you. 
As to its Quality, Mr Bryan the Bearer will inform you as it seems 
he has seen it. The Overseer says that there's very [little] lost by bad 
stacking, and he seems to have no Inclination for quitting your Service. 
If you chuse to sell the rice here for our Money, I'll endeavour to 
find you a sure Purchaser and shall wait your Answer. 

I wish you a happy & prosperous new Year and a long Continuance 
of em and am Sr &ca 


To Mr [blank] at Glasgow 

Savannah Georgia Decemb. 29th. 1758 
Sr. Sometime last Year our mutual Friend Mr Jno. Smith (of So. 
Carolina) sent me a Sample of some Goods that you shipt him from 
Glasgow which were very much approved off in this Province and 
consequently met with a speedy Sale, which induced me to desire 
the favour of said Gentleman to recommend the following Order 
to you to ship me per the first Vessel that offers from Glasgow to 
Charles Town So. Carolina the following Articles under Insurance 

12 ps. 3/4 scots Check at jd. per yd 

6 ps. fine coloured 7/8 ditto for Curtains at 13d per yd 

18 doz linnen Handkerchiefs about 6/7 per doz 

9 doz ditto about 8/4 per do 

3 ps. or about 150 yards green Bays at 7d. per yard 

3 ps. about same Quantity blue ditto at same price 

4 ps. striped Lawn about 10 yds each ps. at lod. per yard 
4 ps. netted do same quantity at iid. per do. 

4 ps. do do at 13d per do. 

4 ps. plain Gauze 10 yds each ps at i8d per yard 

4 ps. flowered ditto at 2s. per do. 

12 ps. striped Holland about 20 yds each ps. at lo'/zd per yard 

4 ps ditto at I id. per do 

4 ps ditto at 1 2d. per do 

4 ps ditto at iiYzd per do 

4 doz womens worsted damask Shoes sorted of different Sizes 

2 doz girls ditto of different Sizes 

4 doz mens coarse Shoes different Sizes 

2 doz boys ditto do. 

Youl please to mark them TR and address them to the Care of said 
Mr Smith, and as this will come to your hands recommended by him 
I shall make no other Apology but to assure you of a punctual Re- 
mittance for the Goods and am Sr Yr very hble Servt 

Messrs. John & Ulrick Tobler per Mr. Wilson Jan. 4th. 1759 
Gentlemen I received your Letter by Mr Willson and am sorry to 
acquaint you that the Ships expected from London are not yet ar- 
rived; otherwise I could have Supplyed you with most of the Articles 
you want but as my Goods are not yet come to Hand I can only 
send you by Mr Willson 2 ps Check 
22 22 

44 Yds. cost 9d per yd 1.13.0 


Advance 50 per Ct. 0.16.6 

1 would readily have bought all the other goods you mention but 
the greatest part of them could not be got in this Town and those 
that I could have got would not be less than 1 1 for i therefore as 
you Desire have only sent you what I had of my own. I shall En- 
deavour for the Future to have a better Supply of Goods and am 

Yr's &cra 

Thos. Rasberry 

Mr William Thomson Savannah Georgia January 5th. 1759 

Sir The last Favour I have of Yours is dated the 13th June last, 
wherein you acquaint me that the ordered Goods contained in mine 
of the 2 1 St March preceeding would be ship't me in the first Vessel 
that sailed in the Fall for Charles Town unless somewhat might offer 
for this Place, of which you then had no Prospect off - but we are 
now to the 5th Jany. 1759 and no Arrivals from London since the 
Live Oak, Rodgers who came in several Month Agoe. The great 
Disappointment in not receiving the said Articles in Time (as they 
were chiefly calculated for the Winter Season which you know is 
now drawing near to an End in these Parts) has occasioned me to 
trouble you with this to prevent the like for the future. I make no 
doubt but you've ship't the said Goods on some of the Vessels that 
we hear has been so long detained at Spithead for Convoy down 
the Channel, and as from the Time of their Departure from thence 
(which you must [readjily know) there cou'd be no probability of 
the Goods coming to hand in Season, I conclude that if afterwards 
you received Intelligence of the Miscarriage of both the Vessels you 
shipt on that you then have intirely omitted re'shipping the Woollen 
and therefore relying on this I must beg the Favour of you to send 
me by the first two Ships that may offer either for Charles Town, 
Beaufort or this Province the following Articles under Insurance, 
which from your own Experience are chiefly adapted for the Winter 
Season Namely 

2 ps dark blue Cambletee's 
2 ps dark brown do. 

2 ps deep red do. 

2 ps brown Yd wide Stuffs. 

2 ps brown Tammys 

2 ps black do 

2 ps white do 


Let the above Cambletees Yd. Stuffs & Tammys be of 

good Qualitys & their Measures put down in the 

4 ps purple & White embos'd Serge at izd or 13d per Yd 
2 ps red & White do at izd or 13d 

2 ps. ditto either Yellow flowered or a Yellow Ground at i4d or 

i5d per yard 
8 ps blue & white striped Linseys about 34s/ per ps 
4 ps white ditto i2d or 13d per Yd 

2 Ends - about 10 yards each blue broad Cloth at 12s or 13s/ per Yd 
2 Ends - about 10 yards each of brown ditto at same price 
2 ps brown narrow Cloth about 22 Yds each ps at 2od per Yd 
2 ps ditto about same quantity at 23d per do. 

2 ps Yd wd. blue do same quantity at 5s. per do. 

2 ps deep olive do at 8s per Yd 

6 ps. Shalloons to suit the Cloths 
6 bags mohair Buttons to suit 

4 ps. blue napt Witneys about 24 yds each ps. at 4/3 per yard 
2 lb good mohair of different Colours 
2 ps good Buckram 
4 pr 8/4 bed Blanketts at 9s/ per pr 
4 pr 9/4 do at i2s/ per pr 

4 pr 10/4 do at 17/6 per pr 

6 mens duf fill great Coats at 1 2 or 1 3s each 
4 ditto's cloth do at 14s each 

4 dittos do at i8s ea 

4 dittos do at 2 IS each 

12 Sailors blue fearnought Jacketts at 7/6 each 

Please to let the above great Coats be of the longest 

Sizes and the Sailors Jackets large 
6 doz. mill'd yam Caps at 6/3 per doz 
4 doz single worsted do at 7s per do 
4 doz do at 8s per doz 

4 doz double do at 8s per do 

4 doz do at I OS. 

4 doz mens grey yam Hose at 10/6 do[z] 
4 doz do at 12/ [torn] 

4 doz boys do at 8s [torn] 

4 doz mens wove worsted Stockings at i8s per doz 
4 doz do at 24s 

4 doz do at 28s 

2 doz. knit do at 31s 

2 doz do ribbd at 36s 


2 doz fine black do at 42s/ - let a few pr of these be ribbed 

4 doz woms. stampt worsted Stockings about 1 1/6 per doz 

4 doz do. clockt do at i8s/ per do 

4 doz do. at 24s per do 

2 doz do at 36s per do 

4 doz girls do at 14s or 15s per doz. 

4 doz boys do at same Price 

2 doz childs do. at 8s per doz 

2 doz do at 9s 

You are to send out the foregoing Quantities if you hear of the 
Loss of both the Vessels on which you shipt the woollens ordered 
in mine of the 21st. March last, and as what I then wrote for will not 
be Sufficient for my next Winters Sale, I must desire you tho you 
shoud receive no Intelligence of the Capture of either of them to send 
me out one half of the foregoing Articles. 

The Duffill Blanketts I reed from D R & Lloyd are much too small 
and the Plains in general but ordinary which I'me told is the Case 
of all the Bristol Woollens the last Year. I have a good Quantity of 
the white Plains unsold which must lay on hand till the next Winter 
which was occasioned by their very late Arrival here as most of my 
Customers were then Supplyed and as I don't intend to order any from 
thence the present Year I must beg you to send me the following 
from your City 
8 ps Striped Duffill Blanketts 
6 ps blue Strouds 
2 ps brown Stuff Damask 

12 ps blue Plains or about 400 Yds not to exceed i4d per Yard 
2ps blue Stuff Damask - a good sort. 
I doz mens bear Skin Coats about iis/ each 

The last mentioned Articles you'l please to send out in two Bottoms 
an equal Quantity in each & by the very first Opportunitys also that 
may Offer after the receipt of this - if they come to Charles Town 
address them to Josiah Smith Junr but if to Beaufort you'l consign 
them to Gordon & Elliott. As I expect to write you again per the 
Convoy for a few more Articles I shall only Add That 

I am Sir 

Mr Josiah Smith Junr Savannah Georgia Janv 9th. 1759 

Sir/ The foregoing is Copy of what I wrote you the 23d Ulto but 
as it was delivered pretty late in the Night (and to Negroes only) 
I'me somewhat doubtfuU as to the Care they have taken of it, which 
has occasioned me to trouble you with Six Letters more to each 
Gentlemen, which you'l find enclosed, and after you have added 


the desired Postscript to each of them, must beg you to forward 
them by the first Conveyances for any Ports of Great Britain, and 
acquaint me with the differrent Vessels they go in; besides these you'l 
also find herein three others Letters for Mr Thomson, which are 
sealed up, and have no relation to the 3 parcels I sent you the 9th. 
Ulto. marked A.B.C therefore please to put one of these into each of 
said Parcels (if they're now in your hands) or otherwise forward 'em 
by differrent Opportunities as these also are Copies of each other, & 
please to Note their Conveyances also, I have Numbered them on 
their Backs just for distinction Sake i, 2, 3; if the Letters for In- 
surance sent with the annexed copied Lre come safe to hand perhaps 
(as there was 6 of each) they may be sufficient, and in that Case 
the enclosed ones for that purpose may be retained 

I am Sir Yours &cae 
I wrote you a Line a few Days agoe in reply to yours per Mr Bedge- 
good; please to be so kind as to send me one Carpenters Compass Saw 
and two flat & half round Rasps. 

NB The above Lres i, 2, 3 were to Thomson dated the 5th. Inst, for 

Mr John Gordon per Berrier's Boat 

Sir At the desire of Mr John Smith I now send the Bearer Jacob 
Berrier to the Orphan House for a Load of Rice with which he is 
directly to proceed to Beaufort and deliver it to you for Mr Smiths 
Acct. I cannot exactly say how many blls he may carry and must 
therefore request that youl please to fa[vour] me with the Number 
you receive & also the W [eight] of the same. 

I am Sir &cr 

Mr John Gordon per Capt Talbert 

Savannah Georgia January loth. 1759 

Sir I have put on board the Bearer Captn Talbert 15 barrels Rice 
more for Account of Mr John Smith which you'l please to take Care 
off - these have been weighed here and their Contents marked on 
their heads (as under) with Chalk 










8303 Tare 64 V2 lb Each 

Youl please to favour me with the weight of the 42 blls sent you 
per Jacob Berrier as soon as you can as I want to settle the same with 
the Orphan House 

I am Sir Yours &cae^ 

Messrs Devonshire Reeve & Lloyd 

Savannah in Georgia Jany loth. 1759 
Gentlemen I have your Letter of the 7 th August last covering 
Invoice of sundry Goods shipt me by the Ann Capt Forten amounting 
to / 1 87. 1 1.7 Sterling which I have receiv'd in good Order, and this 
serves to hand you the first of the following setts Bills on London 
amounting to ninety Pounds Sterling which when paid you'l place to 
my Credit Namely: 

Governor Ellis's Bills to John Martin Bolzius dated 

29th Septr last on Ellis and Fivey for 40.0.0 

Dittos Ditto To John Davis dated 9th August last on 
Benjamin Martin 50.0.0 

/ 90.0.0 
The Remainder of these Bills will be forwarded you as Conveyances 
Offer I notice the Remittances you Desire 

And am Gentlemen 

Your most hble Servant 
Thomas Rasberry 
PS. Capt Fortens very late Arrival has occasioned almost the whole 
of the PLains you ship't me to lay on hand and as they'l be fully 
sufficient for my next Winters Sale I shall not at present trouble you 
with any further Order for the coming Fall 

1. The following "scribbles" are on this letter: 
Commonly Called Commander Chief 
553 Tr 70 
584 - 70 

Commanders In the Army & Navy of 
Command thy Mind 
Commissioners Indian Affairs PensacoLa 


Savannah Georgia the 25th. January 1759 
Mr Wm Thomson Under Cover of this you'l receive Invoice Bill 
Lading and Bounty Certificate for Ten Casks Indico to be ship't you 
for my Account by Mr Josiah Smith Junr. on board the Ship 
Squerries David Mitchell Commander from Charles Town for your 
City amounting to Five hundred ninety eight Pounds 3/1 1 !4d Sterling 
which when sold you'l place the Proceeds to my Credit; it will be 
found (on Examination) to be in general a prime parcel of Indico, 
and I make no doubt but the greater part of it will fetch the heighth 
of the Market. The Cask of Flora thats rated at 8/ I'me to account 
for to the Maker when sold - he refused 7/2 Stg for it in my presence, 
and as there are hkewise 2 or 3 other parcels that I received on the 
same Terms I must beg you to make out the Sales exactly in the 
same Manner as to Marks, Numbers &ca. as you find 'em in the In- 
voice that I may the more readily acco[unt] with the respective 
Proprietors here for their Net proceeds. I have wrote you pretty 
copiously lately and therefore shall only add that I hope this Con- 
signment may safely reach you and render us a pleasing Sale 

I am Sir &ca. 
PS I send this Lre, with five Copies thereof open to Mr Smith for 
him to enclose you an Invoice & Bill Lading in each to follow the 
Indico. The Capts Strachan & Sterling are arrived. I hope to receive 
my Goods in a few days. 

Samuel Lloyd Esqr Savannah Jany. 25th 1759 

Sir Enclosed youl receive Invoice Bill Lading & Bounty Certificates 
for three Casks Indico that will be shipt you from Charles Town 
So Carolina by Mr Josiah Smith Junr in the Ship Squerries David 
Mitchell Commander for London amounting to Xi777-o Sterling 
which youl dispose off for Account of Mr Robinson. 

Since I wrote you for Insurance on this Indico Mr Russell found 
that a great Part of it was much inferior in quality to what he ex- 
pected, and in Consequence thereof he wrote you the [blank] not 
to insure more than 2' 80 Stg. which I hope reached you in Time 
to prevent your'e insuring the Sum I ordered of ;^2 3o. There's also 
a Box Indico included in sd. Invoice markt HY which was delivered 
me by Mr Henry Yonge and contains as he tells me a variety of 
Samples only of that Article which he sends purely to know your 
Sentiments on each but as He writes you per this Conveyance I must 
refer you to him for further ParticuLar 

I am Sir 

Yours &cr 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah Jany 29 1759 

Sir I have your Favour of the i6th. Inst & have accordingly sent 
you by the Bearer Adam Crawdy 13 Casks and i box Indico to put 
on board Capt. Mitchell, agreable to the enclosed Invoices and Bills 
Lading. The Invoices as you'l notice are not dated, and was purposely 
omitted in order that them and the Bills Lading might bear nearly 
an equal Date, youl please therefore to fill up this Deficiency and 
sign them for me when the Indico is shipt. I have also sent you an 
Original Letter (together with 4 Copies) for each of the Gentlemen, 
to whom the Indico is consigned - the Originals with Bounty Cer- 
tificates &ca to go in the Squerries, and the Copies with the other 
Invoices & Bills Lading to follow per other Conveyances. You have 
also here included the necessary PLanters Certificates all of 'em either 
endorsed by or taken before our Collector (Mr Spencer) to facilitate 
your obtaining a general one from your Custom House to accompany 
the Indico and as it comes round in an open Boat no Bond is given, 
therefore no Certificate is required from you. This is all I presume 
thats necessary to be done here in respect to the Present Shipment. 

I'me greatly obliged to you for recommending me to your Friend 
at Antigua, and in the executing any Commands of his here, shall 
endeavour to render him Satisfaction. Your Letter per Golphins Boat 
was not delivered me notwithstanding I sent down to the Boat to 
enquire about it, on her Return, but I have both my Packets per 
Strachan & Stirling and notice my Goods coming round in Mr John 
Smiths Schooner, who doth not yet appear. I hoped that by this 
Opportunity I shou'd have been enabled to have made you a Remit- 
tance per a Draft on your Town, but the Gentlemen from [whom] 
I expected [it] hath just now wrote me that in lieu [of it] he pro- 
poses to furnish me with a good sett of Bills on London in a few Days 
which shall send you on Account if they may then be suitable. I notice 
vour'e forwarding the 3 Packets sent you some Time agoe, and I 
must beg you to forward the 3 enclosed Letters for Bristol per dif- 
ferrent Opportunities 

I am Sir 

Yours &cr 
if the price of Rum is lowered please to send me two hhds per Crawdy 

Mr Roper Dawson Savannah Jan 29th. 1759 

Sir In answer to yours of the 5th. Octr last I can only acquaint you 
that Mr Maxton went to the Garrison of St Augustine several Months 
agoe and is not yet returned to this Province, he also clandestinely 
removed all his Effects from hence so that I'me much afraid you'l 


never recover a single Penny for his Note - there's several here, and 
in Carolina also, that will be great Sufferers by him. 

We have had such quantities of prize Coffee brought here, that 
I cou'd not dispose of your's at any Rate, as its not very good, how- 
ever I shall see in a few Days what it will fetch at pub. Sale & the 
Proceeds shall be paid to your Order, by 

Sir Yours & cae 

Samuel Lloyd Esqr Savannah Georgia Jany. 29th. 1759 

Sir I have your Favour of the i8th. Septr last and notice what 
you say concerning the Payments you've made my Mother - my 
Sister confirms it and I thank you very kindly for this Act of Friend- 
ship. In your sd Favour I've a Letter for Mr Rae (unsealed) which 
I wou'd hope & have Reason to beleive, is before now rendered use- 
less. In a former Lre I acquainted you that Mr Rae Junr (on Enquiry) 
assured me that Mr Stead was enabled to remit you the Ballance of 
R & Bs. Act. and wou'd certainly do it by the last Convoy from 
Charles Town; however, I was [no]t intirely satisfyed with this 
Assurance, but soon after [wrote] to a worthy Friend of mine (Mr 
John Smith) who in reply wrote me thus 

"I have enquired of Mr Stead if any Remittances has been made 
to Mr Lloyd for Account of Rae & Barksdale, which he tells me 
he has done for the full Amount and you be satisfyed it is before 
now intirely ballanced by Mr Baker who does his Business" 

As A^r Smith is a Person of great Integrity I have no reason to 
doubt of the Fact of what he writes me and shall therefore retain 
your Lre to Mr Rae expecting your next will confirm the Receipt of 
this Ballance from said Mr Baker. The Mary Anne Capt Tucker 
seperated from the Fleet in a hard Gale of Wind near Bermuda and 
put back to New York in great Distress, but I apprehend She's again 
refitted and sailed before this; please to inform me whether the 20 
SoLa Bills remitted in Thomson has yet appeared; there's no Error 
in your Acct Currt (as I perceive) except that Omission, you'l Please 
to excuse Brevity being much hurried to save this Opportunity for 
Chas. Town & have only Time to add that I am 

Dr Sir Yours &cr 


I hope you've had the pleasure of seeing Mr Attorney Clifton and 
that he has paid you (as promised) his Affairs were in a terrible 
Situation on his leaving the Province, as I've already advised you 


Mr Josiah Smith 

Sir I have now all your late favours together with my Packets and 
Goods from London the missing Cask (No 28) contained Raisins 
only, therefore of no great Value. Mills was gone before I received 
your Letter which prevented my Enquiry of him but I don't find 
that any such Cask was landed here from his Vessell. I received the 
Compas Saw & Rasps per Alackay for which I thank you and shou'd 
be glad to know the Cost. I have hinted to Mr Dixon your Intention 
of returning Joe Rains [torn] Mr Polhill, and notice your Reasons 
[for] doing it, which are certainly Just. In Yours per the revd Mr 
Zubly I have 25.1.6 in our Money but cannot give you any Encourage- 
ment of speedily turning it into your Currency, but you may be 
satisfyed of my Endeavours. The great Ballance of Trade in favour 
of Carolina (where our Money is not at all acceptable) renders it 
extreemly difficult for any single Person to collect any Sum in your 
Money as every one here is snatching at it however I've found Means 
to procure the Sum of ninety one Pounds lately, which you have 
enclosed and youl pass the same to my Credit. I have not yet received 
the Bills promised me, else youd have had them also per this Convey- 
ance, but hope to be able to send them you soon. I notice Mr Zubly's 
coming to reside in this Province, where he's greatly esteemed, and 
I trust his ministerial Labours will be crowned with Success 

I am Sr. &cr 

Mr WiUiam Thomson Savannah Georgia Feb. 20th. 1759 

Sir This principally serves to enclose you the first of Governor 
Ellis's Bills on the Pay Master General of his Majesty's Forces dated 
the loth. last December in favour of Capt John Milledge for Forty five 
Pounds Sterling. Also a Certificate of our said Governors payable 
to the late Capt John Barnard and dated the i6th. June 1757 for 
Thirty four Pounds amounting together to Seventy nine Pounds 
Sterling, which when paid you'l carry to my Credit. In respect to 
the Certificate it may be necssary to notice that at the Time of the 
Decease of the said Capt John Barnard this Certificate (or rather this 
Sett) was left unindorsed, and was afterwards so delivered me by 
the Clerk of the Company (or Troop) to answer a Demand that I had 
on this Service [o]n Account of Pay due to some of the Men, but 
as I thought [an] Endorsement wou'd be necessary to transfer the 
Property in 'em to me, I prevailed on Capt Milledge to supply this 
Defect as he was well acquainted with the Companys Affairs at the 
Time of his succeeding Capt Barnard in the Command. I mention 
this to obviate any Doubts that may arise from this Endorsement 
when the Certificates are tendered for Payment 


I have now the Pleasure to advise you of the receipt of the Goods 
shipt me in the Union and Mercury all in good order, except the Tin 
Ware and Turnery which suffered some little Damage 

I am Sir Yours &cr 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah Febry 25th. 1759 

Sir I have your Favour per Crawdy with the two hhds Rum, and 
notice your Shipping the Indico in Mitchell; your Letter per Capt 
Carlton I've also received together with the Counterfeit Bills and 
thank you for your Remarks on your Bad Money which may pre- 
vent my being imposed on in this Respect for the future. Mr John 
Rae the Bearer will deliver you twenty Dollars and ^^ 15.0.0 in your 
paper Curr[enc]y for which please to give me a Credit. I am really 
sorry that I cannot furnish you with the Promised Bills on London 
per this Opportunity; Messrs. Elliott & Gordon (the Gentlemen who 
are to be Drawers) being now both in your Province, but as I ex- 
pect Mr Elliott up in a few Days I hope it will not be long 'ere you 
receive them; please to acquaint me whether sole Leather is accept- 
able with you; what Price it bears and if Subject to your Country 
Duty? as I have a parcel of it Offered me from one of your Tanners, 
and when you have Leisure shou'd be glad to receive my Accot. Currt. 
I must beg the Favour of you to forward the three enclosed Letters 
to Mr Thomson by as many Conveyances, as they are Cop[ies] 
perhaps they may come in Time for the Fleet, if [they] do, as they 
have no Connextion with any already passed thro your hands, you may 
forward 'em by any 3 Ships that has any of my Letters on board. I not- 
ice what you say concerning Crawdey, and have delivered Mr Beau- 
fain ['s] Lre to our CoUectr. and shall take Care for the future that 
on a Like Occasion the needful shall be done where My Property is 
concerned. Mr Hooper has promised me to furnish his Friend in your 
Town with the Means to take up his Note per the present Convey- 
ance, I hope he'l no[t] disappoint me, as it ought to have been paid 
before now 

I am Sir Yours &cr 

Messieurs John & Ulrick Tobler 

Gentlemen The above Articles amounting to / 69.1 4.9 V4 I have 
sent you by Mr C Cook which I hope may reach you Safely. As I 
had no German Serge I have instead of it Sent you the above ps of 
blue Cloth which is really very good for the Price I had no Cambrick 
at the Price you mention Therefore have omitted that Article Mr 
Cook tells me you intend to Come Down soon if you can bring me 
some good Tallow I should be glad 

I am sir Your &cra 


Mr William Thomson 

Mermaid - M of Warr 
Harrietta - Rains - London 
Littleton - Brown - do 
John - Butler - Bristol 
Savannah Georgia March 2d 1759 
Sr My last was the 20th. Ultimo which serv^ed only to enclose you 
a Draft of our Governor's on the Pay Master General of the Land 
Forces for ^45 and a Certificate of our said Governor's to the 
said Pay Master for ;^34, which I hope may safely reach you and 
that no Difficulty may attend their Payment, in my said Letter I 
also acknowledged the Receipt of the Goods per the Union & Mer- 
cury, and as the Morning Star, Coates met with that Accident near 
Portsmouth, I make no doubt but you have reshipped the few Ar- 
ticles she had for me on some other Bottom. I also wrote you the 5th. 
last January, wherein you were desired to send me some Woollens 
for the coming Fall but as I shall also be in want of sundry other 
Articles at that Time I must beg you to ship me the following under 
Insurance per same Conveyances 
500 yards Irish OSnabrig 
600 brown Edinburghs at 
400 yards white ditto 
4 ps. 7/8 Irisn Linnen at i4d. per yard 
2 ps ditto at i6d. per do 

2 ps. ditto at i8d. do 

2 ps ditto at 2 id. do 

4 ps. yard wd. ditto at i8d. do 
2 ps ditto at 2 id. 
2 ps ditto at 2S. 
2 ps ditto at 2/6 
6 ps. 9/8ths. Sheeting at i2d. 
2 ps. Cambrick about 24s. per ps. 
2 ps. ditto at 29s. per ps. 
2 ps. ditto 34s. per ps. 
6 ps. Dowlas 16/6 per ps 
6 ps. ditto 20/6 per ps. 
6 ps. ditto 28/6 per ps. 
4 ps. % Garlix 17s. per ps 
4 ps. ditto 20S. per ps 
4 ps. ditto 23s. per ps. 
4 ps. 7/8 Garlix at 21/6 per ps 
4 ps ditto 25s. per ps 
4 ps ditto 26s. per ps 


2 ps. Striped cotton Hollands at i4d. per yard. 
2 ps ditto at i6d. per yd 
2 ps ditto at i8d per yd. 

2 ps ditto at 2od. per yd 

NB let the above cotton Hollands be all narrow blue 

Stripes & the length way of the Cloth 
4 ps. 7/8 manchester cotton Check at 13d. per Ell 
4 ps ditto at i6d. per do. 
4 ps ditto at ipd per do. 
4 ps. yard wd. ditto at 13d per do. 
4 ps ditto at i6d per do. 
4 ps ditto at 2od. per do. 

let none of the above Checks have any red or yellow in 

4 ps. 7/8 linnen Check at 9'/4d per yd 
4 ps ditto at loYzd per do 
4 ps ditto at 1 2d. per do 
4 ps yard ditto at lod per do 
4 ps ditto at I id. per do 
4 ps ditto at iiYzd per do 
6 doz scots linnen Handkerchiefs at los per doz. 
6 doz, ditto at 13/6 or 14s. per do. 
8 ps. cotton Romall do at 10/9 per ps 
4 doz silk & cotton or Cherridery Handkerchiefs 
4 doz blue & white paste work ditto at 1 3s. per dozen 
4 doz red linnen birds eye Handkerchiefs 
4 doz blue birds eye ditto 
4 doz silk culgee ditto at 25s. per doz 
[torn] ditto at 30s. per do 
I doz blue silk birds eye Handkerchiefs 

1 doz red silk birds eye ditto 

12 ps. good blue OSnabrig about 25 yds each ps 
4 9/4ths. f landers bed Ticks about 18 or 19s. each 
4 io/4th ditto 24 or 25s. each 

3 clouting Diaper a 10/6 each 
3 ditto at 1 1/6 each 

2 ps. narrow rushia Towelling 

12 lb. osnabrig Thread i9d per Lb 

12 lb. ditto in half pounds a' i5d or i6d 

6 lb. different cloth coloured ditto a' 2/6 

6 lb fine blue ditto at 2/6 

6 lb. coarser ditto in half pounds 

6 lb. whi. brown ditto at 2/3 per lb 


4 lb. stitching Thread at 3/2 per Lb. 

4 lb. ditto at 3/4 

4 lb. ditto at 3/9 

4 lb. scots ounce Thread at 4/6 per lb. 

4 lb. ditto at 6s. per lb 

2 lb. ditto at I OS. do 

I lb. ditto at 15s. per do 

1 lb. ditto at 20S. do. 

6 doz broad manchester Tape or Filletting 

6 doz. diaper Tapes 

6 doz ditto narrower 

12 doz. Bobbing at 2/ or 2/1 per doz 

1 2 doz dutch Pretties blue flowered 

8 doz. boys felt Hatts at 7 or 8s. per doz 

6 doz. mens ditto at 11/ or 12s per doz 

16 doz dittos, do. at 14s. per doz 

4 doz dittos, do. at 24s. per doz 

2 doz Carolina beaver ditto at 5s. each 

1 doz ditto at 7/6 each 

2 Reams post Paper at 14/6 per Rm 
6 Rms. fools cap ditto at 1 2/6 per do 
6 Rms. pot ditto at 6/6 per do 

2 Rms. whited brown do at 6s. per do 

1 2 doz bed Cords at 8/ or 8/6 per doz 

6 doz hambro' Lines at 14s. per doz 

4 doz Cod Lines at 

4 doz fish Lines at 7/6 per doz 

8 doz ditto at 5/ per doz 

4 doz ditto at 3/ per doz 

4 doz ditto at 2/6 per doz 

6 doz. pewter Basons sorted chiefly of large Sizes 

4 doz. quart pewter Tea Potts 

2 doz. pint & half ditto 

1 doz copper Tea Kettles sorted chiefly large Sizes 

2 doz bath handle Penknives at 2/6 per dozn 
6 doz enamelld handle ditto at 2/8 per doz 
6 doz. buck ditto at 3/6 per doz 

6 doz ditto at 3/6 per doz 

6 doz stag cuttoe Knives at 3/6 per doz 

6 doz ditto at 4/ per do 

6 doz ditto at 4/6 per do 

6 doz ditto at 5/ per do. 

4 doz childs mettal Shoe Buckells at 2s/6 per doz 


4 doz mens white do. at 4/4 per doz 

4 doz dos do. at 5s per do 

4 doz dos. yellow do. at 4/ per do. 

4 doz Womens neat white mettal Buckells at 4s/ per doz 

4 doz sailors strong yellow mettal do. 4/6 per doz 

2 doz Setts neat wrought pinchbeck do at 13s. per doz Setts 

2 doz Setts steel do. at 8s. per do 

6 double groce flat white mettal Buttons at 4/6 per doub groce 

6 sing, groce breast white mettal Buttons at ipd per groce 

6 gro. gold pattern Sleeve Buttons at 3/ per groce 

6m. sorted Needles 

2 doz split buck handle Table Knives & Forks at 2/9 per doz 

2 doz ditto at 3/6 per doz 

2 doz ditto at 4/ per do 

2 doz ditto at 5/ per do. 

what is meant by a dozen of the above is 6 Knives and 

6 Forks 
500 fish Hooks at 20s. per m 
1000 fish Hooks at 15s. per m 
1000 do. at I2S. per do 
1000 do. at I OS. per do 
1000 do. at 8s. per do 
20m. 2od Nails 
2om. lod ditto 

let one half the above be done up in bags of 2m. each 
30m. <d Nails I , , 

30m. 4d ditto |^«^^ ^^^^' 

let about 20m. of the above be done up in bags of 6m each 
6 . . o . . o Irons Potts sorted chiefly of about 1 2 and 1 5 lb each with 

a few large ones 
6 pr. fire Shovels & Tongs a 2/4 per pr 
6 pr. ditto a 2/10 per pr 
6 pr ditto 33/6 per pr 
12 pr trace Chains 32/9 per pr 
12 pr ditto a 3/9 per pr 

6 pr stronger ditto of about 12 Lb. or 14 Lb. weight per pr rj^jj^^g 

3 pr sad Irons at 1/9 per pr 
3 pr ditto at 2/2 per pr 

3 pr ditto at 2/6 per pr 
3 pr ditto at 3/ per pr 

1 . . 2 . . o Iron Wedges for splitting Wood - different Sizes 

2 doz box Locks at 5/ per doz 


2 doz ditto at 6/ or 6J(i per doz 
2 doz ditto at 7 or 7/6 per doz 

2 doz chest do at 7/6 or 8s. per doz 
6 Grindstones holed at 2od each 

9 ditto at 2/6 ea. 

3 ditto at 4/ ea. 
6m. good gun Flints 
3 . . o . . o duck Shot 
3 . . o . . o bristol do. 
3 . . o . . o swan do. 

50 Lb. Westons pigtail Tobacco in half pounds & made up in Two 

3 doz mens single channel Pumps 

8 Woms. scarlet Qoaks about 6/6 or 7/6 each 

4 ditto about 9s. or 9/6 ea 

2 doz mens plain wove worsted Hose at 35s. per doz 

2 doz dittos plain knitt ditto at 36s. per doz 

6 doz small cheap Looking Glasses such as are used for the Indian 

2 doz mens buck Skin Gloves not those with stiffened Tops 
2 doz wash Leather do 
6 pr Bellows at 2 s/ each 
6 pr ditto at 3s. each 

I shall be glad if you'l divide the foregoing Order so that the Goods 
may be shipt on two Bottoms and in Case they cannot be got ready 
to come out with the Articles ordered in mine of the 5th last January, 
I must beg you to forward them by the Two next Opportunities 
afterwards. I have, as youl notice, affixed the Prices to most of the 
Goods, before mentioned, which is not intended to confine you in- 
tirely to those identical Prices, but only, where they cannot be had 
at such Rates that you woud come as near them as possible. If any 
Vessells shoud offer for this Province in Time youl doubtless give such 
the preference, if not they must come into Charlestown or Beaufort. 
Mr Josiah Smith Junr will receive them at Charles Town and Messrs. 
Gordon & Elliott at Beaufort. I shall endeavour to make you some 
Considerable Remittances the latter End of this year and shall only 
add that I hope this may meet you in better Health than when you 
last wrote me & that I am Sir 

Yr very hble Servant 
Thomas Rasberry 

Mr John Smith Savannah March 8th 1759 

Sir Your new Overseer came to me two Days agoe and Desired me to 


inform you that he intends to quit your Plantation about the 20th 
of this Month as the Place is not at all agreeable to him and as he says 
doth not Answer his Expectation of it I disired him to Consult Mr 
Bryan before he resolved on leaving your Service as I apprehendded 
he was under some contract with you for a Time certain and also 
urged the Damage you might probably Sustain by his leaving the 
Plantation before you could procure an Overseer but he yet seemed 
to be Determined to return to Carolina as soon as possible 

Mr Bryan is now absent from his Plantation but as soon as he 
returns he shall be acquainted herewith 

As we could not get possibly a Boat to carry your Rice to Beau- 
fort Mr Russell & I thought it proper to offer it to Mr Mackenzie 
of your Town who is Loading a Vessell for the W. Indies on Con- 
dition of its being replaced in Charles Town which he excepted the 
Barrels were very light & he [h]as returned 5 of them again on ac- 
count of there Quality which is really very bad Rice tho I apprehend 
he may have taken some on Board of the same Quality unperceived 
If you propose to come up here Soon I shoud be glad if youd please 
to bring with you, or send it me when you have Leisure 

Mr William Banbury Savannah March 8. 1759 

Sir In Consequence of your Letter to Mr Habersham I have sup- 
plied Capt Longstaff with Ten Pounds Sterling which was all he 
required else I should have Readily furnished him with the extent of 
what you mention in your said Letter for the above sum he has given 
me his Draft on you which I shall make no Use of provided I can 
Dispose of his Wine That I now daily expect from Ogeeche, w[h]ere 
he loaded tho I'me afraid it will not meet with a speedy Sale a[s] a 
Vessell from Gibralter and Madeira has lately brought in a pret[tv 
good] Quantity. Mr Pruniere has not yet paid that small Balance 
but he promises to do it soon he has been greatly reduced lately by 
the loss of his Vessel & Cargoe uninsured which makes me the less 
Strenous for this as well as for a more Considerable Ballance he owes 
me. I am Sir 

Your Obedient Servant 
Thomas Rasberry 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah March 8. 1759 

Sir My last was of the 25th. last which I hope Mr Rae has Delivered 
you The present is only to desire you to forward the enclosed Letters 
for London by any Opportunitys that may Offer for any Ports of 
Britain the 2 to Mr Thomson are Copies (but of none already sent 
you) and as its probable you may receive from me 2 Copies more 


of these before they can leave Charles To. to prevent Mistakes I have 
marked them on their Backs thus A and the following Copies will 
also have the same marks. I'me a good Deal concerned at Mr Grey- 
Elliott's long Stay in your Province, which obUges me so long to 
defer sending the Bills he has engaged to give me on London but 
I think his Affairs here must require his return ere long. I can only 
add at present that I am 

Sir Yours &cra 

Mr William DeBrahm Savannah 8 [March] 1759 

Sir I have sent you per Mr Griner 

I ps Linnen 1.15.0 

I pr Girls Shoes 0.3.2 

I Cag Rum qt.4% gallons @ ^/d 1.3. 4/2 

The Linnen is the Nearest to the sample you sent me of any I have 
& I hope may be suitable. 

I am Sir Yours &cra 

Mr John Smith Savannah 19th March 1759 

Sir Sometime agoe I Advanced Mr Grey Elhott a Sum of Money 
in our Currency which he promised (partly) to repay me by a Draft 
on Mr Thomson which said Draft I have repeatedly assured xMr 
Josiah Smith should be sent him for my Account but when A4r Elliott 
Delivered me the Bills a few Days agoe he desired them not to be 
negotiated but remitted directly to Mr Thomson which he was 
promissed should be done but as I'me now obliged to disappoint Mr 
Smith as to the Bills to whom I want to make a payment I must beg 
you, Sir, to pay their amount— / 80 St.Lg into his Hands, and remit 
the Bills for your own Account the first and second of which are 
here enclosed and the remainr. will follow as opportunities offers. 

Mr Maxton is returned here again in order to compromize his 
Affairs. I met the majority of his Creditors three Days agoe when it 
was proposed to grant him a Lre of Licence for 3 years; the state 
of Accounts were laid before us whence it appeared he was behind 
hand about /800 StLn Graham has since told me he was sure it must 
be a great deal more and he declined coming in as I did untill I knew 
your Pleasure. Simpson tells me that Jamieson Robertson & Baillie, 
De Costa & Farr and indeed all the Carolina Creditors (except you) 
had empowered him to sign the Licence in their Behalfs which he 
was ready to do provided Graham would do the same but as he re- 
fused the Matter lies still in Suspence and I therfore should be glad 


to know your Mind as soon as possible as to any scheme of this 
Nature that may yet be offered. We are informed that theres a 
Probability of the Cargoe of the Dutch Vessel in your Harbour being 
condemned should it prove so we should be glad if you could buy 
for us 2 or 3 Hogsheads brown Sugar i Hhdd pow. Do. and 2 or 300 
lb. Coffee provided they sell low. I have acquainted Mr Bryan of 
your Overseers intenti[on] of quitting your Plantation. 

I have already inform'd you that (before your last Letter came 
to hand) 28 barrels of your Rice was delivered Mr Mackenzie the 
27 Ultimo Nt. 13,408 lb to be returned or paid for in Charles Town 
of which he tells me his Partner (Mr Moody) has been advised the[yl 
refused 5 barrells I have sold here per retail, at 8/ per 100 lb and 
credited you therewith 

I am Sir 

Yours &cra 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah 19 March 1759 

Sir Just after I wrote you last Mr Elliott came up from Beaufort 
and Delivered me the (so long expected) Bills on Mr Thomson but 
at the same Time, contrary to my expectation, desired me to remit 
'em for my own Acct. & not suffer 'em to be negotiated, tho he 
seem'd to be certain of their meeting due Honour; now as he hath 
laid me under this disagreeable injunction I must beg you to dispense 
with my Promise as to the Bills the amount of 'em ^80 Sterln I have 
Desired mr John Smith to pay you for my Acct. to whom I now send 
the Draft, as they'l goe directly from him to Mr Thomson. I'me 
sorry I am thus obliged to disappoint you as to manner of this pay- 
ment but you see, Sir, I cannot consistently avoid it. 

I hope Mr Hooper's Note is now paid please to acquaint me whether 
you have Done any thing with the Indicoe Seed sent you last year 
& whether anymore of the maps hath been parted with since you 
fumish'd me with last Account 

I am Sir 

Yours &cra 
PS I have enclosed you 2 more Copies of those Letters sent you the 
8th Instant for Mr Thomson which please to forward per seperate 
Conveyances, if one of them could go from N York it be so much 
the better 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah 23 March 1759 

Sir I hope you have received my Letter per Mr Mackenzie's Nephew 
who went home a few Days agoe over [lan]d and that it may suit 


Mr John Smith to pay vou for my Account eighty Pounds SterLn 
agreeable to what I wrote him per said Opportunity. This is to re- 
quest you to Send me 200 lb Sope & 6 Toblers Almanacks sold by 
Mr Viart per next Conveyance the sope is not for my Use but to 
assist a poor man Mr Cunningham who sells it again and on whom 
it seems Messrs. Ogilvie and Ward had a Demand; and in Consequence 
of which he says he remitted 'em 3 1 Spanish Pistoles & 1 50 Dollars & 
the Receipt thereof They never acknowledged I must therefore beg 
of you to enquire of them about it and prevail on them to send him 
their Account 

I am Sir &cra 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah March 26 1759 

Sir I have your's of the 14th Instant and notice your receipt of the 
^46 sent per Mr Rae This comes per Mr Tobler who brings you 30 
Dollars more & / 13. 1.3 in your Currency for which you'l please 
to Credit me with. I notice your remark on Sole Leather which puts 
me to a Stand, as the Tanner demands 6'/2d per Lb for it here. I'me 
not a little Surprized that Mr Hooper's Note remains yet unpaid. 
I have spoke to him again about it and tells me (as he did before) 
that he had enabled his Friend Mr George Abbott Hall at Mr Inglis's 
to take it up, to whom be pleased to apply, if it's yet in your hands 

I am, Sir &ca 
Mr William Thomson 

Brittania - Fowler - Bristol 
Hungerford - Walker - Orkneys 
John - Butler - London 
Mermaid - M of Warr 

Savannah Georgia 27th. March 1759 
Sir Since I wrote you the 2d. Instant an old Correspondent of 
Messrs. Harris & Habersham has, applyed to me to serve him, with 
Goods, which Ive engaged to do, but as his [order] is somewhat con- 
siderable, I am obliged to trouble you again in order to make an 
Addition (to those already desired from you) of the following Ar- 
ticles to come out as soon as possible, under Insurance and consigned 
agreable to the Directions contained in mv former: Vizt 
6 ps. 18 yard Callicoe 

12 lb. black and white barley corn Beads assorted 
12 lb. common ditto do 

3 lb. Agate ditto 

4 doz silver Indian ear Bobs a thin light kind 
8 doz white mettal ditto 


12 groce yellow pea Buttons about 2 2d. per groce 

12 lb. brass Wire of different Size 

100 lb. brass Kettles sorted 

4 groce red Cadice 

12 lb Vermillion in boxes 

6 Nests red gilt Trunks of 5 or 6 in a Nest from the smallest up- 

as the foregoing are calculated for the Indian Trade I must 
beg you to acquaint yourself of the right Sorts of those 
Articles that are now exported for that purpose, particularly 
in Respect to the Beads 

3 doz snaffle bridle Bitts about 3s. per doz 
3 doz do 4s. per do 

3 doz do 5/6 or 6s. per do 

2 doz stirrup Irons about 5s. per doz 

I doz do 7/6 per do 

1 doz do I OS. per do 

4 doz Spurrs about 6s. per dozn 

2 doz do I2S. per do 
6m. Sadlers Tacks 

2 doz common Bosses 

2 ps. red & white embossed Serge at i2d or 13d per Yard 

ps. purple and white ditto same Price 

ps. either a yellow figure or a yellow ground about 15 per yd 
2 ps. blue & white striped Linseys narrow Stripes 
[torn] red striped ditto 

ps white Linseys about 13d. per yard 

End (or about 10 or 12 yards) of chocolate coloured broad Cloth 
about i2S./ per yard 

End (about same quantity) of Ught coloured ditto 

ps. narrow brown Cloth (qty. about i8 yards) at 2 2d. per yard 

ps. ditto about 24 yds. at 23d. or 2s./ 

ps, yard blue ditto abt 28 yards at 5s or 5s/ id 

ps. Shalloons to suit the above 

ps. fine blue Shalloon ) 

ps. fine Scarlett ditto ) 
2 bags mohair Buttons to suit the fine Cloths 

1 ps. blue nap't Witneys about 24 yds 

2 doz mens yarn Stockings at 10/6 per doz 
2 doz do at I2S. per doz 

2 doz boys do at 8 or 9s. per doz 

3 doz mens ribbd Hose at 36s per doz 


1 am also desired by a Hatter here to procure him the following 
hat Fumture Viz 

1 8 doz hair hat Buttons 
1 8 doz common Looping 
1 8 doz hat strings or Banding 
1 8 doz hat Frogs 

2 lb. blue Galls 

4 lb. Verdigrease 

2 fine bow Strings 

2 coarse ditto 

2 cloathiers Cards 

Please to send also for one of our Silver Smiths 

I pair brass Flasks of 6 Inches ] - • o-i 

I pair ditto of 8 Inches | ^«^ "^^'"^ ^^^^^^ 

I doz flat Files 1 , ^ t i i r ,-•,• 

I doz half round do. J ^^«"^ ^ ^"^'^^^ ^«"g ^«^ ^^W Silver 

I smiths Hammer about 3 Lb. weight 

12 lb. Emmery 

6 very good Hones for setting Razors 

I have only to repeat that I shall endeavour to make you a 
good remittance the coming Fall and am Sir &ca. 
Messrs. Devonshier Reeve & Lloyd 

Savannah Georgia March 27th 1759 
Gentlemen I enclosed you the loth. last January Two Setts Bills 
Exchange amounting to ninety Pounds Sterling, which I hope have 
safely reached you and met with due honour - in my said Letter I 
acquainted you that as Capt Forten arrived in Carolina so very late 
in the Winter Season, that I had almost lost the sale for the woollens 
you shipt me by him that I shoud have a Sufficiency for my next 
Winters Demand, and consequently then thought that I shoud have no 
manner of Occasion to trouble you with any other Order for the 
present year but as I have lately had a good Proposal for extending 
my Bussiness, I must request you to send me as soon as possible the 
following under Insurance marked T R Namely 
3 ps. striped Duffills 

300 yards best white PLains about 13d. per yard 
100 yards good blue PLains about same price 
2 ps. blue Strouds wormed thus [design drawn in manuscript] 
2 ps. ditto " " " 

2 ps. red ditto wormed in same Manner 

2 . . o . . o frying Pans sorted 
2 . . o . . o Iron Potts— midling Sizes 


3 doz small ditto— or Isop Potts 
6 doz Indian Hatchetts 

3 doz. somewhat larger 

4 doz broad Hoes about 15/6 or i6s. per doz 
2 doz narrow ditto 

4 . . o . . o Iron Hoops for Casks done up in flat bundles of i . . o . . o 

30m. 8d. Nails - 20m, of which in Bags of 4m. each 

If no Vessels shoud offer for this Province direct youl please to 
consign them to Mr Josiah Smith Junr in Charles Town, and as I 
shall endeavour to make you suitable Remittances I have only to add 
that I am Gentlemen 

Yr. most hble Servant 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah 31st March 1759 

Sir As I have wrote you pretty fully lately I have nothing at present 
to trouble you with except to request your care in forwarding the 
4 enclosed Letters for London & Bristol; they are 2 originals and their 
Copies and may go per the first two Conveyances that may offer 
for any Port of Britain 

I am Sr. &ca 
I have marked these on their Backs B 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah April 2d. 1759 

Sir I have made bold by the present opportunity of Capt Talbert 
to trouble you with the forwarding of four more Copies of those 
Letters enclosed you the 31 Ulto per Mr Mackenzie (Marked on 
their backs B) providded their may not be sufficient Opportunities 
to send them away direct to England, you may put some of 'em on 
board any Vessells that may offer for Lisbon and shall be Obliged 
to you note their Conveyances as well off those other Letters you've 
lately received from me 

I am Sir &ca 

Thos Rasberry 
P S Yesterday our Pilot inform'd us that last Wednesday he saw 
off our Light House, 3 large Vessells standing for your Bar one 
of which he sopposes to be the Henrietta Capt Rains (as he knows 
the Vessell) should it prove so, any Goods on board her for me 
please to load 'em in Talbert if he comes back here again direct 
Samuel Lloyd Savannah Georgia 

Messrs Byvanck & Co Georgia April 2 1759 

Agreeable to your Order we have put on board Capt Law Twelve 


Barrels Rice as per the enclosed Invoice (which as you'l notice ex- 
ceeds the Amount of what we receiv'd from Mr Qifton's protested 
Bill 8/5-3/4 Sterling 

We hope you're now Satisfied and that we may receive no more 
Complaints on this Subject, more especially when we assure you that 
several Debts in your Sales are yet unsatisfied, nor have we any Pros- 
pect of recovring some of them notwithstanding we have made 'em 
good to you contrary to custom 

We are Gent Yours &cra 
P S you have herein Capt Law's Bill Lading for the Rice 

Messrs John & Ulrick Tobler Savannah April 12 1759 

Gentlemen I received the Almanacks you sent me from Charles 
Town and shall send some of them to the Southward as you Desire. 
The Goods that you bespoke I have now Deliver'd to Mr Shanols 
in your Boat as per the enclosed Bill parcells amounting to / 156.7.4 '/^ 
Sterg which I wish safe to your Hands. I have a parcel of Goods Just 
arrived at Charles Town in Capt Raines from London Should you 
want any more Articles before you come Down again you'l please 
to acquaint me & they shall be sent you by 


Yours &cra 
Thomas Rasberry 

The Pomeranias, Irish Linnens, cotton Checks DowLas, Stockings, 
Nonsoprettys, Caps, Laces Gartering, thread Buttons, Nutmegs & mo- 
hair Buttons are all in a Trunk. The Narrow Cloth, Shalloons & 
Buckram in a bundle No 12 striped Linseys a Bundle No. 12. Blue 
Witneys Do. 32 Red Lead in a small Cag 

3/4 Checks Thimbles f. ,11 At 1 

^^^ -^ m a bundle no Mark 

Rules files & Tax [ 

AUom in a bag Currans in a bag 

Shoes & Gimblets in a bag; Nails in 6 Bags & the other Articles are 


Mr Cornelius Cook Savannah April 13th. 1759 

Sir I received your Letter per Shanols and had prepared as many 
of the Articles you wrote for as I had but he refused to take any of 
them in, as his Boat, he says is already as deep as she can Swim he 
also refused several other Articles besides yours, on this Account so 
that we must for another Opportunity 

I am Sir 

Yours &cra 


Mr Roper Dawson Savannah Georgia April 14 1759 

Sr. I sometime agoe acquainted you with the situation of Mr Max- 
tons Affairs and that he had left the Province but however he is re- 
turned again and has made some Proposals to his Creditors of Com- 
pounding which the Majority of them have Accepted if you think 
proper to come into those Measures that I shall accept on account 
of a much larger Demand I have on him you'l Please to acquaint 
me as soon as Possible 

As your Affair will remain in Susp[ense] Till I know your sentiments. 
His Proposals have been Various so that I can not say yet what the 
Terms may be that will be agreed on 

I am Sir 

Yr. very Hble Servant 

Thomas Rasberry 

Joseph Butler Esqr Savannah April 20 1759 

Sir I received your Letter by your Negroes Baruck and Frank and 
agreeable to your order have Delivered them 

1^ Yds osnabrigs @ lod. 0.12.6 

18 Best Broad hoes (cost 2 2d ea) @ 2/9 2.9.6 

I quire Paper o.i.o 

I Knife 0.0.9 

I Should very gladly have sent you the Pigtail Tobacco but Mr 
Nunes bought the last I had Yesterday I expect some more very soon 
As to the Chintz I have a few ps by me but they are quite ordinary 
therefore I Do not send any at present but I have a fine parcel of 
English Print'd Cottons Chintz printed Linnens &cra Just arrived in 
Capt Rains from London which I expect up from Charels To. every 
Hour Together with a Variety of other Goods as soon as they come 
to Hand I shall lay aside one or Two or more of the neatest patterns 
for your Choice & in respect to the Charge of whatever you may 
Please to take of us you may be satisfied of having every Thing on 
the best Terms. 

You will (it's probable) have heard of the Arrival of our Attorney 
General (Clifton) and Chief Justice, Grover, both of which came 
in Capt Rains The News they bring is that the Nation is [in] High 
Spirits the Two Houses of Parliament [are] Unamimous in Carrying 
on the Warr a great naval Armament equipping supposed for Canada 
and an immense Sum of Money granted by Parliament for the Service 
of the current year. This is all the news at present that can be de- 
pended on, tho' its said that Guadaloupe is now entirely in our Pos- 
session and that a Squadron of French M. of War have Shipt into 


Martinico and there Block'd in by Commodore Moore, but we think 
these Two last Articles may yet want a Confirmation a few months 
more may be productive of some important News from all Quarters 

I am Sir (for W R & Self) 
Yours &cra 
P.S. There's no good pigtail Tobacco in Town else I shoud have 
bought some for you 

Mr William Butler Savannah April 24 1759 

1 have your Letter of the 23d Instant and have Sent you the follow- 
ing Articles per your Negroe Whanny 

2 Loaves Sugar wt 22 lb 14 @ iid. i.o.ii'/i 
25 Yards OSnab[rig] @ 9d. 0.18.9 

I lb OSnab[rig] Thread cost i9d. 0.2.6 

I lb Salt Petre (cost @ Johnson & Co) 0.2.0 
I Groce Corks 0.2.0 

/ 2.6.2/2 

As my Goods, by Capt Rains come here only Yesterdy I have not 
yet had Time to get any of 'em Landed (except a very few Articles 
that you do not write for) but I have some Scots Osnabrigs that could 
not be got at yet in the Schooner that cost yd per Yd in London 
that which I now send you is Charged 5^/2 exclusive the expence of 
receiving the Bounty and which I believe youl find to be good. I am 

Yours &cra 
P S. Youl please Sir to excuse my Desiring you for the future to 
Direct to me only as our Trade is Carried on Solely in my [name] 
Mr William Thomson Savannah Georgia May 3d. 1759 

Sir I have just Time to acknowledge the receipt of your Favour per 
the Harrietta Capt. Rains with the Goods you shipt me by him-the 
Bale of Irish Linnens received some considerable Damage but not 
sufficient to recover from the Insurers therefore no Survey was taken. 
As I propose to ship you a parcel of Rice of this years Crop I must 
desire you to send me out a Vessell that will carry about five hundred 
or five hundred & fifty Barrels on the following Conditions namely 

not to exceed six Pounds sterling per Ton Freight, to be limitted 
to be here by the 20th. January next and in Case the Vessel does not 
arrive by the 20th. February than she is to be at my Option whether 
I will take or refuse her. to be allowed forty two working Days to 
load in and the Vessel to touch at Cowes for your Order whether 
to proceed to London, Hambro, Bremen &ca as you shall judge most 
for my Interest. If you can procure a Vessell on the above mentioned 


Terms you'l doubtless advise me thereof as soon as possible that I 
may prepare to give her dispatch-as I shall shortly write you again 
I have only to add that 

I am Sir 

Your most humb Servant. 

Messrs. Gordon & Elliott will be [ joint] ly concerned with me in load- 
ing this Vessel Mr Elliott expects to be with [me ve]ry shortly 

Mr John Smith Savannah April 27th. 1759 

Sir Capt Tubbs the Bearer brings you the hhd Deer Skins to be 
encluded in your Invoice to Mr Wm Thomson for My Acount its 
marked TRN i contains 330 Skins and weighs net 474 lb if it can be 
put Directly on Board from Tubbs it would be so much the better 
as it then escapes yr Duty, the Skins are in general good tho small 
and you'l please rate 'em as you do your own which I apprehend 
may be about i6s/ your Curry. I shall contrive if possible to write 
Mr Thomson by the going Fleet. 

Your new Overseer (Conner) was with me to Day to enquire 
whither you had left any Directions about supplying some of your 
Negroes with Iron Potts & some OSnabrig which he says was promised 
them, I told them I would write you about it as its probable you might 
Intend to send these Articles from Charles Town if not youl please 
to acquain[t] me soon as they may be uneasy about it I have nothing 
more at present to add than that I am Sir &cra 

Mr Josiah Smith Junr. Sunday May 5 1759 

Sir/ I wrote you a Line two Days agoe and enclosed you two Letters 
to forward Mr Thomson I now send you four Copies more of said Lres 
which you'l please to send away by as many Conveyances you'l also 
find herein 3 Letters for Dr. Bearcroft which are also Copies and 
must go on Bod. Different Vessels. I'me Desired by a Friend to pro- 
cure him 6 lb. pearl Barley which if readily to be met with in Charles 
To. should be glad you wou[ld] Send me [plus mark] when an Op- 
portunity Offers. & as I shall have Occasion to write you again soon 
I shall only add that I am Sir 

Yours &cra 
P S. I have enclosed Twenty Four Pounds in your Paper Currency 
which please to credit me with 

Mr John Smith Savannah May 7: 1759 

Sir/ I have just Time to enclose you the 3d and 4th. of Elliott & 
Gordon's Bills on our Friend Mr Thomson. I hope youve received 
my Hhd. Skins per Tubbs and you'l please just to mention the Vessel 


they're shipt in for London, as the Boat is instantly going away I can 
only add that 

I am D[ear] Sir 

Your most Obedient Servant 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah 7 May: 1759 

Sir The Boat this comes in being detain'd somewhat longer than 
expected has given me an Opportunity of troubling you with the 
Care of a few Lres more to forward those to Mr Dawson & Mr 
Byvanck are Copies of each other and must go away seperately, that 
to Mr Lloyd may go per any Opportunity you think proper; if 
Crawdy's Boat shou'd be with you when this comes to hand please 
to put a hogshead Rum on Board her, or send it by the first Oppty. 
afterward if by a Vessell that clears out Debenture will do best as 
that Advantage equals the Freight 

I am Sir &cr 
T R 
As Ime not in immediate want of the Rum youl send it by a Vessell 
that passes your Offices 
Samuel Lloyd Esq. Savannah May 7: 1759 

As the bearer of this setts off in a few hours for Charles Town 
I can only just acknowledge the rect of your sundry Favours of the 
9 & 13th Decembr. & 2d January last the Contents of all which I 
duly Notice but cannot reply to them now for want of Time if any 
Opportunity offers for Charles To before the Departure of the Fleet 
I shall do my self the Pleasure of writing you more fully but I'me 
afraid I shall not be in Time as its said they are to sail in a few 
Days and in this case you may expect to hear from me by the next 
opportunity's afterwards and in the interim remain Dr Sir 

Yours &cra 

Thomas Rasberry 
PS Mrs. Clifton is now in our Prison having caused a great Deal 
of Disturbance here since she arrived but some are of opinion that 
her Husband is in a great measure the aggressor but I cannot descend 
to particulars now 

Capt. Longstaff Savannah May nth. 1759 

I have your Favour of the 7th Instant enclosing me a Certificate 
to Cancel your Custom House Bond which I have seen done. I am 
sorry to inform you that your Wine remains yet unsold and I am 
afraid will lay on Hand some Time 

I have offered it to Several but to no Purpose and have been 
thinking whether it might not be most to your Interest to send it to 
Mr Banbury or to retail it here in small Qtys but then in the latter 


Case it would be a considerable Time in s[elling] it and also subject 
to some Deficiency in measur[ing] might fetch abt 5/6 per gallon 
the present price or [you] might think it proper to let it stay a month 
or 2 longer till Wines become more saleable perhaps it might be 
better. I should be very glad to know your sentiments on either of 
these Proposals & that which you may prefer shall be comply'd with 
by vours &cra 

PS It might not be improper to let me know the lowest Price you 
would have it sold at per the Pipe per the next Opportunity, 

Mr Nathaniel Polhill Savannah May 21 1759 

Sr. I have only Time at present to enclose the within Certificates 
for the Indico and if by consulting your Friends in Chas. Town any 
other more efficacious Means can be fallen on to prevent the loss 
of the Bounty. I shall readily comply with any other method that 
you can prescribe & am Sr. Yrs. &cra. 

Messers. Devonshire Reeve & Lloyd 

orig. by Grey ElUott Savannah May: 22d. 1759 

Gentlemen My last was dated the 27th March which I hope may 
come safe to your Hands and also that you've received the few Lines 
I wrote you under the loth. of Jany. last which contained 2 Drafts 
on London for /90 Sterling which I make no Doubt are paid & 
passed to my Credit. I now enclose you Revd. Mr. Zouberbuhler ist. 
Bill on Ewd. Pearson Esqr. in my Favour together with a Letter 
of Advice dated the ist. Instant For ^50 Sterg. which when paid 
youl place to my Account the remainder [of] the sett will be sent 
you as Opportunities offer. 

I am Gentlemen 

Your very Humble Servant 
T Rasberry 
Mr William Thomson Savannah May the 24 1759 

Sir By this Opportunity of our mutual Friend Mr Grey Elliott I 
hand you the ist. of 4 setts of Bills Exchange on your City amount- 
ing to one hundred three Pounds & three Shillings Sterling which I 
make no Doubt will be duly honour'd and passed to my Credit Vizt 
John M Bolzius first Bill to me on Reverend 

Thomas Broughton dated 28th Ulto £ 3.3.0 

Ditto's do. on do. to me 2d Instant 50.0.0 

Govr. Ellis's do. on John Ellis to Francis 

Harris 2d Instant 30.0.0 

Jos. Ottolenghe's do. to me on revd. Mr 

Browhton nth Inst 20.0.0 

/ 103.0.0 


The Gun Powder you shipt me in per the Harrietta is extreemly 
bad, and am afraid will not sell at any rate some that you sent me 
per the Venus Cecil was of like Quality and am of Opinion that Mr 
Norman has imposed on you by putting up either Decayed Powder 
or such that is not proporly made as the grain of it is immediately 
reduced to a fine Flour by rubbing it in the Hands 

I am Sir 

Your very Humble Servant 
T R 
PS. to the above 

As Mr. Elliott will be with you (I hope) in Time for chartering the 
Vessell I wrote you about the 3d Instant, and in which he is partly 
concerned I make no doubt but your joint Consultation's may tend 
to our mutual Advantage in this Affair. 

Mr Corneilis Cook Per Wm. Little 

Savannah May 25 1759 
Sr. I have sent you the foregoing Articles amounting to ^^ 18. 17.7 
Sterling by Mr Little agreeable to your Order which I wish safe to 
your Hands, the rum & oakum I bought here and am to pay ready 
Money for it therefore must beg youl be punctual in Discharging 
your Account the latter End of the Year 

I am Sir Yours &ca 

Messrs. John & Ulrick Tobler Savannah May 25th 1759 

Gentlemen/ Agreeable to your Letter by the Revd Mr Zubly of 
the 15 Instant I have sent you the foregoing Goods amounting to 
^zjA-^.^Vz Sterling I had only 2 ps. 18 Yard Callicoe left nor could 
I get any here that was suitable or white Rope large enough for 
your Purpose I could only send now 9 Cotton Gowns which I hope 
may be sufficient for the present. I should be glad if you could let 
me have as many Beef Hides as possible this Year if you have not 
engaged them - they are for a Friend of mine a Tanner, who Desires 
me to write you about 'em 

I am Sir &cra &cra 

Mr James Fisher Savannah June 6th. 1759 

I should readily have comply'd with your request of the 31st, Ulto 
but on producing the enclosed Certificate to Mr Spencer he refused 
to endorse it on Account of the Quantity being put down in Figures 
instead of words at length therefore your whole sett is rendered use- 
less until you furnish me with another liable to this Objection, which 
you'l Please to do & I'll Forward 'em by next Oppo. afterwards 


I must beg of you to acquaint the Person that has the Care of 
Messrs. Elliott & Gordon's Store that I have 900 lb. Gun Powder of 
theirs, & that I beg it would be sent for as soon as Possible as I have 
no Conveniency to lodge such a Dangerous Article with Safety 

I am Sir 

Your Most Obedient 
Thos. Rasberry 

Mr Edward Jones (Chas Town) Savannah Georgia June 6th 1759 

Sr. I receiv'd from Mr Fisher 4 Certificates for Indico sent to Chas. 
Town last April, which (at Mr Fishers request) I produced to our 
Collector for his Endorsement, who objected to one of the Certifi- 
cates on Account of the Quantity of Indo. being put Down in 
Figures instead of words and therefore the whole sett is rendered 
useless, as to you until I can get said Certificate replaced by another 
from Sunbury, when this is done I shall enclose them to you per the 
next Opportunity afterwards 

& am Sir 

Yr. &craaa. 
Messrs John & U. Tobler Savannah June 5th. 1759 

Gentlemen Agreeable to your Desire I have settled with John 
Thomas and taking his Bond & Mortgage of a Negroe for / 26.8.3 
Sterling payable the 5th next January with Interest from the Date, 
which includes the Principal & Interest due you on the Ballance of 
his Account to this day together with 40s/ Sterg. the supposed Charges 
of the writ; if its more he is to pay you the Difference if less, you are 
to account with Him for the Overcharge, because we could not see 
Mr Pryce before the Bond was executed 

Robert Hudson has paid ^49 Caro[lina] Currency and promises 
to pay the whole of his Debt in about a fortnight. Mr Pryce has prom- 
ised to write to you soon about Rowland Pritchets Estate he does 
not seem to want any Feas at present. If he had it would have been 
readily paid him by 


Yours &caa 

Mr Francis Arthur Savannah 7th June 1759 

Sir Agreable to your Letter I have delivered to Mr Richardson 32 
qtr. Casks and 8 half qtr Casks Gunpowder making together 900 lb. 
marked ETG for Account of Messrs Elliott & Gordon, which I wish 
safe to your hands and am Sir 

June 1 8th. 1759 
I received your Letter, in respect to the Flour you mention that 
came in Martin. Mr Powell had the Care of it part of which he sent 


per Crawdy & the remainder it seems Robt Carlile now brings you. 
Said Carlile has taken from me a Few Trifles to the amount of 8/11 
Sterling which is to be paid out of the Freight money of this Flour 
& for which please to give me Credit with Messrs. Elliott & Gordon 
I should be much Obliged to you to discharge that small Note we 
have of yours on Account of our late Companfny], as I want very 
much to put an End to those old Affairs. 

I am Sir 

yours &cra &cra 

Messrs. Smith & Nutt Savannah June 19: 1759 

I receiv'd your Favour of the 29th Ulto with the 2 Boxes Cinamon 
& Cloves and offered them to the Sothem Gentlemen you mention, 
but was told by their Interpreter (Mr Nunes) that they had no 
Occasion for Spices but if I could furnish them with more than treble 
the Quantity of blk Pepper they would gladly take it at a good Ad- 
vance. As they are not gone yet I dont return 'em per this Oppor- 
tunity but shall tiy^ if they'l take any part of it on the terms you 
mention. I have herein enclosed you Mr John Smith the 5th & 6th. 
of Messrs. Elliott & Gordons Draft on Wm. Thomson for £So 
SterLg. & am 

Gentlemen yours &cr 

Mr William Banbury Savannah June 20th. 1759 

I acquainted Capt Longstaff the nth Ulto. that I had not then 
disposed of his 4 Pipes Wine that he left in mv hands nor had any 
Prospect of doing any thing with them immediately & therefore di- 
sired his opinion of my sending 'em round to you, but I'me yet with- 
out his answer - its probable he may not be in Ch To. now which is 
the Occasion of mv troubling you with this to have your Advice 
concerning it and if it might be thought best to let it remain here 
a Little longer you'l acquaint me with the lowest Price I may let 
it go at. I think he said it cost him 20 ^^ SterLg per Pipe, but I'me 
afraid it suffered by the Cold in Bringing round here from Ogeechee 
as it came in an open Boat & which the hot weather has not yet suf- 
ficiently recovered 

You'l Please to Favour me with a Line in reply per return of the 
Bearer & You'l Oblige 

Sir Yours &cra &cra 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah June 20th. 1759 

I received your Favour of the 31st Ulto with the Barley, and 
notice the several Conveyances by which mv late eUropian Letters 
are forwarded I have also received out of Talbert one hogshead of 


Rum but he Brought not a Line with it, therefore I dont know the 
Cost of it. I must beg you to send me if readily to be had i Yard of 
Canvas for Needle Work together with about 4 or 5 ounces of Crewels 
in shades well assorted and should also be glad to know what Vessells 
are now with you for euroape & when there may b[e] a probability 
of there time of sailing 

You'l Please to favour me with the Price of Rum per Talbert & 
also your opinion whether there may be any material alteration in 
the Cost of that Article shortly or not. 

Mr Alexander Shaw (at augusta) Savannah June 28th 1759 

I received your Letter of the 19 Inst & agreeable to your desire 

now send you in Mr. Golphin's Boat one Quarter Cask Rum 24/2 
Gallon at 4/8 per Gallon ;^ 5. 14.4 

paid for the Cask 0.3.0 

Should you have occasion for any EUropian Commodities I should 
be glad to supply you on the present Terms ( 1 1 for i ) & am Sir 

Yours &cra 
Messrs John & Ulric Tobler Savannah June 28 

Gentlemen I received your Letter per Mr Hanner & have sent you 
as you Desire all the Articles you mentioned amounting to ^45.12.3 

There's not a ps. of Bristol Strouds in this Town else should have 
sent some instead of these as they come very dear now from London. 
I have settled your Account with John Thomas & taken his Bond & 
Mortgage on his Negroe for / 26.8.3 Sterg payable the 5th. next 
January. Robert Hudson has paid me a Note of Hand of Mr Bryans 
for £^() your Currency & promises to pay the remainder of his 
Debt very shortly. I have spoke to Mr [Pr]yce Concerning Rowland 
Pritchetts affair [and he] promissed to write to you about it. I have 
received the Cag Butter the Beaver & the 2 hides & shall do the best 
I can with them & am Gentlemen 

Yours &cra &cra 

Mr William Thomson Savannah Georgia June 29th. 1759 

Sir The enclosed is Copy of what I wrote you the 24th Ulto per Mr 
Grey Elliott and herein you've the seconds of the Sundry Bills therein 
mentioned amounting to ^^ 103.3.0 Sterling. I have now the pleasure 
to advise you of Capt. Dickenson's safe Arrival in this River by whom 
I am favoured with yours of the 29th March and have received the 
Goods shipt me by him all in good Order and the Amount £ 179.0. 10 
have accordingly carried to your Credit. I notice Dr. Bearcrofts Ob- 


jection to Mr Ottolenghe's Bill of ^T 1 5 and approve of your not pro- 
testing it as none but him and myself were concerned and I hope he'l 
give the Society sufficient Satisfaction to procure its payment. I also 
observe what you say in respect to the Certificates given here for the 
Pay of the Rangers and thank you for this Remark as it will guide 
me in any future Concerns I may have with them. I notice vour mak- 
ing Insurance on my Interest in the Squerries, Mitchell from Charles 
Town at 6 Guineas per Ct to depart with Convoy for England, which 
youl learn She did, and since then I sent a hogshead Deer Skins to 
[Air] John Smith who acquaints me it went in the Harrietta Rains 
included in his Insurance made on that Vessel and its proceeds to be 
carried to my Credit when sold. Mr Grey Elliott will also desire 
you to pass / 129.7.5 sterling to my Credit to answer a like Sum 
I've assumed for him here. I mention this at Mr Elliotts desire who 
I hope you'l have the pleasure of seeing long before this reaches you. 
In mine of the 3d Ulto you was desired to send me out a Vessel of 
about 500 or 550 barrels which if She did not arrive by the 20th. 
February next was to be at my Option to take or refuse. Messrs 
Elliot & Gordon will partly load her and as its probable her Freight 
out may be done on very low Terms I must request you to send me 
the following Articles under Insurance per said Vessell Namely 
800 yards white Edinburghs 
1200 yards brown do. 
1000 years Irish OSnabrig 

500 yards blue ditto - not to exceed yd. per yard 
4 ps. 7/8ths. Irish Linnen at i5d. per yard 

ditto at i8d. per do. 

ditto at 2 id. per do. 

ditto at 2/9 per do. 

yard ditto ati8d. perdo 

ditto at 2 id. per do 

ditto a 2/9 per do. 

ditto a 3/6 per do. ♦ 

9/8 Sheeting - 4 ps. at i id per yd., 2 ps at i4d. per yd. 
Dowlas a 16/ or 16/6 per ps 

[torn] ps. ditto a 18/ or 18/6 

[torn] ps. ditto a 20/ or 21/ 

[torn] ditto a 24 or 25/ 

3 ps. Dowlas at 28/ per ps. 

3 ps. ditto at 30/ 

4 ps. 7/8ths Garlix at i8s./ per ps. 
4 ps ditto at 22 s./ 

4 ps ditto at 26s/ 


4 ps 
4 ps 
2 ps 

4 ps 
4 ps 
2 ps 

2 ps 
6 ps 

3 ps 

4 ps 3/4ths ditto at 18/ 

4 ps ditto at 20/ 

4 ps ditto at 25/ 

8 ps. manchester blue striped cotton Hollands at or under i4d. per 

4 ps ditto red striped ditto at Do 

Please to let the above Stripes be pretty broad and if theres 
any to be had for less than i4d per yd. it will best suit me 

6 ps 7/8 cotton Checks at 13d or 14 d per Ell 

4 ps. ditto i5d. do. 

2 ps ditto i6d do. 

6 ps yard ditto at 13 or i4d per Ell 

4 ps. ditto at i6d. do 

2 ps ditto at 2od. do 

let none of the above Checks have any red or yellow in them 
16 blue & white striped cotton Gowns - vizt 

8 of which are 8/3 each and 8 ditto at 9/6 ea. 
8 red & white striped ditto - 4 at each of the above Prices 

youl please to take Care that the Stripes of all the above 24 

Gowns run the length way of the Cloth 
12 narrow Hollands about 8/6 each 
12 ps. cotton Romall Handkerchiefs at 10/9 per ps 
I ps holland long Lawn at 52/ per ps 

I ps ditto at 60/ 

I ps ditto at 72/ 

3 ps, clear Lawn sorted from about 45/ to 55/ per ps. 
I ps. flowered ditto about 4/6 per yard 

1 ps. spotted ditto about 5/ per yd. 

2 ps. plain India Dimmitty 12 yds each - about 35s. per ps 
6 ps. 18 yard Callicoes, at or about 26s. per ps. 

6 ps ditto about 30/ per ps 

let all the above Callicoes have white Grounds with large 

showy Flowers 
6 ps. dark ground Callicoes about 16/ per ps 
6 ps. ditto about 28 per ps 

6 ps. ditto at 20/ 

6 ps. Chints 5 Colours at 20/ or 21s each 
6 ps. ditto at 22/6 each 

6 ps. full Chints at 26/ ea. 
6 ps. ditto India Chints say 40/ at 40/. each 
2 ps. purple & white birds eye printed Linnen about 17 yards each 

at 2od. per yard 
16 ps. ditto double china blue of 8-3/4 ^^ 9 yards each at 2 2d per yard 


1 ps. english printed Cotton Chints pattern about 28 yds. about 4/ 

per yard 
4 ps. fine printed India dimmitty Chints - 2 Gowns each at 60/ per ps 
All the foregoing (except the 18 yard Callicoes) are Patterns for 
Womens Gowns and as a great deal depends on the livelyness of their 
Colours and handsomeness of their Patterns I shoud be greatly obliged 
to you to get any Gentlewoman of your Asquaintance to chuse them 
before they are put up 
6 flanders Bed Ticks about i6s/ each 
4 10/4 ditto better 
6 ps. brown Roles 
4 ps. flaxen rushia Linnen for Towells or about 100 Ells at 4-3/4d 

or 5d. per Ell 
8 doz. blue & white paste work Handkerchiefs at 12/9 per doz 
8 doz blue & white spotted ditto at 1 2/ per doz 

6 doz cherriderry or silk & cotton ditto 

2 doz silk culgee Handkerchiefs at 25/ per doz 
2 doz ditto at 30/ per doz 

2 doz ditto at 40/ per doz 

2 doz mens striped single silk Caps 

1 doz. mens knit worsted Breeches Patterns 

let 6 pr. of them be buff coloured, 4 prs black, 2 prs scarlet 
please to send a few buff coloured Buttons with the above 

2 ps diaper napkinning UidHng Quality 
2 ps damask ditto J 

6 cotton Counterpins for Beds sorted 

6 check Matrasses stuffed with hair of 2 Sizes 

2 doz womens coloured silk Mittens at 42s/ per doz - send none black 

I doz womens white cotton Mittens at 1 8s. per doz C 

I doz dittos ditto at 22s. per doz s opened armd 

1 doz girls ditto at 12 or 13/ per doz I. 

2 doz mens cotton Caps about 8 or 9s per dozen 

2 doz ditto striped about same price 

3 doz. mens knitt cotton Stockings a good sort 

6 doz ditto's knitt white thread ditto about 45s per doz 

3 doz dos ditto about 40/ per doz 

2 doz dos wove ditto about 35/ per doz 

2 doz dos ditto about 30/ per doz 

2 doz dos knitt brown thread ditto about 30/ per doz 

2 doz dos wove ditto about 24/ per dz. 

2 doz. womens white cotton Stockings a good sort 


2 doz dos thread ditto about 25/ per doz 

2 doz dos ditto about 22/ per doz 

2 doz boys thread Stockings for boys of 12 years old 

2 doz ditto for girls of same Age 

12 lb. OSnabrig Thread about i8d per Lb. 

12 lb. ditto in half pounds about i5d. 

12 lb. different coloured Thread at 2/6 per lb 

6 lb. fine blue ditto same price 

4 lb. whited brown ditto at 2/2 per Lb. 

2 lb. stitching Thread at 3/ per Lb. 

2 lb. ditto at 3/8 per Lb. 

2 lb. scots ounce Thread at 6/ 

2 lb, ditto at 10/ 

I lb. ditto at 15/ 

1 lb. ditto at 20/ 
Yz doz dresden Tape for mens Stocks 

2 doz narrower ditto for wristbands 
1 2 doz dutch Pretties 
2 lb. Crewells in Shades - well shaded 
6 groce shirt mold Buttons at i8d or iQd per groce 
4 groce flatt do. for linnen Waistcoats about 2 id. per gro 
4 groce do smaller 
I groce white narrow 4d Ribbon 
I groce red ditto 
I groce blue ditto 

1 groce green ditto 
24 doz figured Ribbons at 6/ per doz 

2 ps. white sattin ditto 
2 ps. black ditto 

2 ps. black lod. double Ribbon 

2 ps single ditto 

2 ps white double ditto 

2 ps. single ditto 

2 ps. double purple ditto 

2 ps. scarlet in grain ditto 

2 ps. straw coloured ditto 

2 ps. deep blue ditto 

I ps. blue sattin ditto 

4 Fans at 4/ each 

4 ditto at 5/ ea 

4 ditto at 7 or 7/6 each 

Please to order the above Fans to be chiefly Landscapes as 

the India Mounts are not well liked here 


^ about 1 6s. per groce 

4 doz youths felt Hatts about 10/ or 12s/ per dozn. 

6 doz mens ditto at 14/per doz 

4 doz dos ditto at 24/ per doz 

4 doz dos ditto at 5/ each 

I doz dos ditto at 7/6 each 

1 doz dos ditto at 10/ each 

1 doz dos ditto at 12/ each 

2 doz Womens black horse hair Hatts 
4 doz Womens coarse straw Hatts 

4 doz somewhat finer 

2 doz girls ditto 

3 doz mens single channel Pumps about 

2 doz womens stuff damask ditto abo[ut] 

let one doz of these be round Toes and none black 

I ps. liffht brown Sagathies I . 

ui J-* Kor mens wear 

I ps. blue ditto j 

I ps. blue double Allopeen 1 , ,. 

^ ,. ^ ^ yt or ditto 

I ps. green ditto J 

I ps. blue single ditto 30 yds 1 , , . . 

1 ps. green ditto 30 do. f «^ ^ineings 

Please to send a Proportion of Buttons & other Trimmings 
suitable for the above 

2 ps. dark brown Jeans about 50s. per ps 

I ps. light coloured plain Fustian about 34s. per ps 

I ps. light coloured figured ditto about same price 

I ps. brown Thicksetts of a midling quality 

6 Reams fools cap Paper at 1 2/ per Ream 

6 Reams common ditto at 8/ or 8/6 per do 

I doz Slates at 4/6 per doz 

1 doz ditto larger at 8/ or 8/6 per doz 

3 groce Slate Pencils at 2/6 or 3/ per groce 
6 doz Ink Powders at 3/6 or 4/ per doz 

6 Lead Ink Stands with Glasses at i5d. or i6d each 

2 doz new Testaments at i is/ per dozen 

1 doz Bibles at 2/6 each 

2 doz dyches spelling Books at 7s. per doz 

4 doz gilt leather Letter Cases or pocket Books abt. 7s per doz 
2 doz marble covered blank Books at 12/ per doz 

2 doz. Childrens writing Books with Copies engraved on the head of 

each Page 
4 doz Tin pudding Pans at 10/ per doz 

2 doz larger ditto at 12s. per doz 


8 doz tin quart Potts 2 doz qt tin black Jacks 

4 doz pint ditto 

4 doz Yz pint ditto 

I doz tin Tea Kettles about 2/6 each 

I doz smaller ditto 2/ each 

1 doz smaller ditto 1/4 each 

2 doz tin Coffee Potts - 2 Sizes 

I doz 5 pint Boilers about 1/4 each 

1 doz 3 pint ditto about 1/ each 

2 doz I lb. Cannisters 5/ per doz 

1 doz 2 lb. ditto 10/ per doz 
4 Nests tin Kettles 

8 large Tin Kitchens or Ovens with 2 Grates about 9s. each 
4 smaller ditto about 5/ each 

6 doz. 3 quart pewter Basons 
4 doz. 2 quart ditto 

2 doz I quart ditto 

3 doz quart pewter Porrengers 
3 doz. pint ditto 

3 pewter Cullenders at 6/ each 

3 ditto at 7s 

2 doz felling Axes at 30/ per doz 

6 doz Broad Hoes at 15/6 per doz 

4 doz ditto better about 18/ or 20s. per doz 
2 doz narrow Hoes 

2 doz quart long handle Iron Skilletts 

2 doz pint ditto 

2 doz Curry Combs - & i doz brushes for ditto 

1 doz socket Spades handled about 34 or 35/ per doz 

2 . . o . . o frying Pans sorted 

2 . . o . . o Iron Potts - large Sizes 
50 lb. dutch Shoe Thread 

6 doz. skains Spinnell 
4 m.good gun Flints 

30 m. 2od Nails, 20 m. of which in bags of 2 m. each 
20 m. lod ditto, 10 m. of which in bags of 2 m each 
20 m. 6d ditto, 12 m. of which in bags of 4 m. ea. 
50 m. 5d ditto, 30 m. of which in bags of 6 m. each 
50 m. 4d ditto, 30 m. of which in bags of 6 m. each 
1 8 Grindstones Sorted chiefly midhng Sizes 

3 doz rub Stones for Carpenters 
28 lb Glew 

6 doz rag Stones 


2 doz X garnet Hinges at 4/6 per doz 

2 doz ditto at d/d per doz 

3 doz Hinges with hooks at 4/6 per doz 

3 doz ditto at 6/6 per doz 

6 doz rice Sickles at 4/6 per doz 

6 whites Hand saws at 7/6 each 

[torn] doz. Carpenters Claw Hammers at 8/ per doz^ 

[torn] doz ditto at 13/ per doz j* with solid Cheeks 

[torn] doz ditto at 15/ per doz J 

6 doz plane Irons sorted 

2 doz split handle Table Knives & Forks at 3S/9 per doz 

2 doz ditto at 3/6 per doz 

2 doz ditto at 4/ per doz 

2 doz ditto at 5/ per doz 

4 doz bath handle Penknives at 2/6 per doz 

6 doz enamelled handle do at 2/8 per doz 

6 doz buck handle do at 3/6 per doz 

4 doz ditto with Seals at 4/ per doz 

4 doz. very good Penknives at 10/ or 12s. per doz 

6 doz stag cuttoe Knives at 3/6 per doz 

6 doz ditto at 4/ 

6 doz ditto at 4/6 per doz 

6 doz ditto at 5/ per doz 

4 doz mens white shoe Buckells at 4/4 per doz 

4 doz dittos. ditto at 5/ per doz 

4 doz neat womens ditto at 5/ per doz 

4 doz mens wrought yellow ditto at 6/ per doz 

4 doz dittos white ditto at 6/ per doz 

4 doz. mens neat wrought pinchbeck at 9s. per doz 

2 groce horn Combs at 12s/ per gro 

2 groce ditto at 14/ or 15/ per gro 

3 doz Ivory Combs at 6/ say 3 doz 
3 doz ditto at 7/ say 3 doz 

3 doz Spectacles in Cases at 6/ per doz 

3 doz ditto better at 9/ per doz 

2 doz Japannd Snuff Boxes at 4s./ per doz 

2 doz ditto at 5/ per doz 

2 doz ditto at 6/ per doz 

2 doz ditto at 8/ per doz 

2 doz burning Glasses at 4/ per doz 

2 doz ditto at 6/ per doz 

2 doz Horse Fleams about 7s. per doz 

6 m. sorted Needles 


4 doz steel Taylors Thimbles 

2 doz womens silver ditto with steel Tops 
6 m. perch fish Hooks at 4/ 

6 m. ditto larger at 5/ 

6 m. mackerel ditto at 6/ 

6 double groce flat white mettal Buttons at 4/6 per doub. gro 

6 single groce Jacket ditto at 2 id. per gro. 

I double groce wrought yellow mettal Buttons on Ivory moulds & 

Shanks at i8s. per double gro 

I double groce wrought white mettal ditto at same price 

1 double groce neat wrought yellow ditto at 21s./ per dble gro 
8 Powder Flasks at 2/6 ea. 

4 ditto with rising Charger at 3/6 each 

4 dozen 3 gallon stone Bottles 
4 dozen 2 gallon ditto 
4 dozen i gallon ditto 

3 dozn. milk Pans about 7s. per doz 

3 dozn smaller ditto about 5s. per doz 

2 doz blue & white stone chamber Potts 
2 doz do quart Mugs 

2 doz do pint ditto 

24 doz pair blue & White Cups & Saucers 

2 doz gallon blue & white Bowls 

4 doz 3 quart blue & white Bowls 
8 doz 2 quart ditto 

8 doz 3 pint ditto 

[torn] doz quart ditto 

[torn] pint ditto 

8 doz half pint ditto 

large Corks for the Bottles 

4 doz white stone Plates flowered or scollopt 

4 doz ditto plain 

1 doz Dishes sorted to suit the above 

2 doz mens yellow wash leather Gloves - pretty good 

2 doz dittos buck skin ditto - not stiff Tops 

2 doz womens sattin Leather Mittens ] ,.rr r> 1 

J J. ^, ^different Colours 

I doz dittos Gloves J 

4 2 qt. china Bowls about 5/ each 

4 3 pt. ditto about 3/6 each 

4 quart ditto about 3/ each 

4 pint ditto about 1/6 each 


4 doz china Cups & Saucers about 4d. each 
2 doz ditto better about 6d. each 

let none of the Cups & Saucers be either ScoUopt or ribbed 

but plain 
6 doz hemp fish Lines a 2/6 per doz 

1 2 doz. hemp fish Lines 33/ per doz 

12 doz ditto a 5/ per doz 

12 doz ditto a 7 per doz 

6 doz cotton Lines or chalk Lines at 10/ per doz 
6 doz hambro Lines at 14/ per dozen 

2 . . o . . o 2 or 2 '4 Inch white Rope 

2 . . o . . o 3 Inch tarr'd Ditto 

6 mens hunting Saddles about 16/ each 

400 lb. F Gunpowder in 1/4 and 1/8 barrels 

5 . . o . . o Trading Balls 

1 . . o . . o Musquet Balls 
5 . . o . . o bird Shot 

5 . . o . . o duck ditto 

3 . . o . . o bristol ditto 

2 . . o . . o small swan or Goose Shot 

6 Ell wide netted Umbrelloes about los. each 
6 copper Tea Kettles, pretty large 

6 ditto smaller 

6 ditto smaller 

2 doz brass key Cocks at 1 8s/ per doz 

2 doz common ditto at 1 7s. 
200 lb. black Pepper - say 200 lb 

4 lb Cinnamon 
6 lb. Nutmegs 

I Chest bohea Tea about 300 lb 

3 doz bottles durham flour Mustard 
50 lb. common Starch 

50 lb. pearl Barley 

1 2 lb. fig blue in small Figs 

I . . o . . o Allom 

1 Chest florence Oyl 

about 20 gallons Lin Seed Oyl in Jugs 2 galls each 
6 doz. barrels Lampblack 

2 . . o . . o good Cheshire Cheese 
2 . . o . . o good gloster ditto 

6 half hogsheads good London Porter in Iron bound Casks 
200 lb. Saffron cut Tobacco in i/4th and 1/2 pounds 
50 Ib.Westons pigtail ditto 


3 doz. bottles good scots Snuff 

2 doz 5 bushel Meal Sacks at 2/4 same as you sent by the Harrietta 

4 pair girls Stays for girls of 12 or 14 years old 
4 pair ditto for girls of 10 years old 
4 pair ditto yet smaller 

6 womens black silk Bonnetts same make as those you sent me per the 


I woud have these Stays of a midling Quality and particular 

Charge must be given that the Backs must not be made of 

any kind of Woollen Stuff but rather of Fustian 
[torn] ps. brown Pomerania Linnen about 140 Ells at 8d per Ell 
[torn] brown Holland for mens Jacketts 

[torn] [wo] mens coarse Lawn Handkerchiefs with striped border 
[torn] ditto of a midling Quality 
[torn] somewhat deeper in the Neck 

notwithstanding I desire in the beginning of this Letter that 
the whole of the Articles before mentioned shoud come out in the 
Vessel I'me expecting youl send me, yet upon second Thoughts Ime 
of Opinion in order to prevent a total Disappointment it woud be 
better to have the Order divided as near as can be done with Con- 
veniency & ship't me on two Bottoms except the following which may 
come out wholly in the chartered Ship - Namely 

The Stationary; Tin Ware; Pewter, Ironmongery; Saddles; 

Chest Tea; AUom; Cheese; Beer; Stone & earthen Ware and 

but in case you shoud not be able to meet with a suitable Vessel to 
send me and no other shoud offer directly for this Port I woud have 
the following intirely omitted until one does offer as the Freight 
of such Articles from Charlestown here is heavy Namely - 

Earthen & Stone Ware, Saddles, Cheese Beer Linseed Oyl, 

Lampblack and Grindstones. 
Some mistake was made in the Handkerchiefs per Dickenson which 
prove to be all black Gauze instead of India Silk ones as ordered and 
the Cherriderry Handkerchief was not sent. Youl observe that I've 
affixed the Prices to most of the foregoing Articles but I don't mean 
[tha]t you shou'd strictly confine yourself to those ide[al] Prices but 
come as near them as possible. Mr Ottolenghe desires me to pay five 
Pounds Sterling to the revd Mr Thomas Broughton in London which 
I must beg you to do when he calls on you for that Purpose and 
charge my Account therewith. I expect very shortly to be able to 
make you a pretty large Remittance in Bills &ca. on London but 
cannot at present ascertain the Sum. youl have learnt that your Rela- 
tion Mr Talfier arrived safe in Capt Dickenson and delivered me 


your Favour of the [blank] in reply to which I can only assure you 
that it will be a pleasure to me to be anyways serviceable to him here. 

I am Sir 

Yr. most hble Servant 
T. R. 
P S The work of the mens channel Pumps are much complained off 
as the Stitching on the Soles soon give way and is occasioned as we 
suppose by the Threads being too small for the Aul Hole & youl 
please to let the Tea Kettles be filled with quart Bottle Corks and 
send also Tw^o groce large Corks for the stone Bottles now wrote for. 
The Irish Linnens you sent me last were packed in a Bale and re- 
ceived a considerable Damage by salt Water, I must therefore desire 
for the future that all fine white Linnens may come out in Trunks. 

Please to give Directions that the purple & white printed Linnens 
may be birds Eye not ScoUopt or Shel'd work as they are not liked 
[Linn] ens may come out in French Plase [Please ?] to Give 

Mr. William ButLer Savannah July 14th. 1759 

Sir I have supply'd your Overseer Mr Gould with sundry Goods 
agreeable to your Order to the Amount of £6.2.() StLn. & under- 
neath you have the Account of the Articles I now send you for your 
own Use amounting to jCS.ii.ioY^ StLn. the BarreL of Flour I 
bought of Wood & Sheftal but I cannot meet with any milk Bread 
or Melasses I could have sent you a Cask of Water Bread but I was 
afraid it might not suit 

I have no Claret nor is there any in Town (as I can Learn) except 
at the Taverns which I am told comes Dear & is not very Good the 
Articles I now send you for your own Use are 

I ps. Irish Osnabrigs 83 yard a S'/zd. 

I ps. Cotton Romalls 

I ps. % Garlix 

1 groce Corks 
4 mens Hatts a 1/9 

2 ditto a 2s/ 

3 small Iron Potts at 1/9 

2 Potts somewhat Larger of M & H. a 3/9 ea 
I Barl. Flour of Wood & Sheftall 212 lb. 
Nt. a 13 




1. 12.2 





/ 6.6.2 /z 




I have Delivered your Overseer a Seperate Bill Parcell of the things 
for himself. 
PS to the above 

I have not paid any Cash for any Thing bought for you but expect 
to be accountable for them vi^hen I settle my own Books the ist. next 

To Mr Josiah Smith Junr per Drummond 

Savannah July 14th. 1759 
Sir I received your Letter of the 28th Ulto. & Notice the Cost of 
Rum per Talbert as also your Opinion of the Price it may bear with 
you soon for which I thank you I have deliver'd the Bearer Capt 
Talbert tied in a Canvas Bag 

229 Dollars a 31/st 3 54' J 9 

lYz ditto 0.15.6 

I half Bitt for 0.0.6 


Say three Hundred fifty five Pounds fifteen Shillings your Currency 
which I must beg of you to receive from him & pay the same to 
Messrs. Austin & Laurens for the account of the Revd Mr B Zouber- 
buhler our Minister taking their Receipt for said sum which youl 
please to transmit to me & youl please also to explain this payment 
to 'em as follows Vizt - 

/350 is on account of a Bond they have of said Mr Zouberbuhler's 
& the remaining £$-^5 answers for a Defective Pistole they retumd 
him sometime since I have enclosed you three Letters for Mr Thomson 
which I must request you to forward two of 'em by the first 2 Ves- 
sells that offers from Charles Town to any Port of Great Brittain 
& one to New York to go by the Pacquet these Lres ought to have 
been sent sometime agoe & I therefore beg of you not to omit send- 
ing 'em by the first opportunities. By the return of Talbert or Drum- 
mond (who will be with you shortly) please to send me 2 HHds. Rum 
& 2 barrells Tarr & be so Kind as to receive from the Bearrer [a] 
bundle of Beaver skins the Property of Mr Tobler of new Windsor 
who Desires me to send them to Charles To. for Sale [and] what 
ever they produce youl account with me for it I Should be glad to 
receive my Acct Current & am 

Yours &ca &ca 

Mr Isaac Brabant Savannah July 20th 1759 

I have sent you by the Bearer Mr Feolman the Barrel of Sugar 


I bought for you at the Prize Sales, for which I have Charged your 
Account as under. 

I barrel Sugar wt 252 


227 lb Wt at 28/6 3.4.8/2 



Your Account has Credit for the Money you sent me. 


P.S. to Josiah Smith 14 July 1759 

I had almost forgot to request you to send me a ble Turpentine 
which please not to omit as its much wanted if theres any Difference 
in the Size of the Barrels a small one would be most suitable. 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah August ist. 1759 

Sir I have Answered a Debt here for the Bearer (Mr Dowdy) 
amounting to sixty three Pounds fifteen Shillings & two Pence 
(£^3-^5'^) So. Carolina Currency which he has promissed to pay 
into your Hands for my Account you'l Please there fore to receive 
this Sum from Him & therewith Credit me I shortly expect your 
reply to mine per Drummond 

& am Sir 

Your Most Obedient 

Mr Bolzius Savannah Augt. loth 1759 

I shall carefully forward your two Pacquets for Mr Ziegenhagen 
(which came with your Letter of the i6th. Ins) in the manner you 
Desire, tho by what I can learn theres now no Vessel expected to go 
from Chas. Town for Europe at present however I shall send one 
of said Pacquet's there directly in Or[der] to embrace the first op- 
portunity from thence the other w[illl go directly in Capt. Sommer- 
ville's Vessel [which is] just [ready to] move Dow[n the rjiver & 
you may be assured of a very particular Charge being given with each 
of them by 


Your's &cr 

William De Brahm Esqr Sav. Aug. loth. 1759 

Your 2 Chas. Town Letters shall be carefully forwarded by first 
opportunity. As to Indico Seed I cannot at [p] resent say any thing 
too as I imagine there will not be a [v]ery great Demand for it. but 


however if any enquiry shod, be made about it, I'll give you the 
earliest Notice, & will if agreeable to you put up an Advertisement 
here in Order [to] try if it may be wanted by any of our Planters 

& remain Sir Yours 

John & Ubrick Tobler (per Mr Rae's Boat) 

Savannah Aug. 14th. 1759 
Mr. Galphin's Patroon did not call on me [o]n his Return from 
Charles Town else I should have sent you the following Articles by 
him which I hope you'l safely receive from Mr Rae's Boat by whom 
I now send them Namely - 

2 ps. Scots OSnabrig 116 


234 Yds a 5-5/8d 

5.9.8 K 

Advance 50 per Ct 

2. 14.10 

2 dz Tab Knives & Forks 


paid for 10 lb Allspice 


I cannot get you any upper Leather at Present & a Tanner that 
promissed me some sole Leather has disappointed me but if it may 
not be too late when a Boat comes down 111 get you the Quantity- 

The Strouds last sent were from London which are now very 
high but as on that Account they may not so well suit you I shall 
readily take of the finishing Charg[e] from them I have received 
the Beaver by Mr [bottom of page torn off] & 2 hides the last [torn 
off] at any rate I've therefore sent it to Cha[rles] Town & shall 
Credit your Account with the Proceeds when known You'l find 
enclosed a Letter that I lately received & which came in Capt Ball 

I am &ca 
T. R. 

William Debrahm Esqr Savannah Aug 15. 1759 

Sir I hope you've received the few Lines I wrote you the loth. 
Instant in Answer to your Favour concerning Indico Seed this comes 
by Mr Wertch to whom I have delivered your Cag containing 3-7/8 
gallons Rum - the Padlock belonging to the Cag was shut by Mis- 
chance and as I had not the Key I could not affix it on the Cag I 


have therefore delivered the Lock into the Care of Mr. Wertsch 
and Remain Sir 

Your hhble Servt. 

T R 

P.S. As Mr Wertsch takes the Rum into his Care I apprehend it may- 
be very Safe 

Mr. Josiah Smith Savan. Augst. 20. 1759 

I received your Letter of the 2d. Instant per Drummond enclosing 
a Receipt of Messrs Austin & Laurens for ;^ 355. 15/ your Money paid 
them for Account [o]f the revd Mr. Zouberbuhler & also my Account 
current [bjrought up to the 30th. last June exclusive which I have 
[n]ot yet examined but shall soon & my next will acquaint [y]ou if free 
of Error by the same opportunity (of Drummond) [I] have received 
the 2 hhds. Rum together with the Tarr [and] Turpentine. I notice 
the Cost & the same will be placed [to] your Credit against ^^ 13 5. 12.6 
which you say is the [p]roceeds of the Beaver sent you the 14th. 
ulto. [I ob] serve the Conveyances of My last letters for London & 
[torn off] you'l find 2 small Pacquets directed to revd [Ziegenha]gen 
which I must [bottom of page torn off] 

To Devonshire Reeve & Lloyd - Bristol 

Original per the Brig Ellis - Capt. Howard 

Savannah Georgia August 25th. 1759 

Gentlemen The foregoing is first Copy of what I wrote you the 
2 2d May last which I now Confirm, and herein you have the second 
of Mr Zouberbuhlers Draft of the ist. May for ;^5o; This also serves 
to hand you the first of another Draft of said Mr Zouberbuhlers on 
Benjamin Martin Esqr payable to me and dated the 2d Ulto, for ^^50 
Sterling, which I make no doubt of Meeting due honour & being 
placed to my Credit Mr Marty n is already (as Mr Zouberbuhler 
acquaints me) advised of this Draft therefore there's no Letter of 
Advice with it as you'l perceive by the Tenor of the Bill. I wrote you 
a few Lines the 27th last March which I hope safely reached you and 
wherein you were desired to send me out a few Articles which I 
make no Doubt you've complied with & the Goods now near at 
Hand, but as I find I shall have occasion for another supply from 
your City Shortly I must beg you to ship the undermentioned by the 
earliest Conveyance that may offer for Charles Town So Carolina 
under Insurance Namely - 

30m 2od Nails 

30m lod ditto 


& Youl please to order the Nails (i.e) 20m. of each to be made up in 
bags of 2m & the rest loose in the Casks 

50 groce short Pipes (or hunters) in small boxes 

2 . . o . . o white lead ground in oyl in small kegs 

3 . . o . . o dry spannish Brown 

3 . . o . . o Lead in small Ingotts for Casting into Bullets &cra 

1 ps blue Strouds worm'd thus [design drawn in manuscript] 

4 ps. ditto Do thus [design drawn in manuscript] 
4 ps. ditto Ditto thus [design drawn in manuscript] 
6 ps. red Strouds 2 ps of each to be wormed the same as the 


2 Boxes Window Glass or 400 feet (best Window Glass) in 

Squares of 9 by 11 
2 Boxes ditto same Quantity 8 by 10 
Youl please to consign the foregoing goods to the Care of Mr. Jos. 
Smith Junr. Merchant in Chas To. unless any opportunity offers 
for this province which would be most acceptable. I hope to be 
favoured with a Li[ne] from you shortly as none of yours [h]as come 
to my hands except that by Captain Forten 

I am Sir's 
Your humble Servant 
Thos. Rasberry 
PS please to Mark the packages T R 

To Mr William Thomson - London 

Original per the Brig Ellis - Capt. Howard 

Savannah August 28th. 1759 
I wrote you the 29th June last pr. Sundry Conveyances from 
Charles Town, but as another opportunity immediately offers from 
this Port for London (By the Brig Ellis Capt Howard) I have here 
enclosed you another Copy of what I then wrote you, and make 
no doubt of your ready Compliance with its Contents, but as I've 
therein given you some reason to expect a pretty large remittance 
in Bills on your City by this time, it will be necessary to acquaint 
you that it cannot be done by this Conveyance as the public Accounts 
of the silk Culture for this year and that of our Scout Boat are not 
yet adjusted (these are both payable by Mr. Martyn) and will with 
some other Private Bills that I expect to have very shortly amount 
to somewhat considerable at least to ^{^400 and upwards, and which 
you may depend on receiving by the ist. opportunities that may offer 
from Charles Town after I have them delivered me, at present I can 
only furnish you with the ist of the 2 following Drafts both on Mr 
Martyn amounting to one Hundred & twenty five Pounds Stg. Namely 


William De Brahm's first Bill on Benjamin Martyn 
Esqr in my favour dated the 4th Instant for 75.0.0 

Governor Ellis's first Bill on said Mr. Martyn 
to me dated the 4th. last Month for 50.0.0 

X^ 125.0.0 
Which said Bills I make no doubt will meet with due honour and 
passed to my Credit when paid. In reperusing the Copy of My letter 
of the 29th June last I find that I was short in some Articles and in- 
tirely omitted others that I shall have occasion for the coming Spring, 
and as I have reason to hope this may reach you before you have 
prepared the sundry Articles comprized in my said Lre of the 29th 
June last for shipping, I must beg you to add to said order the follow- 
ing under Insurance - Namely 

2 brazil or wainscot square Coffee Mills with Draws about 4/ each 

3 steel ditto about 4/8 each 
3 ditto about '^f/d each 

3 ditto about 6/6 each 
NB these steel mills are intended for such as are used by your 
Retail Grocers &ca for grinding Coffee Pepper &ca & are 
fixed on a post to the end of their Counters 

6 nests red gilt Trunks 8 in a Nest about 16 or 17/ per Nest or under 

4 doz Cow Bells about 10/ per doz 

I doz Carpenters broad Axes 3/ each 

I doz larger ditto about 3/9 each 

I doz Coopers broad Axes 

I doz ditto's Adzes 

I doz ditto's Jointer Irons 

1 doz ditto's round Shaves 

1 doz ditto's spoke Shaves 

2 doz womens shoe lasts 
2 doz girls ditto 

2 doz Mens ditto ) Chiefly duck Bills & 

I doz boys ditto ) sorted midling sizes 

12m. Tacks about lo'/zd per 1000 

12m. ditto about 8d. per 1000 

12 doz Scots linnen Handkerchief about 6/9 per doz 

8 doz ditto about 8/6 per doz 

6 doz narrow Holland Tapes at 4/6 or 4/10 per doz 

I ps. blue 6d. Ribbon 

I ps. red ditto. 


I ps. green ditto 
I ps. Yellow ditto 
I ps white ditto 

1 ps. purple ditto 

2 ps. purple & white birds Eye printed Linnen (more) about 17 yds. 

each ps. & you'l please to give directions that the pattern may be 
Birds Eye agreeable to what I've observed on this head in the 
enclosed Copy 
6 ps Nankeens if to be had at 6 or 6/6 per ps if not send none 
2 dozen Shoe knives sorted 

I Fowling Piece not to exceed 3 feet 6 Inches length of the Barrel 
plain Walnut Stock with plain brass Mounting a whale bone rammer 
and one of the newest fashion waterpan bridle Locks NB this Piece 
must be warranted to throw its load of swan shott into the Circum- 
ference of a rum Puncheon head at 80 yards distance If such a gun 
can be had that will answer this discription particularly in respect 
to the Carriage of the shott, the Cost will not be regarded & no other 
piece but one that will perform this will do & youl please to send 
with it a Mold for the swan Shott that the said barrel will carry such 
a distance I'me also desired by one of our SilverSmith's to get him 
one dozen pr. of good steel Chapes & Tongues for Buckels to answer 
the pattern here enclosed (i.e.) one doz pr. of each Size which please 
to send me I have nothing more to add at present but am 

Sir Yours &cra 

Original per the Brig Ellis - Howard - London 
Samuel Lloyd Esqr. London per the Brig Ellis 

Savannah August 29. 1759 
Your favour of the i6th last March per the Medway Capt Dick- 
enson I have received together with the Goods Shipt me by him 
amounting to ^315.11.7 all in good order and on which I shall now 
make a few remarks. I apprehend there must have been some great 
mistake made by your Grocer in the Cost of the Loaf Sugar as its 
Charged in your Invoice at 86/ per lb. Whereas some that came out 
at the same Time to another house here cost 10/ & 12s/ per lb. less 
nor can I find any mention you make of the Bounty allowed on this 
Article, which you know is considerable and if not obtained must 
yet greatly enhance its Cost. We are also doubtfull whether the 
wrought Silks may not be intitled to some Bounty or Drawback as 
some of them appear to be of foreign Manufacture, If they are we 
make no doubt but you have given me Credit for it tho' unnoticed 
in your Invoice or Letter. Your Tin Man sent 3 of the large Tin tea 
kettles short & i small Canister but this as its trifling would not have 


been observed had nother objection occurred The next Article that 
offers any remark upon is your reserving the company's Discount 
on the Tea in lieu of^your charging Interest on the purchase Money 
this (tho the difference may be trifling) we are of opinion is too nice 
a distinction & somewhat unnecessary when we observe that the 
Ballance due you the 19th April 1758 was only / 257. 18.9 & that be- 
fore we received the Account Current w'ere this Ballance was struck, 
we had remitted you in Bills of Exchange to the amount of £2$! be- 
sides the Mary Anne's Consignment. We have yet another objection to 
make & that is your yet omitting to give my Account Credit for the 
20/ sola Bills lost in Capt Thomson, length of time has now rendered 
it very improble they should ever appear & even should they ever 
come to light hereafter its doubtfull whether they can be legally 
paid to another person but me or my order but however we are 
willing to put this affair on the most equitable footing and in order 
to obviate any doubts that may yet occur to you in your passing them 
to my Credit we hereby promise that if you think proper to do it 
& they may hereafter be tender'd & paid again we will freely return 
you their Amount 

You have here inclosed a Certificate to cancel your Bond for the 
Tea received per Dickenson & having nothing more particular to add 
I beg Leave to subscribe for Mr Russell & Self 

Sir Yours 

T Rasberry 

Mr. William Thomson Savannah Georgia September 7th. 1759 

Sir The enclosed is Copy of what I wrote you the 28th. Ulto. which 
I now confirm, and herein you have the seconds of the two Setts 
Bills therein mentioned on Mr. Martyn. This also serves to hand you 
the first of another Draft on your City, Namely, John Milledges 
first Bill on the Pay Master General of his Majesty's Forces payable 
to Thomas Rasberry & Co. and dated the 25th. May last for forty 
five Pounds sterling which you'l place to my Credit when paid. I'me 
informed that the Service for which this BiU is drawn is now provided 
for therefore I hope it will meet with no Difficulty in being duely 
honoured, and you'l please to notice any Deductions that may be 
made at the Pay Office for Fees. I must beg you to add to the en- 
closed Order 56 lb. brown Sugar Candy & I have only at present to 
repeat that as soon as I obtain the other Bills on your City I shall 
embrace the very first Opportunities of remitting them and am Sr. 

Your most obedient Servant 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah Septemr 4th. 1759 

Sir I wrote you the 20th Ulto per Talbert & sent you per him 


another bundle of Mr Toblers Beaver containing 49 Skins which I 
hope came safe to hand. I have now examined the Account Current 
you sent me and found it to be right, only you've omitted to charge 
me with the 2^ £ you sent me in our paper Currency some time 
agoe which you'l please now to do. I also perceive a small omission 
of 4s/ Sterg. on the Credit Side, which was paid for the Carriage of 
Mr Scots Beer back to Charles Town tho' I believe this was never 
Noticed before. I have no other remark to make on the Account and 
when these 2 Articles are entered with you, our Books will mutually 
Correspond to the Time of closing said Account. 

The Revd. Mr. Bolzius tells me that Mr. Timothy has omitted to 
send him the Gazettes ever since last November which does not a 
little Surprize him, because a Gentleman of his Acquaintance had 
engaged to pay regularly for 'em at the Stated Times of Payment. 
I must therefore beg you to enquire into the Reason of his Omission 
and for the future please to order Mr Timothy's Papers as they come 
out to be lodged with you, and as any opportunities may offer Just 
enclose them to me under a brown Paper Cover without any manner 
of Trouble of writing (unless occasionally) and I shall always ap- 
prize you of any conveyances from hence that may offer for this 
purpose. Mr Bolzius is a good Friend of mine & somewhat particular 
in the case of these Papers else I should not have troubled you with 
it and I must beg you to add to the desired Articles from your Town 
contain'd in mine of the 20th. Ulto. 6 lb pearl Barley & about 20 lb 
brown sugar Candy which are also both for his Use. I have nothing 
further at present to add than that I am 

Sirs Your's &cra 

Septr. loth. [1759] 

After I had wrote you the foregoing in order to send you by this 
Conveyance in a Boat of Smith & Nutts, Capt Talbert came up & 
delivered me your Lre of the 5th. Instant wherein I notice the Pro- 
ceeds of the Mr Toblers last Beaver ( £<)^.^/ your money) with 
which you are debited together with the ^^63.15.2. Mr Dowdy paid 
you for my Account against a Credit now given you of / 10.2.6 
amount of the Articles that Talbert now brings me. As to the red 
Lead instead of Vermillion I'me sorry you was at the trouble of 
Sending it, because a good Quantity of that Article now by me, and 
the Vermillion was intended for some particular Work on the Boat's 
Quarters &cra however this disappointment is not very material, as 
Vermillion has been brought in here since I wrote you I have nothing 
(that I can recollect) at present to add than that I am Sir 

Your very humble Servant 
T Rasberry 


Messieurs Smith & Nutt Savannah Georgia Septr, loth. 1759 

Gentlemen I received your Letter of the 30th Ulto enclosing one 
to Messrs. Clarmont & Linwood of London to go in the Briga Ellis 
Capt. Howard for that City. Said Letter has been carefully deliver'd 
and the Vessel only waits a favourable Spurt of Wind to go over our 
Bar. I'me sorry I'me obliged to return you by this conveyance the 2 
Cases of Spices you sent me some time agoe; the Gentlemen you in- 
tended them for I'me afraid are gone to a Place where theirs little 
Demand for those Articles, else they'd have readily accepted of them 
when offered and a very Small Quantity of those Spices is sufficient 
for our consumption here else should have thought it best not to have 
returned 'em 

I have made bold to trouble you with three Letters for England 
(here enclosed) which I must beg you to put on Board the Anda- 
lusia, Bradshaw, whom I expect may be the first sailing Vessel from 
your Port for Europe and am Gentlemen 

Yours &cra 

Revd Mr Bolzius Savannah Septemr nth. 1759 

Mr Fieri deUvered me your favour of the 7th Instant together with 
the news Papers sent you of Mr Russells and am sorry that the mis- 
take in the revd. Mr Rabenhorst's Account occurred the reason of 
which was thus - Mr. Fieri having acquainted me with the Time 
of his setting off I immediately made out the Account enclosed you, 
intending when he called on me in the afternoon to have paid him 
the Ballance charged in said Account, and accordingly I sealed the 
Letter before his return; when he came to me again for the Letter, 
the Tide being then sometime before ready for his going away, oc- 
casioned him to be in a good deal of Hurry and by that means the 
Money was forgot to be paid him which has now been done and I 
hope this (undesigned) Error will be readily excused by Mr Raben- 
horst. Doctor Johnson (or rather Johnson & Wylly) has been paid 
for the Negroe, as by their Receipt here enclosed you. My Subsi- 
quent Order for sundry Articles (omitted) is gone hence among 
which Sugar Candy is noticed, but in Case it should not arrive 
before you are out of this Article a small Quantity that may Suffice 
until that comes to hand can be procured. I make no doubt of Mr. 
Smith's complying with my request in regard to your news Papers 
and remain dr Reverend Sir! 

Your most obedient & humble Servant 
T rasberry 

Mr William Elliott Savannah Sept 14. 1759 

Sir Your Negro Cato brings you agreeable to your order of yes- 


terday's date 2 doz extraordinary rice hooks at 8/ per doz & 50 Gun 
Flints bought of Graham's & Mossman 

Your Negro being very impatient to be gone permitts me only to 
tell you that whatever your overseer may want for the Future I shall 
very readily (if I may not have those articles myself) procure them 
if to be had in this Town so that you'l please to direct Mr H 
Hueguenin to me for what ever he may have occasion for which shall 
be supplyed on the most reasonable Terms 

By Sir 

Your most Obed. 
Joseph ButLer Esqr. 

You have herein enclosed an Account of what Miss Polly has now 
had from me as well as what I have answer'd for at other Houses 
amounting in the whole to ^^ 2 1.9.65^ Sterling which tho greatily 
exceeds the Sum you order'd I hope may not be disagreeable to you 
especially as Miss Polly tells me that you would have enlarged the 
order If she had thought there would have been occasion for it 

I am likewise acquainted that you propose to send your Boat 
round here very shortly for Negro Cloth &cra. and tho' my white 
Plains for this Season are not yet arrived I have a sufficient Quantity 
(of whats very good) for your Purpose and only waits your Com- 
mands being, Sir 

Yours &cra 
Messrs Smith & Nutt 

Gentlemen I am informed that the Brig Ellis Capt Howard of this 
Port who sail'd hence a short Time agoe is put into Charles Town 
in Distress & that its apprehended She will not be capable of perform- 
ing her Voyage for London. This Vessel carries the Originals of 
the three London Lres which I enclosed you the loth Ulto. to go 
on board the Andalusia, and I am afraid that if the Ellis cannot pro- 
ceed on her Voyage both originals & Copies of my Letters will go 
together in the Andelusia as she's the only Vessel I hear off at present 
for Europe. I must therefore beg the favour of you Gentlemen to 
prevent Capt Bradshaw's taking both sets of these Letters with him 
and in Case the Ellis does not proceed to receive my Letters again 
from Capt Howard & forward them by any other Conveyances than 
Bradshaw, in which youl greatly oblige 

yours &cra 
NB the Letters are one to W Thomson London, one to S Lloyd 
E^qr do, one to D R & Loyd Bristol and the 2 first contain Sundry 
BUls Ex. of which I have but scanty Setts 

Thos Ras 


Mr Isaac Brabant Savannah the 4th. Oct. 1759 

Sir I have sent you per the Bearer Richards agreeable to your Letter 
of the 2d Instant 

I ps. midling white Plains 113 yards cost ii!4d £ 5.5.1 1 54 

Advance 50 per Ct z.ii.iiVz 


I oz blue Silk 

6 Scains blue mohair 

Paid MoreL for 18 blue Coat Buttons 1/6 

3 V2 doz breast 

You'l Please to Notice that I dont absolutely charge your Account 
with the PLains untill I receive your Directions for so doing because 
I dont know whether they may suit you as they are not of the first 
Quality but the best we have at present. If you sell them for our Ac- 
count we think they may be worth 2od. Sterling per yard to cut for 
all coarse Woollens comes out excessive dear but however you know 
we shall be content whether you take them yourself or sell them 
under that Price for us 

The ps. damask you mention cost 45/ 2 Gowns which is to you 
with 50 per Ct. Advance 33/9 per Gown but according to our 
retail Price is 36/ 

Mr Russell has received the Things sent per Richard and I notice 
what you say about the Dr Skins and remain &ca 

T. R 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah Octor. loth. 1759 

Sr. You'l find enclosed four Letters for Europe Viz two for Mr 
Thomson & 2 for Mess D. Reeve & Lloyd at Bristol which are Copies 
& you'l please to forward them by 2 Conveyances - the Originals 
of these went hence in the Brig Ellis Capt Howard who lately put 
into Charles Town & Cannot proceed on her Voyage, as I'me In- 
formed, therefore Capt Howard will undoubtedly put his Letters on 
board some other Vessel, & its probable it may be on one of the ships 
the enclosed may go in unless prevented. I must therefore beg of 
you to enquire of Capt Howard the opportunity he intends to for- 
ward his London Letters & take care that neither of the enclosed 
goes in that Vessell. my Letters on board him I believe are done up 
in his owners Pacquet therefore cannot be come at. We hear theres 
a Prize brought into your port lately Should there be any tolerable 
Muscavado Sugars on board her and they may sell low I should be 
glad if you could purchase me one hogshead for which I shall en- 


deavour speedily to reimburse you and I must beg you to send per 
next opportunity a small keg of white Lead in oyl I am Sir 

Yours &cra 

Andrew Alton & Co Glasgow 

per the Brig Spry - Lyford - Bristol 

Invoice reed May 7th 1761 

Savannah Georgia November ist. 1759 

Gentn. I have received your Letter of the 13th May last covering 
Invoice of sundry Goods shipt me by the Nancy John Morrison Com- 
mander amounting to ;,^ 103.3.3 Sterling which are come safe to hand 
and in good Order. You did very right in omitting the Bays as they 
are so greatly advanced in price with you, and as to your sending 
Callimanco instead of damask Shoes it will be no manner of detri- 
ment, both being equally saleable. Ime obliged to you for your kind 
Directions in regard to washing the Gauze, which Manner is reason- 
ably the best, and appears to be little known here at present. I shall 
shortly w-ant a Supply of several of the Articles now come to hand, 
and am also willing to make Tryal of some others that you are pleased 
to recommend, and must therefore beg you to send me the follow- 
ing under Insurance, and divided as nearly as possible so as to come 
out in the two first Vessel's from your Port for Charles Town So. 
Carolina Vizt 

30 ps. %th Linnen Check at or under 7d. per yard, but not to ex- 
ceed it 
18 ps. 7/8 linnen ditto sorted from 9d to lod per yard 
18 ps. yard wide ditto do from lod to izd. per yard 
40 doz. blue & white linnen Handkerchiefs at 6/7 per doz. 
24 doz. ditto at 8/4 per doz 

18 doz. ditto at 10/ or 10/6 per doz 

9 doz. ditto at 12/ or 12/6 per doz 

9 doz. ditto at 14s/. per doz. 

6 ps. striped Holland about loYzd per yard 

6 ps. do 1 2d per do. 

6 ps. do i4d per do. 

let the above striped Hollands be chiefly broad blue Stripes and a 
few peices with red and blue Stripes mixed 
6 ps. furniture Check about i2d. per yard 
6 ps do about i4d. per do 

please to be observe that none of these furniture Checks must have 
any Woosted in them, but let them be intirely linnen, for as they are 
principally intended for Curtains the woosted part of 'em are liable 
to be eaten by the Moth in these hot Climates the major part of the 


2 pS 
2 pS 
2 pS 
2 pS 

►same as the last 

Year, and I shoud be glad to have them chiefly with broad blue 
single Stripes or Squares, but a few peices with red or crimson and 
please to let the Colours be very bright. 
8 ps. figuret Nett at iid. per yard 

plain Lawn at 2S. per yd 

do at 2/6 per do. 

flowered Lawn at 4/ per do. 

do at 5/ per do. 

I doz white Lawn Handkerchiefs with plain Borders about 10/ per doz 
I doz ditto about 20s. per do. 

I doz do about 35s. per do. 

I doz do flowered Borders about 12s. per doz 

I doz do about 40/ per do 

I doz do spotted Borders abt. 20/ or 25/ per do. 

6 gauze Aprons with flowered Borders abt 4/6 each 

6 ditto 7s. each 

6 ditto I OS. ea. 

As these last mentioned Articles of Handkerchiefs and Aprons are 
chiefly intended by Way of Sample I shou'd be glad to have as great 
a Variety of Patterns sent me as may be consistent with the SmaUness 
of the Order, and in this Case you'l please to observe that notwith- 
standing I have placed the Prices to these Articles, yet I do not mean 
that you shou'd absolutely confine yourself to them but come as near 
them as you can. 

12 mens hunting Saddles with Bridles about i6s. each 
6 dittos do 22s. each 

6 dittos do 28s. ea. 

You have here enclosed the first of John Martin Bolzius's Bills 
on Thomas Broughton in my Favour dated the 28th. August last for 
forty three Pounds sterling, which when paid youl pass to my Credit 
& the remainder of the Sett will be sent you as Opportunities offer 
from Carolina and you may soon expect another good Draft on 
London for £^0 Sterling more. You'l please to mark the Packages 
TR and consign them as before to Messrs: Smith & Nutt in Charles 
Town to whom youl please to send the Bill Lading. I have only to 
add that I am &ca 

Thomas Rasberry 

I had almost forgot to notice that was only 6 pair girls leather 
Shoes sent instead of i dozen, please to send also also 18 ps. or about 
1 00 yds of striped Lawn at 1 3 1/2 d per yard same as the last 

Josiah Smith Junr Savannah Nover. 5th. 1759 

Sir I have both your favours of the i6th and 25th Ulto with the 


Sope, Barley, Candy & white Lead - the Cost of each of them I notice 
and herein enclose you ^^74 in your paper Currency namely one of 
your Treasurers Certificates of £s^ ^ L^^ iri small Bills the latter 
I have just now receiv'd & have not Time to look over it, therefore 
if any Part of it may be liable to Objection, you'l in your next please 
to notice it. I observe that in your letter of the 25th Ulto which ap- 
pears to be in answer to mine of the loth. Ulto. where the white 
Leads order'd that no notice is taken of the europian Letters I put 
on board the Ellis Capt Howard (who is seems will be condemn'd 
in your Port as unserviceable) which is really essential for me to know 
Copies of them went in the Andalusia Capt. Bradshaw thro the Hands 
of Messrs. Smith & Nutt and I am doubtfull whether Capt Howard 
might not have put his Lres on board that Vessel also, which were 
the originals I must beg you to send me 

1 hogshead Melosses 

2 Quarter Casks Rum 

& the following Articles if readily to be had 

1 Grapnal abt. 60 lb. wt. 
25 fathom 4 Inch Hawser 

2 bottles Soy or East India Ketchup & 2 bottles Anchovies 
The ^^24 your Money is deliver'd Capt Drummond in a seperate 

Pacquet to this directed to you & by him you may send the Goods 
Come in from Bristol. 

P.S. Since I wrote the foregoing I have had an opportunity three 
more of the within mentioned Certificates for ;^5o each which you 
have enclosed & makes this Present Remittance i^'2-^'\ your money 
Please to forward the enclosed Lre to Mr. Lloy[d] per first Convey- 

Messrs. Smith & Nutt Novr. 5th. 1759 

I receiv'd the few Goods from Glasgow which you was so kind 
as to forward me, and must beg you to send away the 2 enclosed 
Letters per 2 seperate Conveyances for that Port they Contain 2 
bills of a Draft on London, and must I apprehend if landed in some 
Parts of England take a very long Tour before they are Paid & as my 
remittances to Glasgow must always be of this Kind (i.e.) in Bills 
on London I was thinking whether it might not be as Suitable to 
make immediate payments there for what things I may hereafter 
receive from Glasgow. I forgot to mention this in the Lres enclos'd 
but its probable you can acquaint me whether its practicable or not. 

Peters, has promis'd to pay me Mr John Smith's Demand on him 
very Shortly I am Gent 


Josiah Smith Junr. Savannah Novr. 13th. 1759 

Sir I wrote you the 5th Instant per Drummond & enclosed you 
^224 your Money which I hope you've receiv'd & plac'd to my 
Credit I have now delivered the Bearer Adam Crawdy ^{^ 19. 13.9 
more its in a Seperate Parcel, to you directed & you'l Please to en- 
quire after it if not delivered with this. 

I should be glad if you'd please to send me 3 Barrels Tarr 2 Cags 
milk Bisket & i Cask ship Bread & I am Sir your most humble 

Savannah November 19th. 1759 
John & Ulrick Tobler I have sent you per the Bearer Air Holmes 
all the Articles I had or could get Here amounting in the whole to 
£i()S- 17.102 /a Sterling as I had not time to Copy the Goods bought 
of Gs & M. I have sent you their Bill of Parcels enclosed. I shall take 
care to forward the 5 hhds Skins to Mr Cambell in Chas. To. & shall 
do the Needful in regard to them of which please to acquaint Mr 
McCartan as I have not time to answer his Letter I shall also take 
great Care of your Lre to Switzerland I am sorry your Boat had not 
stay'd a few Days longer as both my London & Bristol Good are just 
arrived at Chas. To. & daily expected up here; shoud the ps. white 
Plains be too ordinary please to sell it for my Account; all kind of 
coarse Woollens are now very scarce and dear in England, the Sugar 
I now send you was bought at Vendue and Stands me in about the 
Sum charged present payment the Rum cost 4/6 per gallon as charged 
and at a short Credit. I have sent you the form of an Indico Cer- 
tificate as you desire and am 

Gentlemen Yrs &ca. 
Thos. Rasberry 

Mr Daniel Bruner per Mr Holmes 

Savannah Novr. 19 1759 
Sr. I received from Mr Holmes / 7. 18.8 in Cash and by him I now 
send you i hogshead Rum 111/2 gallons cost me 4/6 per gallon at 
a very short Credit ^^ 25.1.9. The Deer Skins I shall send to Mr Wag- 
gener per first Opportunity & am Sr &cr 

Messrs. John & Ulrick Tobler 19th Novr. per Holmes 

Gentlemen The first Parcel of Beaver was extreemly foul & bad. 
I got Mr Nunes (who then bought Beaver) to look at it who said 
he would not give above 2 /per lb for it, upon which I sent it to 
Charles town where you see it sold for 31/ that money but a little 
lost in weight. After I had sold all the Bacon 2 ps. of it prov'd quite 
bad & rotten & was return'd me again by the Buyer. I therefore gave 
these 2 ps. to some poor People here as it was impossible to offer 


it for sale again & I would advise you for the future if you send 
Bacon or Hams down to send them as early in the Winter as possible 
because People your way are so sparing of salt that the first warm 
weather greatly effects the Meat. Butter would be more saleable in 
smaller Kegs which should be Trd. before fill'd & the tares mark'd 
on the heads. Flour also would do much better in BUs. near the size 
& shape of the N York & Philadelphia flour Bis they should not 
exced 190 or 200 lb. at most, one of the 2 beef hides per Mr Rae's 
Boat was so much worm eaten that it was hardly worth any thing 
I dont know yet what Mr. Haner will allow for it there was a good 
Number of other Hides I believe came down in the said said Boat. 
I have not yet put down the Almanacks because I sent a parcel of 
them to Medway & have not yet an Account of them. I have like- 
wise omitted the Articles come down now the Butter is all sold at 
3d. & hope soon to sell the Flour. The Cash I receiv'd for the Com 
I have given you Credit for 62 bushels Com at 2/. /6.4. V2 bushel 
was given for blowing the horn the skins will be look'd over tomorrow 
& plac'd to your Credit with the Butter, Wax, & beef Hides, & the 
Flour when sold I have not yet seen the Indico open'd because Mr 
Holmes hurries to be gone tomorrow I shall look at it & give you my 
opinion of it per next opportunity & am Sir Your most obedient 

Mr. Edward Jones Deer. loth. 1759 

Sr I have safely received the hdd Rum agreable to your Favour 
of the 26th Ulto and have credited Messrs. James Fisher & Co. with 
it's Amount. As to the Ballance Mr Fisher may remit it when it best 
suits him. I am Sir with Tenders of Future Service 

Yours &ca 

Mr Martin Campbell Savannah Georgia loth Deer. 1759 

Sir I receiv'd from Mr Tobler of New Windsor 5 hhds Deer Skins 

PS You have a Letter by the Bearer from Mr MacCartan. I should 
with directions to forward them to you for Accot of Messrs McCartan 
& Campbell. The said Skins I now send you by the Bearer Capt Tadder 
(as per the enclosed Receipt) and I have ordered him not to land 
them but follow your Directions as to their Disposal. I am Sir Yours 
be Glad to learn your receipt of these Skins 

Mr John Smith Savannah Deer. loth. 1759 

Sir I wrote you a few Days agoe concerning our Crop of Rice 
here and am waiting your Answer. Mr Bolzius's 2 Cases came safe to 


hand per Crawdy & are sent up to Ebenezer. Mr Fieri has bought 
a Pipe of Wine of me the Proceeds of which (with some others) I 
am to remit Air Wm Banbury of your Town and in payment thereof 
has given an Order on you for ;r 143.8.2 your Curry which he makes 
out thus 

32.2.2 Ballance of an Accot sent him 
105.0.0 for ^15 Sterling more paid you 
6.6.0 for a Pump 

/ 143.8.2 So Caro Curry 

I'me doubtful whether he can reasonably desire you to pay this 
Money in Chas town, unless it best suits you therefore I detain the 
Draft for your Reply. 

I notice your Remark on the Quantity of Goods lately come up 
here and its not improbable but some of 'em may be dispos'd off 
in the Channell you mention as we have now 2 or 3 Spanish Vessels 
before the Town 

I am Sir, Yours &ca 

PS I shou'd be obliged to you to acquaint me with the market Price 
of New Rice the 8th instant and from thence to the Time you write 
me as I've receiv'd a Quantity & expect more at Market Price of 
Chas town at the Time of Delivery 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah Deer. loth. 1759 

Sir I have receiv'd your Letter of the 21st Ulto per Crawdy to- 
gether with the Goods therein mention'd amounting to ^229.0.6 
your Money which have Placed to your Credit. The Bearer Capt. 
Tadder has 4 Packs Deer Skins on board mark'd DB they belong 
to one Daniel Bruner of New Windsor in your Province, who de- 
sires me to send them to Mr John Wagener of your Town (I think 
in Broad Street) to whom please to see them delivered and enclose 
me his Receipt for the same, if Vidonia Wine is reasonable as to 
Price I should be glad to have a Pipe per next Opportunity, and a 
barrel of Blubber (not fish Oyl) if readily to be had. The Person 
who desires me to send for the latter tells me it does not exceed 
one half the Cost of the Oyl and equally Answers his Purpose, 
therefore you are not to send Oyl in its Stead. I shou'd be glad if 
you'd favour me with the Currant Price of new Rice with you the 
8th Instant, and from thence to the Time you write me, as I've 
purchased a Quantity here & am to be regulated, as to Cost, by 
your Market, & as I propose to settle all my Affairs the ensuing 
Month (January) shou'd be glad to have my Accot. Currt. with 


you as soon as you have Time to compleat it, Drummond arrived only 
3 Days agoe & has not yet put ashore all my London Goods 

I am Sir Yours &ca 
PS. I have been thinking that it wou'd be better, that you do not 
give yourself the Trouble of forwarding Mr Bolzius's News Paper, 
for as Mr Timothy has now a Competitor in this Business, he will 
doubtless be watching every Opportunity here & may frequently em- 
brace some that you cannot be apprized off; & Mr Bolzius will be 
content to receive his Papers in common with the Rest of Mr Tim- 
othys Customers here 

Mrs. Elizabeth ButLer Savannah Deer. i8th 1759 

Madam Mr. Butler has doubtless acquainted you that he made me 
an offer of 80 or 100 Barrels Rice in Case I could answer a Demand 
that Mr Yonge was to settle with him & as I find I can readily ac- 
comodate that Matter with said Mr Yonge, if its agreeable to you, 
you'l Please to draw on me for the Amount. I should be glad to know 
whether I can depend on the above Quantity of 80 or 100 barrels 
Rice & when it would suit you to deliver it for which the Market 
Price of Charles Town is to be given at the Time of Delivery 
I am Madam your humble Servant 

Thomas Rasberry 
Mr Hueguenin brings you a fine rice Scieve cost 7/ Theres no Flour 
come in since Mr ButLer Sail'd 

Mr John Smith Per Minot December 31st. 1759 

I receivd your Letter of the 13th. Instant per Minott and as I ap- 
prehend your Rice is not yet disposd off by Mr Gibbons I consent 
to take it at the Price you mention 60/ yr, money. I thank you for 
your opinion as to this Article in Feby. or March next, and should 
have been glad to have taken your Indico also, but we dont intend 
to meddle with any of this Crop having already refused several good 

James De Veaux is now out of Town therefore have no oppor- 
tunity of speaking to him about his Rice that you expect. As to his 
Brother John (if your Demand is any thing considerable) I wish 
you may not fall short of your Expectation from him. Graham 
(Minott tells me) has bought the Rum at the Price you Demand. I 
shall Endeavour to get your Rice round as soon as possible which 
with what I have otherwise engaged will come pretty near our Quota 
for the expected Vessel 

I am Sr &ca 


PS I spoke to Jas DeVeauxs Son but he could say nothing as to his 
Father's Intention of delivering you any Rice I must beg you to pay 
Xi8 your Currency to Mr. Andrew Marr (at Messrs, Rose & Butlers) 
for Account Mr John Portrees it shall be speedily refunded - if Mr 
Marr is gone for England the Money is not to be paid, it seems, 
to any other Person 

Messrs. Devonsheir Reeve & Lloyd - Bristol 

Savannah Georgia Decemb. 31. 1759 

Gentlemen My last was the 25th. August which I hope came safe 
to hand since then I have been favoured with yours of the 20th. of 
that Month by the Sally Isaiah Moatt covering Invoice of sundry 
Goods sent me per that Vessel which are also come safe to hand and 
in good Order. I notice the Difficulty of procuring coarse Woollens 
this Year and as I shall want a Supply for my next Winters Sale I 
must beg you to send me the following 

1200 yards white PLains at i4d per yard 
800 yards ditto at 13d. per do 
400 yards blue Plains - say 400 yds 
150 yards green ditto 
150 yards drab or cloth coloured ditto 

8 ps. Striped DuffUl Blanketts 

9 ps. blue Strouds 
3 ps. red ditto 

10 . . o . . o Iron Potts sorted 

youl please to let these Strouds be wormed in the same Manner 
as those that are now usually sent out here for the Indian Trade, 
and I woud be glad that you'd divide the foregoing Articles as nearly 
as can be done with Conveniency so that they may come out by the 
two very first Vessels that may offer for Charles Town after the re- 
ceipt hereof as a great deal depends on the Timely arrival of coarse 

you'l put them under Insurance and consign them as usual to Mr. 
Josiah Smith Junr. Merchant in Charles Town. I hope speedily to 
make you a further Remittance and am Gentlemen &ca 

Thomas Rasberry 
See Postscript over Leaf 

Andrew Aiton & Co. Glasgow Savannah Deer. 31st. 

The foregoing is Copy of what I wrote you the ist Ulto which 
I now Confirm and herein you'l receive the 3d of the Draft promiss'd 


for £ 50 Namely John Martin Bolzius's third Bill on the Revd Thomas 
Broughton Esqr in my favour dated the ist. Ulto for /50 Sterling 
which I wish safe to hand. 

I am Gent. &c 

I should be glad to be inform'd whether you have any Corres- 
pondent in London to whom I could make you Remittances, as they'l 
consist chiefly in Bills on that City I apprehend it must be a more 
direct & speedy Method than to have the Bills go round to skotland 
The enclos'd are Letters of Advice with the Bills which Please to 

Thomas Rasberry 
John & Ulrick Tobler Savannah Jany th[e] 8th. 

I received your Letter the 27th Ulto. & have sent you all the Ar- 
ticles you therein Desire as per the enclos'd Bill of pet's amounting 
to / 7 1. 1 7/ 1 1 '/i Sterg. and by this opportunity I also send you sundry 
other Articles that I had prepar'd to send you the 24th. Ulto by a 
Boat belonging to Mr Williams of Augusta but the Patroon contrary 
to his promise went away without them The particulars of these 
Articles also you have here enclos'd amounting to ^^^ 63.10/10^/4 
Sterlg all which I wish safe to your Hands. I have receiv'd now only 
2 packs deer skins as there was none taken in coming down the River 
as you expected I shall acquaint you further about the Tobacco soon 
& shall send Mr. Hunt's order on Mr. Legree very shortly To Charles 
Town. The Patroon has paid me / 16. 19/6 Sterg for your share of 
Corn which I have placed to your Credit I have not yet open'd the 
skins but hope their better than the last there was several very ordi- 
nary one that Parcle the Boat being Just going away obliges me to 

Gentlemen yours &cra &cra &cra 
NB. no womens or girls leather shoes to be had in Town Tea very 
scarce & dear 

Mr Daniel Bruner per John Bergeron 

Savannah 8th. 1760 
Sir The Patroon of Mr Toblers Boat (John Bergeron) told me that 
you verbally desired me to send you 50 lb Gunpowder which I have 
now delivered him and am 

Sir &ca 

3 Cags Gunpowder marked B 50 lb at ;^ per 100 lb - - / 3.1 5.0 

Postscript to Devonshire Reeve & Lloyds Letter of the 31 December 


1 expect the white Plains will come out very good at the Prices 
I have affixed but I don't mean to confine you to it, because if good 
PLains cannot be bought at those Prices you must exceed it, as an 
ordinary Sort will not suit me. The coloured PLains duffills and 
Strouds I woud also have of a good Quality. I have a Sufficient num- 
ber of small Isop or ware Iron Potts that are bought by the dozen 
at 12/ therefore want no more of them and youl please to let those 
I now write for be chiefly of the midling Sizes except 3 or 4 that 
will contain from 18 to 24 gallons each 

mark the Packages T R 

Josiah Smith Junr Savannah Jany the 15th, 1760 

Sir I must beg you to send me by the first opportunity that offers 
for this Place Two hogsheads of good Debenture Rum & Please 
to forward the enclos'd 6 Lres for Bristol & Glasgow by the three 
first Conveyances that offers for any Part of great Brittain they are 
Copies* & you'l therefore please to put on[e] for bristol & one for 

• 3 dated ist. November last 1 p, 

3 dated 31st. Ulto. J ° 

3 dated 31st. do to Bristol 

Glasgow on board each Vessel I expect to hear from you very shortly 
& shall only add that I am Sir yours &cra 
PS. Please also to send me 

2 18 Inch spring Bolts with Brass knobs 

3 9 Inch Ditto 

These Bolts are for Mr Habersham who desires to know whether 
you did not receive a Garden Stone Roller & Frame marked J H No i 
a[nd] 2 from on board the Squerries Capt Mitchell as it seems they 
were consigned to you by Mr Samuel Lloyd 


Mr William Thomson Savannah Georgia February ist. 1760 

Sir Your Favour of the 23d. August last per the Prince Orange came 
safe to hand together with the Goods shipt me by said Conveyance 
amounting as per Invoice to ^^885. 2. 3 for which I have given you a 
Credit. I notice what you say concerning the Indico I ship't you by 
the Squerries which has really (as you observe) fallen far short of 
my Expectation except the Casks No 4 and 7 which I believe may 
turn out pretty near what the Proprietor of them was offered here 
for that Indico before shipt. As to Cask No 10 Fme satisfied 
it was ordinary, but in respect to the rest I cannot account how it 
shoud sell so very low when Indico shipt on the very same Bottom 


by Mr. Graham &ca & not on the whole superior in Quality to that 
I sent you shoud so far exceed mine in its Sales as it appears to me 
it has done from an Account Mr Nutt has returned them of theirs 
which I've had an Opportunity of perusing, unless it was owing to 
mine being sold at Auction & theirs at private Sale. I notice the Trouble 
that has hitherto attended the procuring Payment for the Rangers 
Certificates which we have reason to believe (by late advices from 
your City) for the future will run in a more regular Channel - another 
Company of 'em is now raising on the Establishment of other Troops 
raised in America the present War which must greatly add to the 
Welfare of the Province, but how to manage in respect to the Cer- 
tificate of Bamards for £}^ I know not. The widow has not nor 
will not administer and absolutely refused by her Lawyers Advice 
to endorse these Certificates, least by such Endorsement, she shoud 
involve herself into the Affairs of Barnards Estate the Creditors of 
which are extreemly baffled by an iniquituous Confession of Judg- 
ment that Barnard made of his Effects in his Life Time to his Father 
in Law Bradley now of your City under pretence of which she keeps 
all in her hands and will, if possible, intirely exclude the Creditors 
here on this Side. Our Governor woud readily renew this Sett of 
;^34 but cannot consistently do it as the whole Sum of ^T 728. 15.4 
then certified of which this is part were made payable to Barnard 
and so mentioned in the general Letter of Advice wherein the par- 
ticular Setts of these Certificates are refered to all of which, except 
this and the other of 34.6.3 that cannot be traced where it is, are 
paid, as they were properly endorsed by Barnard. 

if an explanatory Letter of our Governors relating this Affair 
may be thought serviseable I'll endeavour to procure one & send you. 
We begin now to look out for the Friendship Thomson and are pre- 
pared for her coming. Freights have been pretty high in Charles 
Town hitherto but are now falling, and unless Thomson over stays 
his Time I'me afraid we shall lose by our Rice as most of it cost 
us upwards of 60/ So Caro. Curry per Ct. 

I hope the Bills for 125 ^^ remitted you 28 August & that for £^s 
enclosed you the 7th. September following are paid, and I hope if 
possible by this Conveyance to make you another Remittance of up- 
wards of 600 £ in Bills &ca I only wait for the Return of our Scout 
Boat from the So.ward for the Coxswains Certificate as to the Ex- 
pence of the Boat the last six Months and then youl have them. 

The Goods by Cheeseman came in good Order and proved all 
very suitable except the mens great Coats on which I shall make some 
Remarks hereafter and I must beg you to send me out as soon as 


possible consigned as usual the following Articles under Insurance 


4 ps Cambrick at 22/ per ps 

4 ps 
2 ps 
I ps 
I ps 

do. a 26/ 

do. a 30/ 

do. a 34/ 

do. a 40/ 

ps. Renting at 12/ per ps 

ps. do. at 15 or 16/ 

ps. do. at 18/ 

ps. do. at 20/ 

ps. plain yard wide Muslin about 20 yds each at 60/ per ps. 

3 ps. white Callicoe of 2 Womens Gowns in a ps. pretty good 
6 fringed diaper Table Qoths at 3/4 each 

6 ditto at 5/4 each 

12 ps. brown Pomerania Linnen about 23 or 25 Ells each at S-y/Sd. 
per Ell 

4 ps. flaxen Russia a $d per Ell 

12. 9/4 flanders bed ticks at 19s. ea 

6 10/4 do. at 23/6 ea 

4 ps. Ticking for Pillows of 15 yds each at 14/ per ps. 

6 ps. 7/8 Garlix at 27/6 per ps. 

4 ps. do. at 25/ 

4 ps. do. at 22/6 

6 ps. do. at 20/ 

4 ps. do. at 18/ 

3 ps. 3/4 ditto a 18/ per ps 

3 ps. do. a 20/ 

3 ps. do. a 22/ 

3 ps. do. a 24/ 

6 ps. Dowlas a 27s per ps 

6 ps. do. a 25/ 

4 ps. do. a 22/6 
4 ps. do. a 20/ 
4 ps. do. a 17/6 

3 doz silk culgee Handkerchiefs at 30/ per doz. 

3 doz ditto at 32/ per do. 

4 doz blue & white pastcwork Handkerchiefs - large 
4 doz blue & white spotted linnen ditto a' 14/ per doz 
1000 yards good brown Edinburgs at 7d. per yd 

500 yds white ditto at 8 V4 per yd 

same as you sent by the Harrietta. 
6 ps. % Irish Linnen about i2d per yd 


12 ps, 7/8 ditto a i4d. 

6 ps. ditto a i6d. 

6 ps. 9/8 Irish Sheeting at i2d. per yd 

I lb. blue sewing Silk good 

Y2 lb cloth Colours 

4 groce cotton Laces a 2/1 1 per gro. 

4 gro. ditto a 3/10 do 

2 gro. ditto a 6/ do 

4 gro. ferrett do. a 8/4 do 

2 doz silk Laces a 4/3 per doz 

2 doz. 3 yd do a 6/3 do 

20 lb OSnabrig Thread full \vt. at ipd. per lb 

20 lb. ditto in half pounds short wt. at i6d. per lb 

6 lb. stitching Threads at 3/ 

6 lb. ditto 33/6 

6 lb. do. a 3/9 

9 lb. good blue do at 2/6 

9 lb. ditto in half pounds at 2/ per lb 

6 doz holland Tape at 9s. per doz 

8 doz blue & white striped ditto 

6 doz blue & white Nonsoprettys at 5/9 per doz 

6 doz. do. red & white 

6 woms. scarlet Cloaks at 6/8 each 

6 ditto at 7/4 each 

6 ditto at 9/9 each 

NB. please to let the above Qoacks be large the' you some- 
what exceed those prices. 

4 ps. blue stuff Damask 

2 ps. dark brown ditto 

2 mazerine blue Cambletee's 

2 deep blue ditto 

I deep green ditto 

I dark brown ditto 

I deep blue Camblett 

1 dark brown ditto 

2 deep blue Callimancos 
2 brown ditto 

I black ditto 

1 deep red ditto 

2 white Durants or yard wide Stuffs 
2 deep blue ditto 


2 dark brown ditto 

3 ps. embos'd serge red flowered at i5d per yd 
3 ps. blue striped Linseys at 35s per ps 

I ps. red striped do. ^35/ 

I ps. blue striped do. a i4d 

I ps. red striped do. a i4d 

I end or about 10 '/z yds deep blue Broad Cloth a' 12/ per yard 

I do. about lolA yd ditto a' 14/ per yd 

I do. or io'/2 yds fine scarlet do. 

1 do. or 10V2 yds good black do 

6 yds deep green do. 

6 ends 10 '/z yds each agreable to the enclosed six Samples. I mean 
one end of each Sample together with half a ps. Shalloon 
suitable to each Sample and a proportion of Trimmings 

3 ps. good blue Shalloon 
I ps. midling ditto 

I ps. good scarlet ditto 
Yi ps. good black Shalloon 
Yz ps. green do. 

I bag good blue Buttons 
I bag black ditto 
1 bag scarlet ditto 

4 mens cloth great Coats at 14/ each 
4 dos. do. at 18/ ea. 

4 dos. do. at 24/ ea. 

NB those you sent per the Prince Orange from Dyson & 
Rogers were made of a thin napt Witney which will not 
sell; the Sort I want must be made with Cloth pretty thick 
and drab Colours only. 

12 mens duff ill great Coats chiefly blue which must also be very 
thick and large at about 13/ each. 

12 mens bear Skin Coats at 11/ each same as you sent per the 

6 somewhat smaller ditto for large Boys 

6 mens witney Waiscoats a cheap kind, blue & green 

6 striped flannel ditto 

6 spotted or ermine flannel ditto a cheap kind 

12 pair coarse cloth Breeches 

1 2 Sailors blue fearnot Jacketts at 6/9 same as per the P. of Orange 

I ps. white Flannel 

I ps. Bearskin 

Yz ps. green Witneys 

Yz ps. red ditto 

1 Vi lb good mohair to consist of the following Colours vizt. 

blue, scarlet black & green of which let half a pound at least 
be blue 

2 ps. Buckram 

4 pair bed Blanketts at 15s. per pr 
4 pair ditto a 22/s. do 

10 ps. striped duffil Blanketts 
300 yards blue PLains 

2 ps. yard wide blue Cloth about 14 yds ea. a 5/ per yd 

3 ps. narrow Cloth of different Colours, about 20 yds each a 

2 id. and 2/ per yd. 

4 doz mens milld yam Caps at 6s. per doz. 
2 doz single worsted do a 7s. per do 

2 doz double do a 8/s. 

2 doz mens yarn Hose at 10/6 per doz 

2 doz do at 1 1/ 

2 doz do at 12/ 

the yam Stockings you sent by the P. of Orange were very 

much moth eaten which please to remark 
2 doz boys yarn Hose at 8/6 per doz 
2 doz do. at 9/6 

I doz mens wove worsted Hose at 18/ per doz 
I doz do. a 24/ 

I doz. do. a 30/ 

I doz do. a 36/ 

I doz dos. knit do. plain a 30/ per doz 
I doz do. a 32/6 

I doz do. ^35/ 

I doz do. a 37/6 

4 doz men knit ribb'd Hose a 32/s. per doz 
I doz. do. a 34/ 

I doz do. a 36/ 

please to order the foregoing knit Stockings to be chiefly 

blue's and a few pr white. 

1 doz mens fine black Hose at 42/ per doz let a few pairs be 

6 doz. womens blue stampt Hose at 1 1/6 per doz 

2 doz. dittos clockt worsted do at 18 per doz 
2 doz do. a 24/ 

2 doz do. a 30/ 

I doz large youths knit do a 18/ per doz 

I doz do. a 20/ 

I doz do. a 22/ 


I doz boys Hose a 10/ per doz 

I doz. larger do. a 12/ 

4 doz childs white do. a 8/6 per doz 

4 doz do. clouded a 10/ 

I doz large girls Hose a 16/ per doz 

I doz do. a 18/ 

I doz do. a i2s/ 

1 doz do. at 10/ per doz. 

3 doz felling Axes at 

6 doz broad Hoes at 15/6 per doz 

2 doz ditto at 18/ 

6 doz small oval eyed Hatchetts for Indians about 7s. per doz 
6 stock Locks at 20s/ per doz. 
6 do a 16/ per doz 

24 do a 12/ per doz 

24 do a 10/ 

4 doz common Padlocks at 5/ per doz 
4 doz. do at 7s 

4 doz. do at 10/ 

6 doz Iron plated Bolts without springs and not goose necked 

4 doz. thumb Latches for Doors at 3/3 per doz 

6 doz rice Sickles a 4/6 per doz 

4 doz. pit saw Files a' 4/6 per doz 

4 doz do a' 5/ 

4 doz X cut saw do. a 3/2 per doz 

4 doz do a 3/9 

6 doz hand saw do a 2od per doz 

2 doz Carpenters Adzes a' 2 1 / per doz 

2 doz 9 Inch HL Hinges 
2 doz 1 1 Inch do 
2 doz 12 Inch do 

'-with smooth filed joints 

2 doz 2 foot Rules with brass squares at 

1 doz 2 foot ditto to fold in 4 parts 
6 pr sad Irons a' 1/9 per pr 

6 pr do a 2/2 

6 pr do a 2/8 

6 pr do a 3/ 

4 doz drawing Knives a 12/ per doz 

2 doz do. a 14/ 

3 . . o . . o splitting Wedges different Sizes 
6 good pit Saws 

I doz pr Iron wire rice Seives 


4 doz pr cotton Cards a 1 8 or 1 9s per doz 

I doz. Iron Drawback Locks with box Staples, for Chamber 

Doors, of 3 Sizes from the smallest, with Screws 
20m. 8d Nails - 12M. of which in Bags of 4m. each 
I . . o . . o 24d Nails 
I . . o . . o 3od do 

1 . . o . . o 3/ do 

2 . . . o . . o sheathing Nails 

24 doz small nail Gimbletts with box Handles 

24 Carpenters Jack Planes 

24 smoothing Planes 

12 fore Planes 

6 pr Vi inch grooving do 

6 pr I inch do 

6 pr I ^/4 inch do 

36 scribing Chissells 

36 broad do. 

1 2 I inch Firmirs 

12 iVi inch do 

12 2 inch do 

2 doz tin pudding Pans a 15/ per doz 

2 doz do a 12/ 

2 doz do a 10/ 

4 doz split handle Table Knives & Forks at 2/6 per doz 

4 doz ditto a' 3/9 per do 

4 doz ditto a' 5/ per do 

24 doz Indian Trading Knives a cheap Kind 

2 doz womens fine Scissars at 9s. per doz 

3 doz horse Scissars at 7s. per do 

3 doz cutting out do. at 4/ per do 

6 doz ordinary do at i8d or 2s/. do 

6 doz do at 2/6 do 

8 groce horn Combs at 14s/ per groce 

8 doz Ivory do at 7s. per doz 

12 groce pea Buttons a' i8d per gro 

12 double groce flat white mettal Buttons at 4/6 per doub gro 

12 single gro. Jackett ditto at 1/6 per single do 

30 lb. black & white round Beads a' 2/1 per lb 

50 Maisses black & white barley com do a' 1/3 

12 bunches white Agate do. 

1 2 lb. brass wire sorted 

4 doz. silver ear Bobs at 22/ per doz 

12 doz mettal do. at i6d. per doz 


gilt Belts 3 doz 

snaffle Bridles 3 doz a' 21s per doz 
48 lb. Vermillion in boxes of 12 lb. each 
2 gro. plain brass Rings sorted 

2 gro. ordinary stone ditto 

I Chest or 300 lb. good bohea Tea 

6 . . o . . o single Loaf Sugar in small hard Loaves 

200 lb. black Pepper 

6 lb. Nutmegs 

I lb Mace 

1 lb Cloves 

200 lb. saffron cut Tobacco in pounds & half pounds at yd per lb. 
50 lb. Westons pigtail ditto in half pounds 

3 doz bottles good scots Snuff 

6 doz quart black earthen Tea Potts 

4 doz. pint ditto 

2 doz Y2 pint ditto 

I doz. blue & white gallon Bowls 

4 doz. 2 quart ditto 

4 doz. 3 pint ditto 

4 doz. quart ditto 

4 doz. pint ditto 

1 doz black quart earthen Bowls 

I doz pint do 

I doz brown quart do 

1 doz pint do 

2 doz white stone mustard Potts 

2 doz brown do 

3 doz. black Sugar Dishes with Covers of 2 Sizes 
2 doz. brown do. with do 

12 doz. white stone Cups with Sawcers 

4 doz tall wine Glasses at 2/3 per doz 
4 doz double flint ditto a 3/10 

2 doz wormed do a 4/6 

4 doz Glasses Tumblers of different Sizes 

2000 good dutch Quills 

6 lb. common sized Wafers in small Boxes 

8 quart china Basons blue & white 

8 pint ditto 

6 doz blue & white china Cups and Sawcers 

6 doz ditto burnt in do. of a midling Size and plain 

400 lb. F Gunpowder in 25 lb. and izYz lb. Casks 


please to give Particular Directions that this Powder may be 
good as the greatest Part of what I have lately received has 
been extreemly bad. 

6 doz common flat pewter Plates 

6 doz womens leather Shoes 

6 doz girls ditto sorted chiefly large 

3 doz large Boys or youths Shoes sorted 

4 doz childrens black & red do. sorted 

6m. sorted Needles, chiefly from No. i to No. 6 

6 Womens black silk flowered Capuchins - a good sort 

6 ditto more ordinary 

8 doz fine hair seive Bottoms 

4 doz coarse ditto 

6 doz Rimms for ditto 

I must beg you to expedite the foregoing Articles & tho' I have 
affixed the Prices to most of them you may vary a little more or less 
as you see Occasion. I am 

Sir &ca 

Mr. Josiah Smith Savannah Feb'ry nth. 1760 

Sir I receiv'd your favour per Minott with the sundry Articles Sent 
me per him amounting to ;C 475-5.7 '/2 your Currency for which you 
are Credited. I have examin'd your Account Current which is right and 
I herein enclose you one hundred forty two pounds twelve and six 
pence / 142. 12. 6 in your Paper Money together with Joseph Hunts 
order on Daniel Legree for ^^ 57.1.0 which if paid you'l pass to my 
Credit Crawdy will also deliver you 2 bundles Deer Skins containing. 
28 Skins wt 59 V2 lb. which you'l please to dispose off & place the 
Proceeds to my Account and if any of them are objected too you'l 
please to return such to me by him. I have also enclos'd you 2 Letters 
for London & 2 for Bristol the 2 bristol Letters are Copies of those 
sent you by Mr. Fisher the 15th Ulto which you'l notice the 2 letters 
for Mr Thomson are likewise duplicates & must go per Seperate Con- 
veyances also. We have very alarming Accounts from up this river 
concerning the Cherokee Indians our Rangers are order'd to Augusta 
to Act as occasion may require & I presume your Government are 
likewise taking the most Vigorous Measures to avert the Destruction 
that seems to threaten both Provinces from the Depridations of these 
Savages I am Sirs &cra 

Mr William ButLer Savannah March ist. 1760 

Sir I have sent the bearer Jacob Berrier for a load of your Rice 
I apprehend that he cannot carry the whole Quantity desir'd of you 
(namely 50 Barrells) and unless you might find it convenient to Send 


the few remaining Barrels of that Number round in your Boat I can 
readily Dispense with the Quantity that Berrier can now bring me 
I am Sir 

Your most Obedient Servant 
Thos. Rasberry 

per the Elizabeth Alarkham from hence 
Mr. William Thomson Savannah Georgia March 3d. 1760 

Sir I have now Bills by me to the Amount of more than ^^ 7 80 
Sterling which I propos'd to remit you by this Conveyance but wait 
for Mr Habersham's coming to Town in order to endorse two of 
the Principal Setts - Vizt - The Pay Bills for our Scout Boat. If he 
comes in Time for the Bearrer Capt. Markham whose Ship is now at 
Tybye ready to Sail Youl yet receive the whole of them by this 
opportunity if not they'l goe down to Charles Town to seek a Con- 
veyance from thence. The 2 Provinces are now in great Confusion 
on account of a Defection among Part of the Cherokee Indians who 
have murder'd a number of back Settlers on the Carolina Side of 
this River, both Provinces are now in Arms & Troops soon expected 
from Genl. Amherst in order to punish these inhuman Savages for 
their horred Barbarities. The Small pox also rages now in Chas. To. 
vast numbers have been innoculated their within these few Days Past 
but how it goes with 'em we are not yet able to Learn 
The Bills I have to send you are as follows 

2 pay Bills for the Boat of Benjamin Martyn Esqr. _^ 394.17.10-% 
I on ditto for Silk Culture 1 56.14.3 

I on John Goodchild Esqr for a Bounty allowd 
on Cocoons by the Society for the encourage- 
of Arts Manufacture's and commerce 136.2.9-% 

I of our Governor's on John Ellis Esqr. 80 

I of Noble Jones on James Fitter 15 

Capt Thomson does not yet appear his Charter party is now void 
I'me a good deal hurried at present therefore you'l excuse Brevity 
I am Sir 

Your very humble Servant 
T. Rasberry 

the 6th. March 
Sir Agreeable to what I have already advised you as Capt. Markham 
is yet here I herein enclose you the first of the Sundry undermention'd 
Bills amounting to / 782. 14. 11 5/2 Sterling which when paid you'l 


pass to the Credit of my Account Namely- 
Pay Bill for the Prince George Scout Boat 

from the 28th of Novr. 1758 to the 27th. 

May 1759 1 64.4.1 1 V2 

Ditto from the 28th May 1759 to the 27. 

Novr. last 230.12.1154 

Governor Ellis's Bill to William Russell on 

John Ellis dated the 17th. Septr. last 80.0.0 

Jos. Ottolenghe's ditto to me on John Good- 
child dated 28th. January last 136.2.9-% 
Governor Ellis's Bill to me on Benjamin 

Martyn dated ist. of November last 156.14.3 

Noble Jones's ditto to me on Jas. Fitter 

dated the 20th. October last 15.0.0 

The Boats Pay Bills you'l observe are discharg'd by Mr. Martyn 
to whom you'l apply. I hope soon to receive my Account Current 
from you and as I have lately wrote you pretty largely by way of 
Chas. Town shall only add that I am Sir your most obedient humble 
Servant Thomas Rasberry 
no appearance of Capt Thomson yet 

Savannah March the 8: 1760 
Mr Josiah Smith 

Sir I receiv'd your Letter of the 20th Ulto. by Crawdy (who is 
now performing Quarantine below) and notice its Content, this 
will be handed you by Berrier and in which youl find ^^ 100.2/6 in 
your Paper Money which you'l place to my Credit. I must beg you 
to send me by the return of Berrier 2 hogsheads Rum and about 
1000 lb of muscovado Sugar but if any Boat is coming round that 
Clears out at your Custom House before or at the Time of Berriers 
leaving Charles Town youl give such the preferance on Account 
of the Debenture, if not send them by Him 

I am Sir Yours &cra 
PS the Cost of the Sugar must be about ^Tio or ^^lo.ios per 100 

Savannah March 20th. 1760 
Mr Cornelius Cook per 

Sir I am Sorry that (for several Reasons) I cannot comply with the 
Contents of your Letter of the 9th. Instant. I have hardly one of the 
Articles you want and am determind rather to Contract or bring my 
Affairs to a final Conclusion than to enlarge at this Perilous Con- 
juncture therefore I would advise you to apply to some other House. 


I herein return you the obligation for supplying the Rangers together 
with Petticrews order on Mr McQueen as its not of use unless 
endors'd by you which you've omitted to do. I receivd the 8 Hams 
and 5 Cags of Lard for which you'l have a Credit in your Account, 
the Sum you paid Mr Tobler thro' my hands was ^^ 18.17.6-% Sterling 

I am Sir &cra 
Your Indico is yet here as the Ship I expect from England is not 
yet arrivd 

Savannah March 2 2d. 1760 
Mr Josiah Smith 

Sir I wrote you a Line the 8th Instant by Jacob Berrier which I 
hope you've receiv'd it containd a Remittance of £ 100.2.6 yr. money. 
Capt Talbert will dehver you this in which I have sent you ;^i85 
more to be plac'd to my Credit. I apprehend you'l send me by 
Berrier the Proceeds of the Deer Skins and I should be glad to know 
the success of the order on Mr Legare as soon as possible because 
its requisite that the Affairs of the unfortunate Capt Tobler (in which 
I am deeply Interested) should be settled as speedily as the present 
Critical Conjuncture will admitt off this Order being part of his 
Effects. I am sorry to hear of the Calamitous Situation of your Town 
from the present Epidemical Disorder, and I'me afraid (that notwith- 
standing all the precaution we make use of) The Contagion will be 
soon communicated here. I am desired by the revd Mr Bolzius to 
procure him from Charles Town about V2 dozen Pounds of Choco- 
late (as theres none now here) which please to send me per next 

I have also enclosed you two Letters for Mr Wm. Thomson 
which you may forward by one of the first sailing Ships for Britain 
but I must beg you to take care that neither of them goes on board 
the Elizabeth Capt Markham which loaded here and went round to 
Charles Town in order to sail with the Fleet for this Ship has the 
originals of these Letters on board her. The Bearer staying here 
somewhat Longer than Expected gave me an opportunity of adding 
a Triplicate for Mr Thomson therefore to prevent mistake as the 
three Leres must now go per Two Conveyances I have tyed those 
Two together that must be put on board one Vessell and the single 
one you'l send by a seperate opportunity 

I am Sir Your most obedient humble Servant 
Per Capt Talbert Thomas Rasberry 


Savannah March 2 2d 1760 
Mr. John Smith 

Dr Sir By this opportunity I send you the Indico made at your 
PLantation as by the enclos'd Certificate its contain'd in two boxes 
marked J S. I have not bought an ounce this Year Mr Gibbons I be- 
heve sold the best part of the Crop to Mr Handley of w^hich I sup- 
pose you are already acquainted I am sorry to Learn the present 
Calamitous Condition of your Town from the small Pox I hope 
your Family have safely got through the Disorder. 

Capt Talbert brings with him a Packett directed to Mr Josiah 
Smith which contains 2 Letters of great Consequence for our Friend 
Mr Thomson in Case Mr Smith should be 111 with the present Epi- 
demical Malady we must beg of you to receive the said Packets 
& comply with the Instructions therein given said Mr Smith in re- 
gard to the forwarding said Letters to Mr Thomson, particularly 
observing our remark "That the originals of these are on board the 
Elizabeth Capt Markham" who we suppose is now in your Harbour. 
I have not yet had Time to Draw out your Account but shall speedily 
do it. The free Negro Kingsale at his going away had to the amount 
of 13s/ Sterlg of me which he promises to pay you. I have got in 
your Rice but have not yet weigh'd the whole of it 

I am Sir 

Your most humble Servant 
Thomas Rasberry 
Pr Capt Talbert 

Savannah Georgia May 5 th. 1760 
Mr. William Thomson 

Sir I received your Favour of the 3d last January per Capt. Raines 
together with the Goods shipt me by him in good Order except the 
Trunk of Mercery No 35 from Ryder, Nicklin & Wells of which 
I cannot as yet gain any Intelligence off. I have wrote to Charles 
Town about it and sent Raines's Bill Lading down there to demand 
it from him and expect my Correspondents Answer by next Oppor- 
tunity. I notice your speaking to Mr Norman about the Gunpowder, 
which was really bad but I have got it off at a small disadvantage 
except about 50 lb. which I think Mr Norman ought to allow. I 
observe the Sales of the Skins shipt you by John Smith and also your 
carrying £i2<).j.$ to my Credit by Elliott & Gordon as well as Mr. 
Martyn's giving due honour to the Bills on him for £j^ and jCS^' 
I am also glad to learn that the Certificate to Barnard of £^4, ir- 
regularly endorsed, is passed, which is better than I expected, and 
I must beg you to send me my Account Current by the very first 


Opportunity, because there are several concerned in some of these 
Certificates that I cannot possibly settle with until I know their Net 
proceeds. We reed sometime since an Account of Thompsons being 
carried into Martinico, and I have sold the Rice intended for him 
to Mr Graham for Bills which I hope to have soon to send you, and 
herein you'l find enclosed the first of three Setts amounting to Two 
hundred Pounds sterling which when paid you'l pass to my Credit. 

John & James Graham's first Bill to me on 

John Nutt dated the 25th. Ulto for 1 00.0.0 

Nathl. Polhills first ditto to me on Samuel 

Savage da: 8th March last 50.0.0 

John Martin Bolzius's first Bill to me on 

Thos. Broughton dated the ist. Inst. 50.0.0 


I wrote you the 6th. last March and enclosed you sundry Bills 
&ca amounting to £jS2.i4.iiy2 Sterling which I hope came safe 
to hand, and that before this reaches you the whole of them are 
paid and passed to my Credit. Mr. Ottolenghe acquaints me that his 
regected Bills on Dr. Bearcroft for /15 have since been paid if so, 
you'l undoubtedly advise me in your next, as you are quite silent 
as to this in your last Favour. Some of the highest Priced Irish Linnens 
now received appears to be very high charged, particularly a single 
ps. No 17 cost 3/6 which upon the strictest Examination and com- 
paring with 2 ps. of 2/6 per yd. you sent me from Barton & Smith 
by two former Conveyances really appears to be nothing inferior 
in Quality to this at 3/6. I must also remark a Mistake made by Crow- 
ley Co. in respect to their Hoes - they charge the broad & narrow 
Hoes equally alike at 20/ per dozen notwithstanding there's such a 
very material difference in their breadths and no apparent distinction 
as to quality. 

Mr Elliott acquaints us that he has returned you a general Cer- 
tificate from Charles Town for all the Tea you ship't in Raines, 
else the needfull in respect to mine wou'd have been done by this 
Opportunity, and as I have nothing further at present worth re- 
marking shall only add that I am Sir 

Yr. very hble Servant 
Pray don't omit sending my Account Current per next Conveyance. 

I had almost forgot to mention that Messrs. Fieri & Wertsch de- 
sires that whatever Ballance may be due them from you, may be 
carried to my Credit 


Please to send me with the other Goods wrote for or by the very 
first Opportunity afterwards 

500 yds Irish OSnabrig at §d. per yard Bounty off 
12 ps. brown Roles about 4-%d or 5d. per Ell 
12 doz. broad Hoes with round Creases as 20/ per doz. 
4 doz Hooks & Hinges at 4/6 per doz 

4 doz ditto at 6/6 per do. 

4 doz ditto at 9s. per do. 

2 doz ditto at 14/ per do. 

I doz ditto at 20/ per do. 

6 doz broad Hoes at i ^/6 per doz 

Savannah May 7th. 1760 
John Tobler Esqr 

Sir Agreeable to your Letter of the 28th last March (this being 
the first opportunity Since) I now send you the Goods you then 
desired in your own Boat under the Care of Mr Jarvis Namely 

2 ps. Checks 52 yds. cost 7d per yd 1.10.4 
1 Box Tea 20 lb. a 3/10}^ 3'^7-<5 

I barrel Sugar 210 lb. Nt. a 32/6 £ 3.8.3 

I Cag Swan Shott 56 lb. 0.9.6 

50 Per Ct. Advance 2.18.8 8.16.0 

1 hogshead Rum 120 Galls, a 3/3 19.10.0 

3 bottles Turlington cost 0.9.0 

I sometime agoe acknowledged the receipt of the money Deer 
Skins &ca you sent me and also acquainted the revd Mr Zubly of the 
Ballance supposed to be due me from your late Partnership of which 
he has undoubtedly acquainted you agreeable to his Promise 

May 8th 1760 
Just as I had wrote the foregoing I received your Letter of the 
30th Ulto in Consequence of which I have added the following 
Articles to those Charged yesterday all of which I hope may Safely 
reach you 

I ps. 54 Check more 25V2 yd. a 7d'/4 

N17 2 ps. % ditto 60 yds a loVzd 2.12.6 

2 I ps. ditto 32 a 1/ 1. 1 2.0 

I ps. white Edinburghs 125 yds. a 6^4 3.5.1 '/i 


1 ps. brown ditto 127 yds. a 5'/2d 

2 lb. scots ounce thread No 9 a 4/4 

1 lb. ditto No 10 

2 doz thread Buttons 

50 Per Ct. advance 

3 Double bottles Turlington cost 















I have receiv'd the Deer Skins you mention but have not yet open'd 
or weigh'd them also one Cow Hide which shall be placed to the 
account of J & U Tobler. all the Goods I now send you are charged 
to your own Account as being most regular. Coffee, sugar, & OSnabrig 
are very scarce at present 

I am Sr. &cr 

Savannah May 9th. 1760 
Josiah Smith Junr 

Sr. I wrote you some Days agoe per Capt Drummond which I hope 
came safe to Hand - this will be deUvered you by Capt. Talbert and 
contains two Drafts on your Town making together ^^ 2 34.8.0 your 
money which when paid youl pass to my Credit Namely 
Lieut. Outerbridges Draft on Dr Milligen to 

J & U Tobler 29th. Jany last 100 

George Galphins ditto on Mr Mcqueen to said 
Tobler's 24th Jany last i34-8 

;C2 34-8 
Mr. Tobler omitted to endorse these orders to me but as Mr Outer- 
bridge was here when his came to hand, Mr Russell spoke to him about 
it, and he assured Him it should be paid notwithstanding this omission 
as he would be in Chas. Town himself In Respect to that on Mr 
McQueen I had retum'd it to the revd. Mr Zubly but he is now of 
opinion that the enclosed Letter to said Mr Mcqueen may facilitate 
its Payment and which please to Deliver with the order I must beg 
you to forward the two enclosed Pacquets for Mr Thomson by the 
first two Conveyances that may offer for Britain & should be very 
Glad if you could send me a hhd. muscovado Sugar at or about ;^io 
your money per 100 lb. 

I have somehow or another mislaid your last Letter which came 
to hand when T was quite 111 I think you mentioned something re- 


lating [to] Toblers Affairs with you If I can be of any Service to 
you in this respect it will be a Pleasure to Sir yours &ra 

June 2d. 1760 
Mr Josiah Smith 

Sir I have just now received a BiU on New York for £$0 Sterhng 
on Mr A4otier, Paymaster of the Troops on Account of our Rangers 
Service and should be glad to know whether it would suit you to 
receive it & pass it to my Credit & am Sir yours &cra 

The revd Mr Bolzius desires me to get for him from Charles- 
town a Ten gallon Cag of good madeira Wine or vidonia, also a Ten 
gallon Cag of old Jamaica or Barbados Rum which please to send 
me per the first safe Opportunity. 

Savannah Georgia June 2d. 1760 
Devonsheir Reeve & Lloyd 

I received your Letter by the Sally Capt. Moat together with 
the Goods shipt me by him, and this serves to hand you the first 
of a Sett of Bills drawn by John Markham on Henry Bird Esq. 
payable to Grahams & Mossman and dated the 7th last March for 
one hundred Pounds Sterling which when paid you'l pass to my 
Credit. Mr. Thomson acquaints me that he has desired you to send 
me out a few Nails that he cou'd not procure for me at London 
which I make no doubt you'l comply with. In Case you shoud have 
shipt me the Woollens in Consequence of my Order of the 31st. 
December, last and the Vessel shoud be taken, you'l in reshipping 
them reduce the Quantity of Plains & Duffills to one half of what 
was ordered and intirely omit the Strouds. 

I am Srs. 


Savannah Georgia June 2d. 1760 
Mr. WiUiam Thomson 

Sir In mine of the 5th. Ulto. I acknowledged the Receipt of the 
Goods per Rains and in the same remitted you Bills to the Amount 
of Two hundred Pounds sterling which I hope came safe to hand 
and are I believe indubitable. Capt. Ball is just now come round 
from Charlestown and I expect will be up this River in a Day or two 

Our affairs here at present wear a very gloomy Aspect which is 
the principal Reason of my troubling you with this - you will 
undoubtedly hear before this reaches you of the Hostilities and 


Barbarities committed by the Cherokee Indians on the out Settle- 
ments of Carolina &ca and I am sorry to acquaint you that we are 
now under great Apprehension from the Creek Indian Nation also, 
were some of the Traders have been lately murdered and the re- 
mainder of them fled to Charlestown, Savannah &ca for Refuge. We 
cannot at present discover whether the Creeks are unanimous or not 
for a Rupture with the English, as some of the Traders were escorted 
to the Settlements by a Party of those Indians; and they have hither- 
to effected a strict Nuetrality between us & the Cherokees, but on 
the whole we have Reason to beheve that these Commotions take 
their Rise from some deep laid Scheme of the French against the 
Two Provinces, for as they were worsted to the Northward by our 
Arms they retreated in great Numbers down the Mississippi and of 
Course must be now very formidable on the back of So. Carolina 
& Georgia, therefore as we seem to be at present in a critical Situation 
I must beg you in Case the ordered Goods in mine of the ist. 
February last (which I suppose will be shipped before this reaches 
you) shoud be taken that in reshipping them you'l reduce their 
Quantities as near as you can to one half of what is ordered except 
some Articles for the Indian Trade Vizt Vermillion, Beads, Ear 
Bobs and gilt Belts which I woud have intirely omitted. I expect 
to make you very shortly a considerable Remittance in Bills and am 
Sr. &ca 

Thos. Rasberry 

John Tobler Esqr per Mathias Ash Savannah June 6th. 1760 

I receiv'd all the Goods back again sent you per Mr Jervis except 
3 bottles Turlington & now send you the following in your Boat 

1 box 20 lb Tea 3-^7'^ 
56 lb Swan Shott 0.9.6 

2 Dozen Buttons 0.0.4 

50 advance 2.3.8 

6.1 1. o 

1 hhd Rum 19. 1 0.0 at 120 gns [?] a 3/3 

2 papers James Powder 

I hope the above may reach you safely & am Sir 


Savannah June 6th. 1760 
Josiah Smith 

Sir The foregoing I wrote you the 2d Instant but miss'd its Con- 
veyance since which I have receiv'd the missing Trunk pr. Raines 
and the sugar per Tufts and kindly thank you for what you sent me 
for my Disorder 

I notice the contents of your Favour of the 17th Ulto. and have 
mention'd to the Revd. Mr. Zubly (who is impower'd to settle the 
Affairs of iMr Tobler's Partnership) your Demand on him which 
I believe will soon be paid you as I receivd your account against 
him from iMr Robinson I must beg the favour of you to forward 
the 4 enclosed Letters by the 2 very first Opportunities for any Port 
of Britain - they are Copies and youl PLease to take Care that 2 of 
them Directed to one house dont go by one Conveyance we have 
almost dailey Expresses from the Creek Indian Nation but their con- 
tents afford such a variety of Accounts that it is impossible at Present 
to form a Just [?] idea [of] the intentions of these Indians but on 
the whole our affairs seem to carry with them a Gloomy Aspect and 
must request should any Goods come to your Hands shortly for me 
that youd please to wait Directions concerning their coming here 

I should be glad to have your reply to the former Part of this as 
soon as Possible and am Sir yours &ra 

Savannah June 21st. 1760 
Mr Josiah Smith 

Sir/ I wrote you a few Lines the 6th. Instant wherein I desir'd you 
in case any Goods should arrive for me from Europe that you'd wait 
my Directions as to their coming round here, but as since then we have 
receiv'd some more favourable Accounts from the Creeks, we begin 
to be less apprehensive of Danger and I think at present they may 
safely be sent round, except the Strouds I expect in from Bristol 
as they were intended for the deceas'd Captain Tobler, and I shall have 
now no manner of use for them, I must therefore beg the favour of 
you to sell them for me in Charles Town, on the best Terms you 
Can, and in order to come at the Cost please to open my Bristol 

I should also be glad that you'd please to send me per the Bearer 
I hhd Rum, i hhd coarse Sugar the same as the last and about 200 Lb. 
Coffee. I must beg the favour of you to forward the four enclos'd 
Letters for England by the Two next opportunities that may offer - 
they are Copies and one of each must go together as they are tied 
up they are also Copies of those sent you the 6th Instant and you'l 
please to take Care that neither of these goes by either of the Con- 


veyances of the 6th. Instant (if they are yet in your Hands) you'l 
find also enclos'd a Pacquet for the revd Air Ziegenhagen which 
you may forward by either of the Conveyances 

I have also enclos'd you Thos. Norman's Draft on Mr Mcqueen 
to John & U Tobler for /120 your money which when paid you'l 
pass to my Credit together with ^^ 172.2.6 in your money which you'l 
likewise find herein & I should be glad if you have Leisure to send 
me my Account Current for the last six Months. 

I am Sir &cra 

Savannah June 23d. 1760 
Mr. John Smith 

Sr I have sent you enclosed Lachn. & Geo[rg]e Mcintosh's order 
on Smith & Nutt to Elliott & Gordon dated the 5th. Ulto for /50 
Sterling, also J & U Toblers Draft on Alexr. Shaw 21st. Ulto favour 
the revd. Mr Zubly for ^220.19.1 your Money making together 
five hundred seventy Pounds nineteen Shillings and one penny South 
Caro. Currency which I send you in part Payment for the Rice re- 
ceived from your Plantation of your last Crop. 

I am &cra 
Mr Shaw lives somewhere about Combahee 

Mr William Thomson Savannah Georgia July 14th. 1760 

I wrote you a Line the 2d. Ulto. which I now confirm by the 
enclosed Copy thereof and on the 5th. of the preceeding Month (May) 
I made you a Remittance of Two hundred Pounds Sterling in Bills, 
which I hope will safely reach you and be duely honoured, our 
Indian Affairs, by recent Accounts, does not as yet wear a very 
promising Aspect, altho' a Body of Troops from General Amherst 
under Col. Montgomery has penetrated into the lower Cherokee Na- 
tion, killed & captivated more than 100 of these Savages, burnt several 
of their Towns and done them other considerable damage, yet their 
Nation in general seem not inclined to come into the pacifick Mea- 
sures offered them by said Col. Montgomery, which has determined 
him to pursue his March to their upper Towns (tho' by all Accounts 
extreemly hazardous) to relieve a Garrison of about 200 Men, that 
has been cooped up there for many Months past in a Fort (Loudon) 
constructed by us before these Commotions begun, and it's generally 
belived that the Event of this March will determine what we may 
expect from our nearer Savage, Neighbours the Creeks. 

As I have already acknowledged the Receipt of the Goods shipt 
me in Rains, I have only to mention that those also by Ball came safe 
to hand, your Letter of the 9th. April last lyes now before me, and 
to which I am now to reply. I particularly notice what you say 


as to my Mistake in the difference of Quality between Mr Grahams 
Indico and mine sent you & Mr Nutt by same Conveyance, and 
tho' I have no manner of Reason (myself) to impeach your Conduct 
in this Affair, yet it was necessary to say somewhat about it, in 
order to satisfy the Proprietors as I was only the Shipper of the major 
part of it, and I am of Opinion that Grahams was more carefully 
sorted before shipped. I also observe what you mention in regard ro 
our Rangers Bills, I thank you for your directions concerning them, 
but for the future it seems they are all to be drawn on New York, 
which yet makes them the more unacceptable to us as they are liable 
to a heavy discompt for negotiation, we having little or no Com- 
munication now with that Province. 

I shoud be very glad to hear that you've received my Letter of 
the 6th. last March wherein I sent you several Setts of Bills amounting 
to ^jSz.i^.iiYz sterling all of which (if they safely reached you) 
I make no doubt has been duly honoured; and by this Opportunity 
I enclose you the undermentioned Setts amounting to £ [blank] 
which in my Opinion are also indubitable. Namely 
Govr Ellis's Bills on Mr. Martyn dated the 7th. Inst. 

to Grahams & Mossman for 74-i<5«3 

dos. do. to do. same date on do. 50.0.0 

dos. do. to me on do. same date 184.11.3 

dos. do. to me on do. same date 20.12.6 

dos. do. to me on do. same date 80.0.0 

revd. Mr. Bolzius's Bills on Thos. Broughton to 

me 20th Ulto. 3 I.I 2.2 

William De Brahms do. on Mr. Martyn to me dated 

the nth. Instant 75.0.0 

Henry Yonges do. to me the 20th June last on the 

Bishop of Bristol 25.0.0 

Revd. Mr. Bolzius's do. to me on Mr Broughton 

dated the 2d. Inst. i7'i3'2 

Samuel Balls do. to Grahams & Mossman of this date 

on James & Charles Crokatt 79.17.6 

^639.2. 10 

Messrs. Fieri & Wertsch have shewn me your Account with them 

whereon there appears a Ballance due you of / 15.8.3 Sterling which 

you may charge to my Account, and I must also beg of you to pay 

Mr Jacob Israel of Mansel Street Goodmans Fields Ten Pounds Ten 


Shillings sterling, who will call on you for this Purpose with which 
Sum youl also please to charge me 

I have nothing more to add at present than that I am Sir your very 
hble Servt. 

P.S. you'l please to observe that there are no Letters of Advice 
either to the Governors Bills on Mr Yonges, tho' each of them are 
drawn as per Advice - as to the former I'me acquainted that there 
are general Lre's of Advice transmitted for the whole Expence, and 
in respect to the latter Mr Yonge tells me that his Brother (the 
Bishop) will be sufficiently advised of this Draft both by this Con- 
veyance and other subsequent Opportunities. Mr. Bolzius's Letters 
with his two Setts of Bills were all sealed before I received them, 
therefore I send two of said Lres, at Random not knowing whether 
they may immediately respect his enclosed Drafts or not, but as the 
Bills are in his own hand Writing (which Mr. Broughton must be 
intirely acquainted with) I apprehend shou'd any Contrast appear 
between the Letters and Bills it will not retard their payment. Capt. 
Ball resolving to go done this Evening, prevents me enquiring of Mr. 
Bolzius (who you know lives at 30 Miles Distance) as to the Con- 
nextion between the Bills & Letters. 

Savannah July the i6th. 1760 
Mr Josiah Smith 

Sir I received your Letter in answer to mine concerning the Bill 
that I had on N York which I have otherwise dispos'd off. I have 
also the Invoice &cra of the Bristol Goods whereof you advise me 
and hope they are all now in Drummond except the Stroud which I 
desired you in mine of the 21st Ulto to endeavour to sell them in 
your Town for my Account you'l find under Cover Capt Thos 
Goldsmiths order on Lieut Jno. Gray 25th Ulto. to Graham's & Moss- 
man for ;^ 29.1.0 Sterling which youl pass to my Credit when paid 
& must beg you to send me per next opportunity i hogshead Rum, 
12 lb. Chocalate, & 200 Lb. Sope. The enclos'd Letter for Mr Thom- 
son youl please to fforward by the first Vessell for any Part of 
Britain I expect soon to make you a more Considerable Remittance 
and am &ca 

I have hadded herein ^^ 14. 16. 3 in your Paper Currency which youl 
place to my Credit 

Mr Banbury Savannah July 16, 1760 

I should have reply'd to your favour relating Capt Longstaffs 
Wine before now but have been for a long Time past very unwell. 
The wine prov'd so indifferent that I was Glad to sell it at any rate 
there's 3 Pipes sold at ;^ 1 8 each but I have not yet received Pay- 


ment for either of them as soon as I get the money which must be 
in our Paper Currency I shall endeavour to convert it into some- 
thing to send you the fourth Pipe in which there appears a Con- 
siderable Ullage I shall take my self. I am &ra 

Thomas Rasberry 

Savannah Augt. 17 th. 1760 
Mr John Chapman 

Sir I must beg the Favour of you to send me 1 2 lb of the best Dutch 
Glaz'd shoe Thread by the return of the Bearer and with it the Cost 
which shall be remitted you per first Opportunity afterwards which 
will oblige your 

most humble Servant 
T Rasberry 

Mr. Josiah Smith Savannah Augst. 21st. 1760 

per Crawdy 
Sir I have received your Letters per Drummond and Talbert of 
last Month together with the sundry Articles therein mentioned sent 
me by them I notice the Detension of my woollens from Bristol in 
Consequence of an Act of your Assembly which may probably prove 
very Detrimental to me unless they may have leave to come up before 
the cool weather sets in. 

I observe your having ^22.5/ Sterling our money in your Hands 
which you desire me to exchange, notwithstanding I am frequently 
put to some difficulty in making you a Suitable Payment; yet in 
order to oblige you I'll do the best I can with it when you send 
it me up. I have sent you Inclos'd John Toblers Draft on you the 8th. 
Instant in my Favour for ^^70 Sterlg. which if right you'l PLace to 
my Credit and Charge me with that small Ballance due you from 
John & Ulric Tobler. I should be very Glad if you'd send me by first 
good Opportunity the following Articles Vizt 

1 Cask about 130 lb. good Coffee 

2 hhds. Sugar at ^^lo or ^^ 11 if then to be had 
2 Groce Empty Bottles 

6 lb. Shoe Thread & i lb Castile Sope for Medicine 
If when an Opportunity offers to send up the Sugars and you 
cannot meet with any so low as / 11 thats tollerable in Quality youl 
then go to a higher Price for I must have some Sugars - the Coffee 
you sent me was very Ordinary and I must have Better tho you Ad- 
vance in Price. The Sope & Shoe Thread Crawdy may bring with 
Please to forward the 2 enclosd Packets for London per 2 Con- 


veyances just as they are tyed up and in Case the Packet I sent you 
the 1 6th. Ulto. for Mr. Thomson is yet in your hands you'l please 
to take Care that the present one for said Mr. Thomson and that do 
not go together as they are Copies 
I am Sir 

Thos. Rasberry 
please to retain the loose Packett for Mr Lloyd for a 3d. Conveyance 

Mr. John Smith August 21st. 1760 

per Crawdy 

Sir/ Youl find enclosed Willm Gilbart's Order on you in my Favour 
the 4th. Instant for ^^ 282. 19 your Currency which youl place to my 
Credit. You have also herein enclosed the state of your Accot. as it 
stood on my Books the 30th Last June wherein there appears a Bal- 
lance due you of ;CJ33-5-7'/2 Sterg. I have made several little Charges 
against you since for your PLanta[tion] nor have I as yet the whole 
of Prunieres Debt I am very sorry to hear that you are ailing and 
heartly wish you the recovery of your health. 

Thos. Rasberry 

PLease to acknowledge the Receipt of this per Bearer 

Savannah Augst. 23 d. 1760 
John Tobler Esqr 

Sr. I received your Letter of the 9th. Inst, enclosing / 15. 1.3 Sterling 
in Cash for your own Account together with the undermentioned 
Orders for Account of Messrs. J & U Tobler Namely 

Your Draft on Josiah Smith 70. 

Mr Galphin's do. on Mcqueen Gordon 

& Co. for 477.1 1.9 So Caro. Curry 68.4.654 

1 38.4.6 »/4 

all which are carried to your Credits respectively 

I observe what you say concerning your sending for sundry Goods, 
if our Indian Affairs don't grow worse. I hope they will not, and 
you may depend on having these Articles when ever you think it 
convenient to send for them. I seldom or ever see Hudson or Thomas, 
but yesterday I received a Letter from the Former, wherein he 
promises to pay you very speedily. Mr Newmans Order on Mr Mc- 
queen was refused payment in Charles Town. I returned it again to 


the Revd. Mr. Zubly who has undoubtedly, acquainted you therewith. 

I am Sr &ca 
P.S. Your Lre for Switzerland is already gone for Chas. To. 

Savannah Septr ist. 1760 
Mr Josiah Smith 

Sir I wrote you a few Lines the 21st. Ulto per Adam Crawdy, to 
which I've had no reply, which I apprehend was owing to his short 
stay in your Town & your being absent when he delivered my 
Packet at your House. This comes in Capt. Drummond at whose re- 
turn here (if he comes back direct) I must intreat of you by all 
means to get Leave for my Negro Cloth & Blankets to come up in 
him, the Season for the Disposal of them is now drawing nigh, & my 
Customer's for those Articles are daily enquiring for them in order 
that their Negro Clothing may be ready on the first approach of 
the Cold which may be now very soon Expected. As to the Strouds 
(Since Capt. Toblers Disease for whom they were entirely intended) 
I have now no manner of Occasion for them nor no other Indian 
Articles, and I must beg of you (that if you cannot dispose of them 
readily in Charles Town on a reasonable advance) that you'd ship 
them to any of the Northward Provinces for my Account & you have 
here enclos'd the Cost & Charges of them copied from the Original 
Invoice for your Government, you'l also find under Cover ^^ 200 in 
your Currency to be placed to my Credit. I make no Doubt of your 
kind Compliance to the Contents of mine the 21st Ulto. per Crawdy 
& am Sir 

T Rasberry 

In Case you find it impracticable to obtain Leave for my Plains com- 
ing away soon, I believe in my next I shall desire you to sell them 
in Chas Town 

Mr William Thomson 

Union - Strachan - London 
Salisbury - Sharpe - Bristol 

Savannah Georgia Septembr. 5th 1760 
My last was the 14th July which I hope came safe to hand as it 
enclosed you a Remittance of ;r 639.2. 10 Sterling in Bills which I 
make no manner of doubt were unexceptionable. Since my said Lre 
of July Coll. Montgomery has met with a Check in the middle Chero- 
kee Towns and Fort Loudoun surrendered, on Terms, to these 
Indians, who, however, by Accounts we have received, seem at present 
to be vary desirous of Peace. As to the Creeks, they have committed 


no other Act of Hostility against us than what I mentioned in mine 
of the 2d. June, and the Major part of their Nation has since not 
only disowned having having any Concern but even any previous 
Knowledge of the Outrage committed on their Traders, and as a 
Proof thereof have brought down to Augusta a great Part of the 
Effects of those who were either killed or abandoned their Nation; 
so that from these, and several other corroberating Circumstances, 
we have Reason to hope that Matters may be soon be accomodated 
with the Indians and it is in Confidence of this that I am now to 
desire you to ship me as soon as possible after the Receipt hereof the 
following Articles under Insurance Namely 

500 yds white Edinburghs 

a 8d per yd 

1300 yds brown ditto 

a yd. 

1200 yds Irish OSnabrig 

a yd. 

6 ps. % Irish Linner 


a 1 2d. per yd 

6 ps. % ditto 

a i4d. 

6 ps. " ditto 

a i6d. 

6 ps. " ditto 

a i8d. 

4 ps. " ditto 

a 2id. 

4 ps. " ditto 

a 2s. 

2 ps. ditto 

a 2/6 

2 ps. ditto 

a 2/9 


6 ps. Irish Sheeting 


1 2d. per yd 

4 ps. Dowlas 

a 1 6s. per ps. 

4 ps. ditto 

a' 1 8s 

4 ps. ditto 

a 21s 

4 ps. ditto 

a 25s 

4 ps. ditto 

a 27/6 

4 ps. ditto 

a 30/ 

3 ps. % Garlix 

a 18/ per ps. 

3 ps. ditto 

a 20/ 

3 ps. ditto 

a 22/ 

3 ps. ditto 

a 24/ 

4 ps. manchester striped Cotton Hollands a i4d. per yd 

2 ps. ditto 

a i6d 

2 ps. ditto 

a i8d. 

6 ps. 7/8ths cotton 


a 13d per Ell 

6 ps. ditto 

a i6d 

6 ps. ditto 

a i9d 

6 ps. yd wd. ditto 


i4d per Ell 

6 ps. ditto 

a i6d 

6 ps. ditto 

a 2od 


12 Womens blue & white striped cotton Gowns at 8/6 or 9s. each - 
striped the length Way of the Cloth and narrow Stripes 

2 ps. blue & white striped Ginghams at 20/ per ps 1 narrow Stripes 

2 ps. red & white striped ditto at 27s. per ps. J " 

15 ps. cotton Romall Handkerchiefs a' 10/6 per ps. 

4 ps. Cambrick at 22/ per ps 

4 ps. ditto at 26/ 

2 ps. ditto at 30/ 

I ps. ditto 3t 35/ 

1 ps. ditto at 40/ 

2 ps. Renting a 12/ per ps 
2 ps. ditto a 15/ 

2 ps. ditto a 18/ 

2 ps. long Lawns 32 yds ea at 52/ per ps 

2 ps. ditto a' 63/ 

2 ps. ditto a' 72/ 

12 ps. 18 yard Callicoe with white Grounds and large Flowers 
(6 at 26s. per ps. & 6 ps. at 30/) 

12 ps. dark ground ditto at 18/ per ps. I Patterns for 

12 ps. blue ground Chintz at 25/ per ps j Gowns 

12 ps. 5 coloured white ground ditto a 26/ per ps 

6 ps.double china blue & White printed Linnen of 8/2 or 8-54 yards 
each at 2/2 per yd 

6 ps. purple & white ditto about 17 yds each at i8d per yd of dif- 
ferent Patterns 

3 doz silk Handkerchiefs at 29s. per doz 1 let a few of these 

3 doz ditto at 38/ per doz J be blue ground 
I doz womens coloured gauze Handkerchiefs different colours 

I doz mens striped single silk Caps abt. 44/ per doz. but none of them 

4 doz blue & white linnen Handkerchiefs spotted at 11/6 per doz 
4 dos paste work ditto a' 12/9 per doz. 

I doz womens black silk Mittens at 40/ or 45/ per doz 

1 doz dos. do. coloured and of different Colours 

2 doz woms. open arm'd cotton Mittens a 18/ per doz 
2 doz dos. do 24/ per doz 

2 doz mens striped cotton Caps a 9s. per dz 

2 doz mens fine plain white thread Stockings about 45s per doz 

2 doz dos. brown thread ditto a good Sort 

12 ordinary bed Ticks at 9 or 10/ each 

25 lb. good OSnabrig Thread full weight 

15 lb. ditto lower priced done up in half pounds 


12 lb. whited brown ditto a' 2/2 

6 lb. Stiching Thread a' 3/ 

6 lb. ditto a' 3/6 

6 lb. ditto a' 3/9 

i4 lb. fine ounce ditto a' 25/ per Lb 

Vz lb. ditto a' 30/ 

18 doz blue & white dutch Pretties 

6 doz. narrow figured Ribbons for Children 

2 doz. youths castor Hatts at 30/ per doz. 

4 doz mens do. a' 36/ per doz 

4 doz dos. do. a 24/ per doz 

2 doz. woms. black hair Hatts 

4 doz. woms. straw Hatts 

2 doz. girls ditto 

please to let these straw Hatts be of a midling Quality the 

last vou sent was too coarse 
6 woms. coloured flowered silk Hatts 
6 ditto plain sattin 
I doz black silk Bonnetts or half Hatts 

1 doz black silk Hives 
6 ps. % Garlix at 18/ 

6 ps. do. a 20/ 

4 ps. do. a 22/6 

4 ps. do. a 25/ 

4 ps. do. a 27/6 

3 doz mens single channel Pumps 

4 doz. womens stuff damask & everlasting Shoes, let a few pr. 

be black but none yellow 

2 doz. girls ditto - sorted 

2 doz. woms. leather Shoes 

2 doz. girls do. I , 

J ? J > sorted 

2 doz. boys do. ( 

2 Reams post Paper a' 14/6 or 15/ 

8 Rms. fools cap do. a 12/6 

6 Rms. pot do. a 8 or 9s 

2 Rms. brown do 

2 Rms. whited brown do. 

1 doz lead Ink Stands with Glasses at 14/ per doz 

6 doz. black lead Pencils chiefly of the smallest Size 

2 doz. Primmers 

4 doz. horn Books with gilt or silvered leather Backs 

2 doz. PSalters 

2 doz. tin pudding Pans at 10/ per doz. 


2 doz ditto at 12/ 

12 doz quart tin Potts 

12 doz pint ditto 

12 doz. half pint ditto 

2 doz. 3 pint tin Boylers 

6 doz. I Lb. Cannisters 

2 doz. 2 Lb. ditto 

4 Nests tin Kettles 

6 Nests red gilt Trunks 

6 doz best mettal flat pewter Plates 

2 doz. soop ditto 

Vz doz, soop Dishes sorted 

2 doz, socket Spades a' 35s/ per doz. 

50 Lb. dutch glazed Shoe Thread 

2 doz Hinges with hooks a' 4/6 per doz 

2 doz ditto 

a 6/6 

2 doz. ditto 

a' 9s. 

I doz. ditto 

a 14/ 

I doz. ditto 

a 20/ 

2 doz, X garnet 


a 4/6 per dz 

2 doz, ditto 

a 6/6 

2 doz, ditto 

a 9s. 

I doz, ditto 

a 14/ 

I doz. ditto 

a 20/ 

12 doz. rice Sickles 

a 4/16 per doz. 

2 doz. claw Hammers 

a' 12/ per doz | 

2 doz. ditto 

a 14/ ( 

all with solid Cheeks 

6 7 feet X cut Saws, best Sort 

12 doz. hand saw Files at 2od, per doz 

2 groce Aul BLades sorted 

6 small steel Coffee Mills at 6/ each 

6 large ditto at ys. ea. 

I doz. flat brass Candlesticks at 2/6 each 

I doz. ditto with Tinder Boxes a 2/3 each 

I doz. brass Snuffers a' 11/ per doz 

I doz. copper Tea Kettles sorted 

4 doz. Table Knives & Forks at 2/6 per doz. 

4 doz, ditto a 3/9 

4 doz. ditto a 5/ 

all split Handles and what I mean by a dozen is 6 Knives 

& 6 Forks 
8 doz small cuttoe Knives a' 3/ per doz. 
8 doz. ditto a 4/ 


4 doz. ditto a 5/ 

lom. Needles sorted, but chiefly of the Nos. i, 2, 3, 4 and put 
up in papers of 25 each being the more convenient for Sale 



best minikin Pins a' 




short Whites 





II Lb. 

a 5/ 



X Whites 





4/2 a 





a 12/ 

The Same as you had from Hardy & sent per the Harrietta 

the first Time. 
2 doz. square steel Shoe Buckells a' 4/ per doz. 
2 doz. a 5/ per do. 

2 doz. large fine tooth box Combs 
6 2 quart china Bowls | 

6 I quart ditto .1 „ , • 

A. r^\r.^A\^^ r blue & white 

6 pint ditto j 

6 doz. Tea Cups & Saucers 
6 doz. burnt in ditto 

please to order the above Cups & Saucers to be pretty large 

& plain, i. e., neither scollopt, or ribb'd. 
24 doz. pr. white stone Cups & Saucers, a' 1 8d. per doz pr. 
24 doz. pr. blue & white ditto a' i8d. per doz pr. 

9 doz. hemp fish Lines at 2/ per doz. 

9 doz. do. a' 3/ per doz. 

4 doz. cotton do a' 10/ per doz. 

2 . . o . . o 2 Inch white Rope 
300 Lb. F Gunpowder 

200 H ditto 

in I /4th. and i/8th. Barrels and please to give particular 
Directions to send none but what is really good 

5 . . o . . o Bird & mustard seed Shot 

3 . . o . . o small swan Shot 

6 netted ell wide Umbrelloes 
6 do. yard wide do 

I Chest Bohea Tea 

6 . . o . . o single Loaf Sugar in small hard baked Loaves 

12 Lb. common fig Blue 

1 . . o . . o common Starch 

3 half Chests florence Oyl 

I . . o . . o Salt petre 

12 Lb. 3 strand net Twine at 13d. per Lb 

18 lb. sail ditto a i2d. 


12 lb. casting net ditto a 2/6 

12 ps. brown Roles at 4-% or 5d. per Ell 

1 ps. yard wide flowered Dimmitty abt. 20 yards at 36/ per ps. 

2 ps. fine brown Holland (or Silesia) about 35 yds each at 35 or 

36s. per ps. 

1 ps. meal Sacking at 7-54d. per yd 

2 ps. corded Dimmitty of 15 yds each at 14/6 per ps. 
2 ps. do. a 17s. 

2 ps. do. a 20s. 

4 groce scarlet star Gartering at 9s. per gro. 
6 black knit Breeches Patterns a 6/6 each 

3 blue ditto a' 7s 
3 Scarlett ditto a' 9s 

2 ps. dyed Pillow or Fustian dark brown a 23/ per ps. 
2 ps. ditto light olive a 34/ per ps 

2 ps. ditto do. a 38/ 

I shou'd be glad to have the Edinburgs and OSnabrig come out in 
small, or what they call, half peices, being by far much the more 
handy for Sale. I have received Complaints from several of my 
Customers of the bad quality of the Irish Linnens you have lately 
sent me, as being very rotten, notwithstanding there was no manner 
of Appearance of any Sea Damage when opened, and how to account 
for it, I know not, unless those ps. complained off might have been 
old Shopkeepers and so decayed by Age, which you'l please to hint 
to Wakefield & Co. who sent them. Its also supposed and really so 
appears that Mr. Woodrooffe charges his Hosiery to high, par- 
ticularly his Stockings, and more especially some thread ribbd that 
came last in Raines & Ball too which their price and quality bears 
no manner of Affinity, and we must be obliged, I am afraid, to sell 
them much under the common Advance in Order to get rid of 
'em. I can assure you, 'its equally disagreable to me either to re- 
ceive or make Complaints of any kind. Yet on the other hand I'me 
of Opinion it may be sometimes necessary to hint these Remarks 
to some of your Tradesmen as a Rule for their future Conduct when 
ever their appears a reasonable Necessity for it. In mine of the 
2d June last you were desired (on Account of our Indian Com- 
motions) "that if you had already executed my Order of the ist. 
February, preceeding, and the Goods shou'd be taken, that in re- 
shipping them you'd reduce the Quanity to one half of what was 
ordered;" if that Lre reached you in Time (of which I'me in Doubt) 
and only the half of them are coming out, 'its probable thev may 
be sufficient until I am again supplyed in Consequence of this, but 
if otherwise the whole of them are on their Way here they'l not 


be too much for my Sale and I woud not have this present Order 
diminished on Account of what I wrote you the said 2d. June. 
I shall, if possible, by this Conveyance make you a Remittance in 
Bills to the Amount of /200 or upwards and am collecting what 
Indico, Deer Skins &ca. I can, in order to send you the coming Winter. 
I believe you'l find a small Error of 10/ in your prejudice in my 
Acct. Current closed 31st December last - Vizt Augst. 31st. 1758 
where the Sum carried out ^^ 8 3 5. 2. 4 Goods per the Union and 
Mercury shoud be 835.12.4 which you'l please to rectify. 

In taking a review of the foregoing Goods Ordered I found that 
I had omitted several principal Articles which will be wanted & 

1 must therefore desire you to make an Addittion to this Order of 
the following 

40m. 2od Nails - one half in bags of 2m. each 
40m. lod do - one half in do. of 2m. each 
40m. 8d do - one half in do. of 4m. each 
40m. 6d do - one half in do. of 4m. ea. 
6om. $d do - one half in do. of 6m. ea. 
40m. 4d do - one half in do. of 6m. ea. 
6m. 8d Clout Nails 
6m. 6d do. 
6m. 4d do. 

2 ps. black double lod. Ribbon 

1 ps. single do. 

2 ps. double 8d. do. 

1 ps. single do. 

2 ps. double 6d. do. 
I ps. single do. 

Yz groce black Silk Ferretting 
Yi gro, blue do. 

You'l please to notice that I wou'd not have the whole of the Goods 
herein ordered to come out at one Time, it wou'd be more suitable 
to me to have the Order divided as near as can be done with Con- 
veniency and one half of them shipped so as to be here some time 
in March next and the other half in June following; please to let 
the woms. silk Hatts be of the newest Fashion. I have not yet re- 
ceived the Bills I intended to send you herewith but expect to have 
them in a Day or two 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah Septr. 3d 1760 

Since I wrote you the ist. Inst, (which also goes per this Con- 
veyance) I have had an Opporty. of disposing of the Bale of white 
Plains No i 2ps blue, i ps green and i ps drab coloured in the 


other Bale of same Number (i) and 2 ps. Blanketts in Bale No 2 to 
an old Customer of mine Mr. Isaac Brabant of Purrysburg in your 
Province and I must beg you to deliver the same to his Order. In 
this Case you'l be under the Necessity of opening 2 Bales i. e. the 
smallest of No i and 2 and I must beg of you to see the Remainder 
of them well repacked on Account of the destructive Moth. The 
detention of these Articles may prove very detrimental to me, and 
I was glad of the Opportunity of thus disposing of part of them 
while in your Town. 

I am Sir &ca 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah Septr. 15th. 1760 

per Mr. Wylly & W. Ely 
I received your Favours per Capt Tuffts but cannot particularly 
reply to them now as the Bearer is instantly going away. This 
serving only to advise you that I have nothing at all by Coombs that 
comes within the Limitation of your Act. The Articles I have by 
Strachan which are liable to be stopt are these Vizt 

T.R. N028 1 , bales Duffills 
29 1 

36 I do. coloured PLains & Gunpowder 
I believe Messrs. McCartan & Campbell are wrote to by this Con- 
veyance to hire a Vessel to bring up some Goods for Messrs. Johnson 
& Wylly of this Town, if you have not already engaged the Freight 
of mine you'l please to send them by the same Opportunity 

I am Sr. &ca. 
PS. The 3 Bales from Bristol per the Salisbury - Sharpe are Plains 
Strouds and Duffills 

Mr. Josiah Smith Savannah Septembr. 26 1760 

per Capt. Tuffts 

I wrote you a Line about 10 or 11 days since by Mr. Wylly which 
I hope came safe to hand, and I am now to acknowledge the receipt 
of the 22.5.0 in our Money (say Sterling) together with the sundry 
Articles sent me in Capt. Tuffts amounting to ^269.9.4 your Cur- 
rency for which two Sums you are duly credited. I have also the 
mistaken Draft of Mr Toblers on you for £10 Stg together with 
a Lre (I presume) from Messrs. Smith & Brewton in order to clear 
up this Affair, I expect to have an Oppo. to send them to him a 
few days hence, and as Mr. Tobler proposes this as a Payment to 
me, there's little to fear, I think, of its not coming into your hand. 

I am in great hope that Permission ere this may have been given 
for our negroe Cloathing coming away from your Town, otherwise 


it must shortly appear a very melancholy Case to see Numbers of 
our Negroes perishing with Cold, and we incapable of helping them 
by reason of the detention of those very Articles intended for them. 
I am the more concerned at this Event as Mr. Brabant may be dis- 
appointed of that part of my Woollens that he has bought of me 
for the Use of the Negroes and poor white People in and about 
Purrysburg, he writes again to Mr. Poyas about them which Lre 
please to deliver. I expect very shortly to make you a considerable 
Remittance (exclusive that of Mr. Toblers) and shoud be glad if 
youd give my Compliments to Mr Banbury and tell him that perhaps 
by next Oppo. I shall remit him also on Account of Capt. Long- 
staffe's Wine 

I am Sr. &ca 
If Capt. Tuffts returns here direct please to send me by him two 
Hogsheads Rum, if not, by any other good Opportunity let it be 
such as is intitled to the Drawback & large Hhds 

Mr. Josiah Smith September 29 1760 


I had forgot to desire you to send me 300 lb Sope in two boxes 
per first Opportunity which please to do and youl oblige 

Yrs &ca. 

Savannah October 3d. 1760 
Mr. Tobler (Per Wm. Little) 

Sir I have receiv'd your letter of the 24th Ulto. by Mr Little, 
with 2 bundles Beaver skins but as to the Deer skins (you mention 
coming down per this Opportunity) I am inform'd by Mr Little 
that the man (Bendar) would not put them into the Boat for reasons 
he'l give you, therefore I have not receiv'd them which I should 
been very Glad to have done, if they had been sent. 

I observe what you say as to some Omissions in your Company's 
Account sent you which was Occasion'd thro' haste the £i6.ig.6 
for the Com per Bergeron & the 120 lb deer skins /i 3.143 % you'l 
find on the Credit of your next Account of the Company's the 
steer hides you mention were not deliver'd to me Mr Barnards 
People who brought them Carried them up again. Mr D Zubly de- 
sires me to acquaint you concerning the late Mr Cook's Indico which 
I settled with your son the 8th of November 1758 you'l please to 
refer to that Account & you'l find a Credit given J & U. Tobler that 
day by Cornelius Cook of ;^ 18. 17.6-% which was a Ballance then 
due from me to Mr Cook and I never receiv'd anything from him 
afterwards upon your Account. The 3 bottles Turlington that are 


missing were really deliver'd to the Patroon of the Boat (Jervis) 
they were done up in a sheet Paper by themselves & he put them 
into his Packet in my Presence, 

I have receiv'd Mr Geo. Galphin's order of the loth Ulto. on 
McQueen Gordon & Compa. for ;^i2o So. C. Cy. which I shall get 
accepted & Placed to your Credit, by the Bearer Wm. Little I now 
send you the following Articles in Consequence of your Letters of 
the 9th. of August & 24th Ulto. - Namely. 

I hogsd. Rum 105/2 galls, cost 3/9 ^^ 19.15.7^/2 

I Ble Sugar 300 Lb. Tr. 26 Nt. 274 Lb. 

a 36s per Ct 4.1 8.7 Vz 

I Cag Balls 56 lb 0.8.3 

I do. swan Shott 0.9.6 

1 box Pipes 6 gross 0.6.0 

2 Cags Gunpowder 50 lb 2.10.0 
Vz rheam Post Paper 0.1.3 


Advance 50 per Ct 2.0.6 ^ 6.1.6 

I 30-I5-9 
Herein return you a Counterfeit Bill of 3/6 which you deliver'd 
Mr. Zubly with the other money for your own Account therefore 
you are only Credited with ^i^.S.zVz receiv'd per him. I should 
have now sent you the other Articles you mention in your two last 
Letters but I have none of them at present. I have a parcel of Goods 
lately arriv'd at Charles Town which I expect may come up here 
very shortly & by first Opportunity afterwards I shall send you what 
are now deficient 

I am Sir 
Your most humble Servant 
Thomas Rasberry 

P.S. I send you enclos'd your Draft on Mr Josiah Smith in Charles 
Town of the 8th. August last for £ 70 Sterling. Mr Smith when he re- 
turned this Order, says that he was surpriz'd at your drawing on 
him for such a sum, but as he concluded it to be a mistake as to the 
Person drawn on, he made Enquiry of those of his name about it & 
Found that Messrs. Smith & Brewton of Charles Town had orders 
to pay you this money upon your signing some particular receipts. 
You have herein a Letter from said Gentlemen which, I believe, 


contains the receipts Mentiond, & which you'l please to put your 
name to and return to me by the next good Opportunity and the 
Money will then be paid but not otherwise 

Mr William Banbury enclosed to Jos. Smith 

Savannah Georgia October 13th. 1760 
Sir I herein enclose you one hundred and eighty Pounds in your 
paper Currency which I send you on Account of the four Pipes of 
Wine that Capt. William Longstaffe left in my hands, I shall as 
soon as possible send you the Account Sales and the Remainder of 
their Nt. Proceeds, and am 

Sr. &ca. 

T. R. 
Memd. The above ;^i8o I reed, from Fieri & Wertsch, if any of it 
shou'd be counterfeit 

Josiah Smith Savannah Octr. 13 1760 

Sr. I have received your Favour of the 30th Ulto with my Goods 
per Churchill agreeable to Bill Lading, but was greatly surprized 
to find that none of my negroe Cloth &ca were on board him, and 
the more so because Messrs. Johnson & Wylly had not only Plains 
& Duffills but even Gunpowder also brought up a few Days since 

1 believe per the Bearer or Capt Smith; I cannot say in what Manner 
they made their Application for this Permission, but I apprehend 
Messrs. McCartan & Campbell or Mr. Wylly woud readily acquaint 
you. Altho I have now intirely lost the Sale of the major part of 
these Woollens and which must lay on hand over the next Summer 
yet I've prevailed on 2 or 3 of my Customers to wait a little longer 
the Event of another Application which I must beg you to make 
on receipt hereof and acquaint me with your Success by the very 
first Opportunity that I may know what I have to depend on. You'l 
find herein McQueen Gordon & Cos. Order to me on John McQueen 
& C[o. fo]r four hundred seventy seven Pounds Stlg. your Currency 
(together with a Letter of Advice) which when paid youl place to 
my Credit. Messrs. Smith & BreM'tons Letter to Mr Tobler is for- 
warded, I expect back again the Receipts by the first Opportunity 
when youl have them also to enable you to receive that Money. 
Please to forward the two enclosed Letters for Mr Thomson by first 

2 Conveyances and I must again beg you to make all the Interest 
you can for Leave for my negroe Cloth Blanketts &ca to come up 
here as I have no Correspondent at Beaufort since Mr Jno Gordon 
left that PLace. I am Sir &ca 

P.S I am not quite certain that Mess[rs.] Johnson & Wyllys Plains 


&ca came up here in one of the late Conveyances but I am credibly 
informed that their Gunpowder (or a part thereof) did and was 
regularly cleared out at your Offices. Please to deliver the enclosed 
Letter for Mr Banbury. I wrote you the 26th Ulto per Capt Tuffts 
which I hope you have received as you were then desired to send 
me two large hhds Rum (intitled to Drawback) per next Oppor- 
tunity N B large Hhds are most usefull for packing Skins and pays 
freight the same as small ones from your Town 

John Tobler Esqr. Savannah October 25th. 1760 

Sr. I wrote you the 3d. Instant by Wm Little and by him sent you 
sundry Goods amounting to ^30.15.9 StLn. which I hope you have 
safely received. This comes in Mr. Raes Boat by which Opportunity 
I send you sundry other Articles amounting to / 12.8.9 Sterling 
as per the enclosed Bill parcells. I also now return you John & Ulric 
Toblers Draft on Mr Alexr. Shaw of the 21st May to the revd. Mr 
Zubly for ^T 2 20. 19.0 yr. Currency being refused Payment, as said 
Mr Shaw says that he paid you all your Demands in June last. You'l 
find in the Goods I now send you the three missing Bottles Turling- 
ton, it seems the Patroon had desired Mrs. Cook to deliver them to 
you, which I suppose she forgot and brought them down here, and 
afterwards left them at a House in this Town were they have re- 
mained ever since unknown to me till this Day. In my last I sent 
you a Letter from Charles Town enclosing (I presume) some Re- 
ceipts for you to sign in Order for me or my Correspondent there 
to receive your Money from Messrs. Smith & Brewton; youl please 
therefore to send the said Receipts (signed) per next Opportunity. 
I have received the last payment of Mr. Hudsons Debt a few Days 
agoe and J & U Tobler is credited therewith 

I am Sir &ca 
I am informed that John Thomas is gone to the Northward I am 
afraid youl loose that debt 

Mr. William Thomson Savannah Georgia October 25th. 1760 

Original per Henry Yonge 

I wrote you the 5th Ulto. and therein gave you reason to expect 
very shortly a Remittance of ;^2oo Sterling or upwards in Bills, 
since then I have received a more considerable Sum in Drafts on your 
City, Namely Five hundred sixteen Pounds 16/11V2 Sterling which 
I enclose you in this, as under. 

Pay Bill for P. George guard Boat up to the 

27th. May last 168.5.6 


Barto. Zouberbuhlers first Bill to Wm. Russell 

on Ed. Pearson dated 28th. last December 25.0.0 

Dittos, do. on do. to W. De Brahm 21st 
July last 25.0.0 

Dittos, do. on Benj. Martyn to do. same date 70.0.0 

J. M. Bolzius's do. on Thos. Broughton to 

Chr. Rabenhorst dated 15th. ditto 76.17.8 

Jos. Ottolenghes ditto to me on John Good- 
child da. 24th Inst. 100. 1 3.9 Vz 

Jno. Mcintosh's ditto to Elliott & Gordon on 

Jams. Fitter da. i6th. Augst. last 26.0.0 

Morda. Sheftalls do. to Wm. Russell on Sa. 
Nichleson & Co. 5th. Ulto. 25.0.0 


I have received your sundry Favours of the 19th June and 2d. July 
last with the Goods per Strachan & Coombes, except the Blanketts 
& Gunpowder which are detained in Charles Town in Consequence 
of an Act lately passed in Carolina but I hope to have them also 
in a few days. I cannot particularly reply now to those Remarks 
contained in your Favour of the 2d. July but shall take notice thereof 
when I send you the seconds of these Bills & as Henry Yonge Esqr 
our Surveyor General will be the Bearer of this to him I refer you 
for the PLains and Duffils to be sent me which I expect to receive 
for Enquiry as to the present posture of our Indian Affairs, which 
I only shall say in general appear to be some what less alarming than 
they were a short Time agoe. I shall only add that as I believe the 
Bills I now send you are all unexceptionable I make no doubt of 
their being placed to the Credit of 

Yr. hble Servt. 
T. R. 
I must beg you to send me the Account Sales of the Indico, as I 
cannot settle with some Persons here for want of it 

Mr. Josiah Smith Savannah 27th. October 1760 

per Capt. Talbert 
Sir/ I received your Letter of the 20th Instant by Capt Lyford 
who now lyes down at Quartine PLace, when he comes up to Town 
the rum and Sope you sent me per him will be received. I am glad that 
you have at last got Permission for my PLains and Duffills to come up. 
I shoud also have been very glad to have had the Gunpowder as 
I have hardly a Grain now to sell however we must wait a little 


longer for that. I now send you per the Bearer 2 bundles Beaver 
Skins belonging to Mr Tobler wt. 123 lb which youl please to sell 
and pass their Proceeds to my Credit. I must likewise beg the favour 
of you to engage Timothys News Paper for Mr John Fieri of this 
Place to be sent him in common with those for his other Customers, 
youl advise me when you have received Paymt. of the Drat, on 
McQueen & Co. for 477.1 1.9 your Curry, which at present is the 
needfull from 

Yr. hble Servt. 
T. R. 

Mr. Josiah Smith Savannah Octr. 31st 1760 

per Capt. Braddock 
I wrote you a Line the 27th Instant per Talbert and sent you per 
Him 2 bundles Beaver for Sale, this will be deliver'd you per Capt 
Braddock and encloses ;^2 7 in your Paper Currency which you'l 
place to my Credit, and I must beg you to pay Mr Timothy for 2 
Years News Papers for the revd Mr Bolzius and one Years ditto for 
Mr Francis Harris, also Mr Wells 2 Years for the latter & send me 
their receipts respectively I must also beg you to pay Mr Alexandr. 
Michie Ten Pounds your Currency for Account of Mr Debra'm 
charging me with the same. I shall make you a Remittance more 
Considerable per next Opportunity and am Sir 

your most Obedient humble Servant 
Thomas Rasberry 
The above Currency reed, of Mr Cunningham 

Mr John Smith October 24th: 1760 

per Capt Braddock 
I have your Letter of the 17th Ulto enclosing Mr Toblers Draft 
on Mr Shaw. I dont know how the old Gentleman came to forget 
this draft but am sorry it has thus happened, as we intended you in 
Payment. I shall return it to him per next Opportunity and to be 
sure the Expence you have been at about it ought to be paid you 
of which youl please to Acquaint me 

I am Sir Yr. most Obedient Servant 
Thos. Rasberry 

Savannah in Georgia Novembr. 5th. 1760 
Devonsheir Reeve & Lloyd 

Gentlemen I have your Letters of the 21st. April and 14th June 
last now before me, together with Invoices of Goods shipt for my 
Account in the Spy - Lyford and Salisbury Sharpe, but I have not 


yet received any of the Woollens by either or these Conveyances 
as they have been detained in Charles Town for some Months past 
in Consequence of an Act lately passed in Carolina in order to pre- 
vent the supplying the Enemy with any of these Articles or Indian 
Trading Goods Scca; however, permission has at last been obtained 
in a very few Days. The Detention of these Goods so long in Caro- 
lina has been of no small Prejudice to me in their Sales, and I am 
afraid that I must be obliged to keep the major part of them on 
hand over the next Summer 

Youl find under Cover of this the first of the two following Setts 
of Bills Exchange on London amounting to Two hundred and seven 
Pounds & eight pence Sterling which when paid you'l pass to my 
Credit Namely 

Robt. Colhoun's Bill to Harriott Crooke on 
John & Thos. Mills 4th August last for I55-5-8 

Pickering Robinson's do. to Willm. Russell on 

Samuel Lloyd 4th. Ulto. 51. 15.0 

/ 207.0.8 
I notice the Observation you make in your Letter of the 21 April 
"as to your being allowed Interest at the Expiration of the customary 
Time of Payment." this is no more than what I expected, and think 
reasonable, to do, and have done with my other european Correspond- 
ents for several years past. I shou'd be glad to have my Account Cur- 
rent the next Time you write and am 

Gentn. &ca 

T. R. 
P.S. Since I wrote the above I have had an Opportunity of en- 
larging this Remittance ^1$ more, Namely - Noble Jones's first 
Bill to me on James Fitter dated the 2 2d. Ulto. for the above Sum 
(jC^S) which you have also enclosed, and I debit your Account 
with / 2 32,0.8 in Consequence 

Mr William Thomson Savannah November 5th. 1760 

Sr. The foregoing are Copies of mine of the 5th September and 
25th Ulto. and herein I hand you the Seconds of the Bills mentioned 
in the latter. I observe what you say on the 2d. July in Answer to 
my Complaints of the Irish Linnens and Iron Ware and am sensible 
that several Species of european Goods have greatly risen as to 
Price within a short Time past, which may in a great Measure be 
owing (as you observe) to the extra Demand for such Articles from 
our newly acquired PLaces, but in respect to the Quality of the last 
Irish Linnens, I'me afraid that some Peices were really rotten as 


represented to me. As to the Ironmongery I have no other Remark 
to make on that Article except that Mr Tappenden omitted to send 
the 6 pair Sad Irons No. 3, 18 pr. only being received instead of 
24 - you'l notice this, and as I make no doubt of your consulting 
my Interest in every Particular I have only to add that I am Sir &ca 

T. R 
P.S. If Freights shou'd prove anyways reasonable in Carolina this 
Winter and Rice can be had upon moderate Terms, my Neighbour 
Graham and I proposes in Conjunction to load a Vessel of about 5 
or 600 Barrels for Europe 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah No vb. 13 1760 

Sir/ I have your Letter of the 29th Ulto. together with my nine 
Bales Woolens per Capt Smith, all in tolerable good order except 
the Bale colour'd Plains you mention which has received some dam- 
age, the' nothing Considerable. I hope your Governor may shortly 
be of Opinion that my strouds & Gunpowder may come away with 
safety, as I am much in want of the former Article this will be 
handed you by Capt Lyford and contains 3 Packetts for England. 
Vizt. one to Mr Thomson a second for Bristol and one to the revd 
Mr. Zeigenhagen in forwarding of which I must beg you to be par- 
ticularly carefull of the following Remarks - Henry Yonge Esqr. 
our Surveyor General who went away with Govr. Ellis to Charles 
Town has under his Care the original Packet for Mr Thomson of 
which this is a Copy and it contains Papers of Consequence, Mr 
Yonge is going for England but was not certain by what Convey- 
ance, therefore its absolutely necessary before you deliver this 
Packett for Mr Thomson to know in what Vessel A4r Yonge takes 
Passage in order to prevent both Original & Copy going by the same 
Opportunity. Capt Sharpe & Strachan (as you acquaint me will also 
have a Letter of which herein is a Copy therefore youl please to 
observe that this Packett must not go either in Strachan Sharpe or 
in the same Vessel said Mr Yonge embarks in. As to the Bristol 
Packett, that may be sent by any Opportunity, being an Original 
and the other for the Revd Mr Ziegenhagen must be put on board 
a Londoner only. Permission was granted Capt. Miller to bring up 
some Bales of Strouds & other Woollens as they came under Clearance 
and I shoud be heartily glad if I coud only get two of my Bales 
Strouds or even one Bale up which is only intended to cut up in my 
Shop for the Use of some poor white People who cannot go to the 
Cost of a superior kind of Qoth - a little Gunpowder I really want 


and I beg you to endeavour by all Means to get Leave for as much 
as you can of these to be sent me. I shoud also be glad to have 2 
barrels Coffee sent me per next Oppo[rtunity] & am Sir 


John Tobler Esqr Savannah Novembr. 2 2d. 1760 

Sir I received your Letter of the 30th Ultimo and this waits on you 
in answer. The hhd Rum per A4r Little was not full when delivered, 
nor woud the Person I bought it from fill it; however, the Quantity 
charged and the Deficiency you mention (8 Inches) seems to be 
right agreable to the Charge. I notice your Intention of sending down 
a parcel of Skins next Month and that you are desirous of knowing 
what I woud allow you for them, in answer to which I can only say 
that you may depend on being allowed the market Price for 'em 
(either of this Place or Chas Town at the Time of Delivery). As to 
your being informed whether I can furnish you with a pretty large 
Parcel of Goods next month, I cannot very readily reply too, be- 
cause, since the Indian Troubles begun I have countermanded (in 
part) a considerable Order for Goods that I had sent to London, 
on Account of these Indian Commotions. I have at present a good 
Quantity of Duffill Blanketts and Strouds but in Respect to Linnens 
&ca. I have but little by me. I received the Receipts you mention and 
make no doubt of their being punctually paid in Chas. Town and am 
Sr. &cr 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah Novr. 28th. 1760 

Sir I have just now receiv'd your Lre of the 2 2d Instant advising me 
of your having receiv'd a few Packages for me from Mr Thomson per 
Capt White Invoice for which was enclos'd me the 14th Instant by 
Messrs. Carsan & Swallow of your Town, who have promis'd to take 
out a Certificate for my Chest Tea along with their own by same 
Conveyance, the marks Number and Contents of which I apprehend 
must appear on the Cacquet deliver'd at your Custom House by 
Captain White, however as you desire I here send you all the De- 
scription of said Chest Tea that appears on the Invoice vizt. 
T R No. 3.1.3 

2.1 Tare 

2.3.2 310 lb Trett 


290 Nt 
You'l find here enclosd the ist and second of Mr Tobler's Receipts 


for seventy one Pounds fifteen shillings Sterling of Messrs. Smith 
and Brewton, which sum I apprehend said Gentlemen will now pay 
you on sight therefore I have Charg'd your Account therewith and 
the 3d of those receipts will be handed you in my next. I am 


Your most humble Servant 
Thos. Rasberry 

Messrs. Carsan & Swallow Savannah Georgia Novr. 20th 

Gentlemen/ I receiv'd your Letter of the 14th Instant, enclosing a 
Lre and Invoice of a few Packages from Mr Wm. Thomson per Capt 
White. I shall be much oblig'd to you to include my Chest Tea with 
your's in your Custom House Certificate and return it to Mr Thom- 
son, and if I can be of any service to you in this Province you may 
freely Command 


Your very humble Servant 
Thos. Rasberry 

Mr. Wm. Banbury Savannah Deer. 2 2d. 1760 

Sir In this I enclose you McQueen Gordon & Cos. Order on Messrs. 
John McQueen & Co to me dated the 5th Instant for Two hundred 
and Twenty Pounds your Currency on Account of Capt. Longstaffe 
As I have not Time at present to look into his Account I cannot say 
whether this Draft may fall short or over ballance it, but this may 
be accomodated hereafter when I have Time to write out his Ac- 
count to send you & am Sir 

Yrs &ca 
T. R. 

Mr. Josiah Smith Savannah Deer. 2 2d. 1760 

per Talbert 
I received your Letter of the 3d. Instant per Capt Campbell to- 
gether with the sundry Articles therein mentioned. I notice you're 
selling the Beaver and your paying Timothy & Wells for their Papers 
as per their Receipts sent me. I am sorry my Gunpowder is yet de- 
tained - it may be (as you observe) that the Powder brought up here 
was represented as for the Use of Forts &ca. I hope the Prohibition 
may soon be taken off as you seem to expect it. Youl find herein 
a Certificate to cancel your Bond for the Sugars per Campbell and 
I notice what you say concerning Mr De Brahms Maps; as soon as 
I see him I shall speak to him and if he chuses to let you have a Sett, 


at the Price you mention they shall be sent you per next opportunity 

I am Sr &ca 
I must beg you to send me 20 or 30 yds black Gimp agreable to 
sample enclosed 

Mr William Thomson per Capt Bowies - Portsmouth. 

Capt Alcaddin - Cowes 
Savannah in Georgia Janry 3d. 176 1 
Sir/ Two days agoe your Letters of the 7th and 29th October last 
came to hand wherein I find the Sales of the Indico per the Squerries 
& my Account Current brought up to the beginning of this Year. 
I have also the Copy of my Account for the Year 1759 the Receipt 
of which you'l find acknowledged in mine of the 5th. Sepr. last 
M herein I pointed out a small Error of 10/ in your prejudice. I have 
not yet had Time to examine my last Account but it will soon be 
done and if any Thing in it appears wrong you'l be advised of the 
same in my next. I am now collecting what Indico & Deer Skins I can 
to ship you under Convoy of the M. W. Dolphin who, its said, will 
sail from Charles Town for Europe sometime in April next. I cannot 
exactly now determine what the Value may be that I shall have to 
ship you by that Opportunity, tho I think it will not be less than 
five hundred Pounds Sterling therefore I desire you to make In- 
surance on that Sum conditionaly with or without Convoy because 
at present I can neither ascertain the Vessel the Goods may be shipt 
in nor indeed the Time of the Convoys sailing. 

Youl find in the Postscript to a few Lines that I wrote you the 
5th November last that Mr Graham and I had then some Thoughts 
of taking up a Vessel in Charles Town jointly, to have loaded for 
Europe, but as Freights there yet keep up we have not yet come to 
anv determination on this Affair 

i hope that long before this comes to hand you will have seen 
Mr Yonge by whom I enclosed you last October 516.16.11V2 
Sterling in Bills 

I am Sir &c 
Our Indian Affairs, seemingly, remain much in the same State, as 
when I last wrote you, and we are dayly expecting a Body of Troops 
from General Amherst 

To Devonshier Reeve & Lloyd Savannah Georgia Janry. 5th. 1761 

Gentlemen In mine of the 5th November last was acknowledged 
the Receipt of your Letters of the 21st. April & 14 June preceeding 
together with an Account of the Arrival of the Goods Shipt me in 
the Spy & Salisbury at Charles Town where they were detained a 


considerable Time in Consequence of an Act of Assembly of Carolina 
as mentioned in my said Letter, however I have since then received 
the whole of them in tolerable good Order & have been lucky enough 
to dispose of the greater part of the PLains notwithstanding they came 
to my hands so very late in Season. In my aforesaid Letter I enclosed 
you three Setts of Bills amounting to ;r 2 3 2.0.8 Sterling which as I 
believe they were undubitable if they reached you safely are now 
paid & passed to my Credit, herein you have the Seconds of said 
Bills and I must beg you to ship me as soon as possible after the re- 
cept hereof under Insurance consigned as usual to Josiah Smith Junr 
Mercht in Charles Town So Carolina the following Vizt 
2000 yds. white PLains from 13d to 14 or i^Yzd per yard 
12 ps blue ditto about 34 yds each J same as per 
6 ps. green do. 34 yds each j^ the Spy 

3 . . o . . o white Lead ground in Oyl in small Kegs 
8 corn Mills with Boxes & Hoppers about 25/ each 

4 do. with do. 27/ ea 

10 . . o . . o Iron Potts from 10 to 18 Lb. weight each chiefly of the 
smaller weight mentioned 

600 feet window Glass 10 by 8 f 

r J , -{ in boxes of 100 feet each 

400 feet do 9 by n j^ 

80 groce short Pipes j ^ , 

, J 1 in boxes of 5 or 6 groce each 

20 groce long do. [ jo 

50 galls, linseed Oyl in wickered Jugs of 2 gallons each 
12 doz small barrels Lampblack 

I must beg you in shipping the white & coloured PLains to divide 
the above Quantity as near as you can so that they may come out in 
Two Bottoms and by the two first sailing Vessels for Charles Town 
as to the other Articles they may all come together per either of those 
Conveyances. I shall make another Remittance very speedily and 
shoud be glad to have my Account Current up to the close of the 
Year past and am 

Gent &cr 

Janry 6th. 

Since I wrote the foregoing yesterday I met with a Sett of Bills 
Exchange on London the first of which you'l find here enclosed 
namely J. M. Bolzius's Bills to me on Thos. Broughton dated the ist. 
November last for Fifty Pounds sterling, which I'me persuaded will 
meet due honour and be placed to my Credit 


Mr Josiah Smith Savannah loth Janry 1761 

per Mr Zubly 
Sir I received your Letter of the ist. Inst, enclosing my Account 
to the 31 Ulto which shall be examined and the Ballance 5 17.0. 10 
your Currency if right passed to your Credit - the two small Ac- 
counts against Drummond & Shephard I shall endeavour to get paid 
tho the latter appears to be a perfect Stranger here for none of his 
Occupation that I have yet spoke too knows any thing of him by that 
name, however I shall continue my Enquiry and may very probably 
find him out if in these Parts, I shall see Drummond perhaps in a Day 
or two hence, I notice Coll. Beales paying Mr Debrahm his whole 
Subscription - and the Letters for Mr Robinson &ca are received. I 
must beg you to forward the 2 enclosed Letters for Bristol by the 
two first Conveyances that may offer for any part of Britain, they 
are Copies and must not go together and youl please to favour me 
with the Names of the Vessels they go in. 

I herein enclose you Two hundred Pounds your Money to be 
placed to my Credit. A4r Thos. Lloyd acquaints me that he shall 
go for your Town in a few days hence by whom I shall write you 
again and send you at least an equal Remittance. 

I am Sir & cr 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah Janry i6th. 1761 

I wrote you a Line the loth. Instant by the revd. Mr. Zubly and 
therein enclosed you Two hundred Pounds in your Money to be car- 
ried to my Credit. This will be handed you by Mr Lloyd and wherein 
youl find four hundred Pounds more which youl likewise place to 
my Account, and I must beg you to send me by the first good Op- 
portunity that may offer the following Articles, 
I hhd. of muscovado Sugar, or about the like Quantity in barrels 

which may do best on account of roling up our Hill 
I hhd. Rum under Debenture 
400 lb. Coffee 
10 lb Chocolate 

I Cag good madeira Wine - 8 or 10 gallons 

25 lb. brown sugar Candy if under 10/ per Lb. yr. Currency put up 
in a small Box 
Youl please to forward the two enclosed Letters for Mr Thomson 
by the two first Opportunities for any part of Britain as they are 
Orders for Insurance on a few Goods I propose shipping him under 
Convoy of the Dolphin. 

I have spoke to Mr De Brahm about a Sett of Maps for you as 
you mentioned, which I shoud have sent by this Opportunity, had 


it been convenient, but as Mr. Lloyd tells me his Boat is small, I 
defer it for another Conveyance, you'l also find under Cover 2 other 
small Packetts for London, one for Mr Broughton, the other for Mr 
Lloyd which please to send away with these for Mr. Thomson. I 
cannot yet hear any Thing of Shephard. Drummond is at Ogechee 
fitting out a small new built Vessel, as soon as he comes to Town 
I shall tender him your Account 

I am Sir &cr 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah Jany. 24th. 1761 

Sir I wrote you the loth. Instant per rvd Zubly and again the i6th. 
per Mr. Lloyd both of which I hope you've receiv'd in mine of the 
loth. was enclos'd 2 Letters for Bristol, and herein you'l find 2 more 
Copies thereof if the former are yet in your Hands, you'l please to 
notice that they must go by 4 different Conveyances, my Letter 
of the 1 6th. Cont'd 2 for Mr Thomson and here are two more Copies 
of them also, therefore you'l forward them in like order, with those 
for Bristol. 

Yesterday I was informed that Mr Shephard was in the S.thern Part 
of this Province in a very poor Condition, my Informant believes he 
is not capable of paying a single penny, I shall write to a friend there 
of mine to get your Demand from him, if Possible 

I herein send you ;^ 15.3/9 more in Currency and I must beg you 
to make the Sugar desir'd of you the i6th Instant 2 hhds. PLease also 
to send me 200 lb. Sope in [torn] boxes 

I am Sir 

Your very Obedient Servant 
Thos. Rasberry 

Mr William Tliomson Savannah Georgia February 6th. 1761 

My last was the 3d. Ultimo wherein was acknowledged the receipt 
of yours under the 7th and 29th. October last wherein youl find 
Directions to make Insurance on ;C5oo in Goods to be shipt you 
on an uncertain Vessel under Convoy of the Dolphin, which I now 
confirm. The 5th of Septr. last you was desired to ship me Sundry 
Articles which youl readily perceive were chiefly calculated for the 
Summer Season and may, very probably, be now on their Passage 
here. I shall want sundry other Goods for my Winters Sale, mostly 
of the woollen Kind, and as so much depends on the seasonable Ar- 
rival of these Articles I must request you to send me out the following 
so that they may be here by the last of August or beginning of Sep- 
tember next at farthest - under Insurance, marked and consigned as 
usual, namely 


4 doz milld yam Caps a 6 per doz 

3 doz single worsted ditto a 4 or 5/ per doz 

3 doz double ditto a 6 or 616 

3 doz mens grey yam Hose a 1 1 /6 per doz 

3 doz do a 12/6 

3 doz dos. grey wove worsted do. a 18/ per doz 

3 doz dos. do. a 20/ 

2 doz. dos. do. a 22/ 

2 doz. dos. plain knitt do. a 32/ 

6 doz. dos. grey ribbd abt. 32/ 

2 doz. dos. fine black Hose a 42/ 

let a few pr. be ribbd 
2 doz. woms. blue stamp't yam clockt Hose a 11/6 per doz 

2 doz. dittos, do. a 12/6 

3 doz. dittos, chervd. worsted do. a' 20/ per doz 
3 doz. dittos. do. a' 22/ 

I doz. ditto. do. a 24/ 

I doz. ditto, do. a 28/ 

I doz. boys grey knit Hose a 18/ 

1 doz. do. a 22/ 

2 doz. do. a 22/ 

3 doz. childs first Stockings spotted about 4/ per doz 

3 doz. larger abt. 8 or 8/6 per doz 
6 womens scarlet Cloaks a' 6/8 each 
6 dos. do. a' 7/4 
6 dos. do. a' 9/6 

4 woms. black silk Capuchins flowered & fringed a 15/ each 
4 dittos. do. a 20/ 
4 dittoes. do. a 25/ 

3 woms. flowered black silk Cardinals ) 

■i-^ J ..• J ^ of a midling Quality 

3 dittos. do. sattin do. ) & ^ / 

2 ps. blue Durants a' 34/ per ps. 

2 ps. blue Callimancoe a' 34/6 

3 blue worsted Damasks a 49s. 
10 ps. striped duff ill Blanketts 

2 Ends blue broad Cloths of 10 54 yards each at 14/ per Yd. 

I ps. or abt. 20 yds ordinary blue broad ditto about 7s or 8s. per yd. 

io'/2 yds fine black do. abt. 15/ |>er yd 

4 ps. blue german Serge midling Quality 

6 yds green broad Cloth a 15/ 


loYz yds scarlet ditto a 14/ 

please to send Shalloon & Trimmings in proportion for the 
above Cloths 
2 ps. blue Shalloon about 30/ 

2 ps. finer ditto about 36/ 

I ps. red striped Linsey a 36/ 

I ps. blue striped Do. a 36/ narrow Stripes 

1 ps. red striped Do. a i4d per yd 

1 ps. blue striped Do. a i4d 

2 ps. red striped Linseys a' i4d per yd 
2 ps. blue striped ditto a i4d broader Stripes 
2 ps. emboss'd Serge - a red ground & black Flowers 

2 ps. ditto - a blue ground with black Flowers 
2 ps. blue napt Witneys a' 4/3 

6 mens cloth great Coats a' 14/ 

2 mens do. a 16/ 

2 mens do. a 18/ 

2 mens do. a 20/ 

18 dos. blue duffill ditto a' 11/ 

please to order the above great Coats to be in general of 
the longest Sizes tho' you exceed 12 or i4d each in the 
above Prices 
12 mens bearskin Coats a 11/ 

6 youths ditto a 8/6 or 9s. 

2 doz mens blue Sailors or fearnought Jacketts large at 6/9 each 
I doz. witney Jacketts about 4/6 each 

8 blue 
4 green 

6 pr. mens cloth Breeches about 7 or [torn] pr. 
6 pr. mens coarser ditto a' 4/ 

I ps. black Bombazine of a pretty good Quality 
I ps. black Alamode abt. 60 Ells at 2/ 

1 ps. Crape for Hatbands a 22/ per Ell 

2 ps. Irish Poplins about 28 or 30 yds each a 2 2d. per yd 
2 ps. ditto 3 2/ per yd 

2 ps. ditto a 2/6 per yd 

The foregoing are intended for Womens Gowns and the 

grounds are off worsted with silk Flowers, and I woud have 

them of different Patterns. 
4 doz. womens stuff damask or Callimancos Shoes let a few pr. 

be black but none yellow 
6 doz. womens Leather Shoes chiefly large Sizes 
60 lb. OSnabrig Thread a' i9d. per lb. 


20 lb. ditto at i6d. in half pounds 

20 lb. fine blue Thread a 2/6 

12 lb. whited brown do. 32/2 

12 doz pastework Handkerchiefs blue & white a 12/9 per doz 

6 doz blue spotted do a 14/ per do 

15 ps. cotton Rommall do. a 10/6 do. 

2 ps. (or 40 Yds) plain Muslin a 57s. per ps. 

8 doz mens felt Hatts a' 14/ per doz 

6 doz dos. castor do. a 24/ per doz 

2 doz Carolina Beaver do. a 5s/ each 

6 do. a 1/6 each 

6 do. a 10/ each 

6 do. a 12/ ea. 

6 lb. Nutmegs 

2 lb. Cinnamon 

56 lb. brown sugar Candy 

12 Reams fools cap Paper at 12/6 per Rm 

[torn] doz Bibles at 2/6 each 

2 doz Testaments at 1 1 / per doz 

2 doz spelling Books at 8/ per doz. 

2 doz pewter Basons abt. i lb. each 

2 doz do. I Yz lb. each 

2 doz do. 2 lb. each 

1 doz flat pewter Dishes sorted 

12 double gro. flat white mettal Buttons 

6 single gro. coat ditto 

18 copper Tea Kettles of different Sizes and filled with quart bottle 


N.B. the Corks they generally send out for quart Bottles are 

too large' 

2 copper Coffee Potts z $/ each 
2 do. a 6/ ea. 
2 do. a 7/ ea. 
I doz brass beer Cocks 

I doz wine do. 

12 doz. blue & white earthen half pint Bowls a 2/3 per doz 
6 doz pint do. at 3/ per doz 

6 doz quart do. at 4/6 per do 

4 doz blue & white stone chamber Potts at 8/ per doz 
72 enamelled china Cups and Sawcers at 4 '/^d. each 


72 burnt in ditto at 6 or yd each 

please to order the above Cups & Sawcers to be large, those 
sent per the Sally Coombes are not liked, being too small - 
let them be Landscaped and lively patterns. 

8 doz. glass Tumblers different Sizes and all plain 

12 doz. bottles Mustard 

50 lb. Westons pigtail Tobacco in half pounds 

2 doz pair silk knee Garters blue 

2 doz pair do. scarlet 

2 doz pair do. black 

2 doz pair do. different cloth Colours 

I lb. black sewing Silk 

I lb. deep blue ditto 

12 pair Iron wire rice Seives 

6 pair ditto brass 

those per the Union were all coarse one's which was wrong 
they shoud have been pairs 

1 doz small Bellows at 2/ 
8 doz. fine hair flower Seives 

4 doz. painters Brushes of different Sizes 

12 good Hand Saws 

6 Sash Saws 

6 dove tail Saws 

6 doz double bitted polished small nail Gimbletts 

18 doz common small nail Gimbletts sorted at lod per doz 

2 doz spike nail do. at i8d. per doz 
2 doz do. a 2 id. 
2 doz do. a 2/ 

2 dz Table Hinges with Screws (vizt) i doz at 4/8 & i a 5/3 
18 pr. Trace Chains a 3/ per pr 
12 pr ditto about 8 or 9 Lb. each 

3 doz square eyed Hatchetts about 12/ per doz. 

12 doz. pit saw Files ^ Sl P^r doz 

6 doz. X cut saw do. a 3/6 or 3/8 per doz 

12 doz. hand saw do. at 2od. per doz 

2 doz. round plated Bolts a' 5/ per doz. 

2 doz. do. a 7s do. 

2 doz. do. a 10/ do. 

2 doz. Iron Squares a 12/ per doz 

2 doz. Curry Combs a 9/ do. 

I doz. Brushes for do. a 9/ 

8 pr. sad Irons 32/2 per pr. 

8 pr. do. a 2/6 


8 pr. do. a 3/ 

6 doz. broad Hoes a 20/ per doz with round 

I doz 14 inch Augurs 
I doz % inch do. 
I doz I inch do. 
50 lb. dutch glazed Shoe Thread 

1 doz Tap borers 

2 doz lathing Hammers 

6 doz Hasps & Staples different Sizes 

I doz broad Axes 33/ each 

1 doz larger a 3/6 or 3/9 ea. 
6 doz felling Axes a 30/ per doz 

3 . . o , . o sorted frying Pans 

6 steel coffee Mills at 6/ each 

6 do. at 7s 

6 pair middle sized Stilyards with Pea's 
12 pr. Coopers Compasses 

2 doz. dos. Vices 

I doz. dos. Howels 

3 doz. dos. Bitts sorted 
I doz. dos. broad Axes 
I doz. dos. Croce 

I doz. dos. Adzes 

6 pair % inch grooving Planes 

6 pair i '/4 inch ditto 

let the above PLanes be Iron plated 

1 doz. Iron chafing Dishes about 2/3 or 2/6 each 
6 pair chamber fire Shovels & Tongs a' 2/6 per pair 
6 pair Kitchin do a 3/ 

2 . , o . . o Sheet Iron 
10 . . o . . o bar ditto 

1 . . o . . o german Steel 

6 pair new fashions brass Candlesticks a 6/ per pr 

2 doz mens black glazed Gloves 

4 doz snaffle Bridles a 24/ per doz 
2 doz double Girths 

2 doz single do. 

I shall endeavour if possible to send you another Boats pay Bill 
per this Opportunity but if it cannot be got ready in Time youl 
have it by next. I wrote to Devonshier Reeve & Lloyd the 5th. Ulto. 
for a few Goods to be here in the Fall; since then, I have received 
a very odd kind of a Letter from them wherein they seem to imply 


that it will not suit them to deal with any on this Side unless their 
Remittances as such as will keep off an Interest Account which you 
know is impossible to be done unless a Person had a very extensive 
Capital indeed, - the Payments I have made them have been such that 
cannot in reason I conceive be liable to Complaint, but for Fear they 
shoud make any Demur in shipping my said Order, which is to no 
great Amount, I must beg you to support it in order to prevent a 
Dissappointment. They have sent me no Account Current since I 
begun with them and I dont apprehend I owed them any thing, ex- 
cept a httle Interest, before they shipped me the last Parcel of Goods 
(about /500 Amount) and before they were received here I remitted 
them upwards of ^^200 on Account of the same. 

I am Sir &cra 

John Tobler Esq Savannah Georgia Feby. 6th, 1761 

Sir/ I receiv'd your Lre of the 26th. Ulto. Containing £2^1 So. 
C. Cy. in sterg. ;^34-ii-5 

& in Georgia Money 8. 16. 10 


which as you observ'd overbalanced your own Account by three 
Pence as youl see by the enclos'd the Goods I now send you by Mr. 
Bender amounting to ;^ 1 70. 1 1 /y V^ and which I hope youl safely 
receive, will be the first Charge in a new Acct. You wrote for several 
Articles which I could not get in this Town, were almost all kinds 
of Goods are at present very Scarce, after the seven Packs of the 
Companys Skins are Carried to the Credit of that Account there will 
remain a Ballance of .... Its now late at Night, Bender goes away 
before day Break in the Morning therefore I cannot write so fully 
as I intend to do by next Opportunity. I Received all the Skins, 
Tallow, Bees Wax & the seven Steer hides you mention & am 


Your very Humble Servant 
Thomas Rasberry 
PS Please to Excuse Haste 

Mr Josiah Smith Savannah in Georgia Feby 9th. 1761 

Sir/ I receiv'd your Letter of the 6th Instant by the revd. Mr. Zubly, 
together with all the Articles put on board Capt. Smyth, amounting 
as per Bill to / 48 5.5/ 2 your money for which sum you have a Credit 
with me, I'me really sorry to learn that you're in a bad state of health 
& should be glad to hear that your removal from Carolina for a short 


space of time might be a means of recovery and as I find both by 
your own advertisements in the Gazette and also from the revd Mr 
Zubly that your Business will yet be carried on in your Absence I 
make no doubt but you'l leave proper Directions, as to my Concerns 
your way, with the Person to whom you may intrust your Affairs in 
Charles Town, I observe that my late Letters for Europe all all gone - 
herein I send you 2 more for Mr Thomson, which as they are Dup- 
licates must go per different Conveyances. Mr Pickering Robinson 
& Mr Russell have been Acquainted with the Reason of your not 
writing them, which they cannot take Amiss. I hope by next Oppor- 
tunity I may receive my Gunpowder as I find that your Act of As- 
sembly for Prohibiting this Article &cr is now Expir'd, a good Quan- 
tity of Powder I'me told, came up in Capt Smyth 

I am Sir 

Your very Humble Servant 
Thos. Rasberry 



As this Letter Book contains so many orders for household goods, hard- 
ware, clothing, school books and supplies. Bibles, Testaments and Prayer 
Books, Indian trade goods and commodities such as tea, coffee, sugar, 
indigo (indico) and rice, it would be impracticable to add these items to 
the index. 

ACADIANS, mentioned, 11 
AITON, Andrew, & Co., letter to, 85-6. 

ALBINUS, Mr., mentioned, 13 
ALMANACS, See Tobler's Almanacs 
AMHERST, Gen. Jeffrey, sends troops 

against Indians, 104, 114, 138 
ANDALUSIA (Ship), mentioned, 82, 83, 87 
ANN (Ship), mentioned, 34 
ARTHUR, Francis, letter to, 59 
ASH. Mathias, mentioned, 112 
AUSTIN & LAURENS, payment to, 73, 76 

BAILLIE, See Jamieson, Robertson & 

BAKER, Mr., mentioned, 37 

BALANCE of trade, in favor of Carolina, 

BALL, Capt., mentioned, 75, 111, 116, 125 

BALL, Samuel, bill on Grahams & Moss- 
man, 115 

BANBURY. William, letter to, 45, 60, 116- 
7, 130, 137: mentioned, 56, 90, 128, 131 

BARKSDALE, See Rae & Barksdale 

BARNARD, Capt. John, death mentioned, 
38: certificate endorsed, 38, 95, 107 

BARNARD, Mr., mentioned, 128 

BARNARD. Mrs., wil not administer hus- 
band's estate, 95 

BARTON & SMITH, mentioned, 108 

BARUCK (Negro), mentioned, 53 

BEALES, Col., mentioned, 140 

BEARCROFT, Dr., mentioned, 55; objects 
to bill, 61-2, 108 

BEAT'FAIN, Hector Berenger de, men- 
tioned, 39 

BEAVER skins, 61, 73, 75, 76, 81, 88, 128, 
133, 137 

BEDGEGOOD, Mr., mentioned, 33 

BEEF hides, 58, 89, 110, 128, 147 

BEES wax, 9, 10 

BENDER ( Bendar), Mr., mentioned, 128, 

BENNETT, Capt., mentioned, 13, 17, 24 

BERGERON, John, mentioned, 93, 128 

BERRIER, Jacob, mentioned, 9, 33, 34, 
103, 105, 106 

BETHESDA (Orphan House), load of rice 
from, 28, 33, 34 

BIRD, Henry, bills on. 111 

BISHOP, Mr., mentiond, 8, 9 

BISHOP of Bristol, See Yonge, Bishop 

BLANDFORD (Man of War), mentioned, 

BOLZIUS, Rev. Johann Martin, mentioned 
15, 89. 106: bills, 24, 25, 34, 57, 86 93 
108, 115, 116, 132 139: letter to, 74, 82; 
new.spapers for, 81, 91, 133; wine for. 111 

BRABANT. Isaac, letter to, 9, 11, 73-4, 84; 
mentioned, 127, 128 

BRADDOCK, Capt., mentioned, 133 

BRADLEY, William, concerned in Barnard 
estate, 95 

BRADSHAW, Capt., mentioned, 82, 83, 87 
BREWTON, See Smith & Brewton 
BRISTOL woolens, inferior quality, 32 
BRITTANIA (Ship), mentioned, 48 
BROOKING, Capt., mentioned, 17, 24 
BROUGHTON, Rev. Thomas, bills, 24, 25. 
57, 93, 108, 115, 116, 132, 139; payment 
to, 71 ; mentioned, 141 
BROWN, Capt., mentioned, 40 
BRUNER, Daniel, letter to, 88, 93; men- 
tioned, 90 

BRYAN, Jonathan, note, 13 
BRYAN. Mr., mentioned, 28, 45, 47, 61 
BUTLER, Capt., mentioned, 40, 48 
BUTLER, Mrs. Elizabeth, letter to, 91 
BUTLER, Joseph, letter to, 53-4, 83 
BUTLER, Mr., mentioned, 91 
BUTLER, Polly, account with, 83 

BT^TLER, William, letter to, 54, 72-3, 103- 


BUTLER, See also Rose & Butler 
BYVANCK & CO., letter to, 51-2 
BYYANCK, Mr., mentioned, 56 

CAMPBELL, Capt., mentioned, 137 
CAMPBELL, Martin, mentioned, 88; letter 

to, 89 ; see also McCartan & Campbell 
CANADA, reports of naval armament for, 

CARLISLE, Robert, mentioned, CO 
CARLTON, Capt., mentioned, 39 
CARR, Capt., mentioned, 12, 13 
CARSON & SWALLOW, mentioned, 136; 

letter to, 137 


CATO (Negro), mentioned. 82, 83 
CECIL, Capt., mentioned, 14, 58; to sail for 
London, 24 

CHAPMAN, John, letter to, 117 

CHARMING MARTHA (Ship), mentioned, 
13, 23 

CHEESEMAN, Capt.. mentioned, 95 

CHEROKEE Indians, alarming accounts 
of, 103; murdered settlers, 104; uprising, 
111-2; attacked, 114; capture Fort 
London, 119 

CHFRCHILL, Capt., mentioned, 130 

CLARET, high price, 72 

CLARMONT & LINWOOD, mentioned, 82 

CLIFTON, William, debt unpaid, return- 
ing to England, 12: little chance to re- 
cover debt, 23; affairs in bad condition, 
37: mentioned. 52: returns to Georgia, 53 

CLIFTON, Mrs. William, in prison, 56 

COATES. Capt., mentioned, 40 

COLHOUN, Robert, bill, 134 

COLLECTOR at Savannah, See Spencer, 

CONNER, Mr., mentioned, 55 

COOK. Cornelius, letter to, 23, 52. 58, 105- 

6: mentioned, 39, 128 
COOK, Mrs., mentioned, 131 
COOMBS (Coombes), Capt., mentioned, 127, 

132, 145 
CORMIERE, Mr., mentioned, 9 
COUNTERFEIT money, 129, 130 
CRAWDY. Adam, mentioned, 17, 26, 36, 39, 

56. 60, 88. 90, 103, 105, 117, 118, 119 
CREEK Indians, uprising feared, 112; 

danger lessens, 113; no further hostilities, 

CROKATT, James & Charles, bills on, 115 
CROOKE, Harriott, bill to, 134 
CROWLY & Co., mentioned, 4, 108 
CUNNINGHAM. Mr., impoverished, 48; 

mentioned, 133 

DAVIS, John, bill, 34 

DAWSON, Roper, letter to, 36-7, 53; men- 
tioned, 56 

De BRAHM. John Gerar William, maps, 
9-10, 14, 137, 140; letter to, 46, 74-5, 75-6; 
bills. 78. 115, 132; payment for account, 

De COSTA & FARR, Carolina creditors, 

DEER skins, 55, 62, 84. 88, 89, 90, 93, 103, 
106, 109, 110, 126. 128. 138 

De VEAUX, .Tames, mentioned, 91 ; son 
mentioned, 92 

De VEAUX, John, mentioned, 91 

DEVONSHIRE, Reeve & Lloyd, goods 
from, 25; not satisfactory, 32; letter to, 
34. .50-1, 57, 76-7, 92, 93-4, 111. 133-4. 138-9; 
mentioned, 83, 84; accounts with, 146-7 

DICKENSON, Capt., arrival, 61; men- 
tioned, 71, 79, 80 

DIXON, Mr., mentioned, 38 

DOLPHIN, (Man of War), mentioned, 138, 
140, 141 

DOUGLASS, David, note, 24 

DOWDY, Mr., mentioned, 74, 81 
DRUMMOND. Capt., mentioned, 26, 73, 74, 
76, 87, 88, 91. 110, 116, 117, 119, 140, 141 

DRUMMOND & SHEPARD, accounts, 140, 

DYSON & ROGERS, mentioned, 98 

EDWARDS, John, receipt wanted, 15 
ELIZABETH (Ship), mentioned, 104, 106, 

ELLIOTT, Grey, concern over his bills, 
46; pays on account, 47; mentioned, 57. 
58. 61; credit to, 62 
ELLIOTT, Mr., certificate for tea, 108 
ELLIOTT, William, letter to, 82-3 
ELLIOTT & GORDON, notes, 15, 39, 55, 
60, 107, 114, 132; mentioned, 32, 44; to 
load vessel, 62 
ELLIS, Henry, succeeds Reynolds as Gov- 
ernor, 18; notes, 14, 24, 25, 34, 38, 40, 
57, 78, 104, 105, 115. 116; concerned with 
Rangers pay, 95; goes to Charleston, 135 
ELLIS, John, bills, 57, 105 
ELLIS & FIVEY, notes, 24, 25, 34 
ELLIS (Brig), mentioned, 76, 77, 79, 82: 

disabled, 83, 84, 87 
ELY, W., mentioned, 127 

FARR, See De Costa & Farr 

FEOLMAN, Mr., mentioned, 73 

FISHER, James, letter to, 58-9; mentioned, 

FISHER, James, & Co., mentioned, 89 
FITTER, James, notes, 14, 104, 105, 132, 


FIVEY, See Ellis & Fivey 

FLERL (Floerl), John, note, 24; men- 
tioned, 82, 90, 133 

FLERL & WERTSCH, mentioned, 108; 
balance of account, 115; payment from, 

FORT Frontenac, captured, 18 
FORT Loudon, troops sent to, 114; sur- 
rendered, 119 
FORTEN, Capt., mentioned, 34, 48, 77 
FOWLER, Capt., mentioned, 48 
FOWLING piece, specifications for, 79 
FRANK (Negro), mentioned, 53 
FRENCH. Men of War reported in Mar- 

tinico, 53-4; stirring up Indians, 112 
FRIENDSHIP (Ship), mentioned, 95 
FRONTENAC, See Fort Frontenac 

G & M, See Grahams & Mossman 

GALPHIN (GOLPHIN). George, men- 
tioned, 36, 61. 75; notes, 110, 118, 129 

GIBBONS. Mr., mentioned, 91; sells in- 
dico, 107 

GILBERT (GILBART), William, order on 
Smith, 118 

GOLDSMITH, Capt. Thomas, order on 
Gray, 116 

GOODCHILD, John, notes, 24, 105, 132; 
bounty for cocoons, 104 

GORDON, John, merchant of Beaufort, 22; 
note, 24; letters to, 33-4; mentioned, 130 


GORDON, Mr., to collect Maxton's note, 
25; mentioned, 28 

GORDON. See also Elliott & Gordon; Mc- 
Queen, Gordon & Co. 

GOULD, Mr., mentioned, 72 

GRAHAM, James, notes, 15, 108 

GRAHAM, John, notes, 15, 108; reports on 
Maxton, 28 

GRAHAM, Mr., mentioned, 4, 10, 46, 91, 95; 
comment on his indico, 115; to sliip rice, 
135, 138 

GRAHAMS & MOSSMAN, mentioned, 83, 
88: bills. 111, 115, 116 

GRAY. Edmund, settlement mentioned, 28 

GRAY, Lt. John, order on, 116 

GRINER, Mr., mentioned, 46 

GROVER, William, Chief Justice; arrives 
in Georgia, 53 

GROVES, Mr., mentioned, 16 

GUADALOUPE, reported in British hands, 

GUN powder, condition of, 58, 107; men- 
tioned, 59, 93; detained in S. C, 132, 137 

HABERSHAM, James, mentioned, 13, 45, 

94. 104; note, 24; See also Harris & Hab- 
HALL, George Abbott, mentioned, 48 
HAMILTON, Robert, married Ann Ras- 

berry, ii 
HANBEY. See Tappenden & Hanbey 
HANDLEY, Mr., buys indico, 107 
BANNER (Haner), Mr., mentioned, 61, 89 
HARDMAN (Ship), mentioned, 13, 17, 24 
HARDY, Mr., mentioned, 124 
HARRIETA (Ship), mentioned, 40, 51, 54, 

58, 62, 71, 96, 124 
HARRIS. Francis, bill to, 57; payment for 

newspaper, 133 
HARRIS & HABERSHAM, mentioned, 11; 

note, 12; order for, 48 
HAYNER, Nicholas, mentioned, 12 
HILLS, Ebenezer, married Esther Ras- 

bery, ii 
HOLMES, Mr., mentioned, 88, 89 
HOOPER, Thomas, note, 11, 14, 17, 39, 

48; mentioned, 47 
HOWARD. Capt.. mentioned, 76, 77, 79, 82; 

vessel disabled, 83, 84, 87 
HUDSON, Robert, pays debt, 59, 61, 118, 

HUGUENIN (Hueguenin), Mr., mentioned, 

83, 91 
HUNGERFORD (Ship), mentioned, 48 
HUNT, Joseph, order on Legree, 93, 103 

INDIANS, troubles, 132, 136, 138; see also 

Cheroliee Indians; Creek Indians 
INGLES, Mr., mentioned, 48 
ISRAEL, Jacob, payment to, 115-6 

JAMIESON, Robertson & Baillie, Carolina 

creditors, 46 
JARVIS, See Jervis 
JERVIS, Mr., mentioned, 109, 112, 129 

JOHN (Ship), mentioned. 40, 48 
JOHNSON, Dr. Lewis, mentioned, 82; see 

also Johnson & Wylly 
JOHNSON & Co., mentioned, 54 
JOHNSON & WYLLY, mentioned, 82, 127, 

JOINER, Mr., mentioned, 10 
JONES, Edward, letter to, 59. 89 
JONES. Noble, notes, 14, 104, 105, 134 
JORDAN, Capt., mentioned, 13, 17, 24 

KNOWLBS (Ship), mentioned, 17, 24 
KINGSALE (Free Negro), mentioned, 107 

LAURENS, See Austin & Laurens 

LAW, Capt., mentioned, 52 

LEGARE (Legree), Daniel, mentioned, 93; 

order on, 103, 106 
LESSLIE, Mr., mentioned, 13, 17 
LINWOOD, See Clarmont & Linwood 
LITTLE. William, mentioned, 58, 128, 129, 

131, 136 
LITTLETON (Ship), mentioned, 40 
LIVE OAK (Ship), mentioned, 30 
LLOYD, Samuel, mentioned, 11. 15, 51, 83, 
87, 94, 118; letters to, 12-13, 17-23, 26, 37, 
56, 79-80; account with, 25; indico shipped 
to, 27, 35; bill on, 134; see also Devon- 
shire, Reeve & Lloyd 
LLOYD, Thomas, to go to Charlestown, 

140, 141 
LONGSTAFF, Capt., money supplied to, 
45; wine account, 56-7, 60, 116-7, 128, 
130, 137 
LOUDON, See Fort Loudon 
LOUISBURG, capture mentioned, 18 
LYFORD, Capt., mentioned, 132, 133, 135 

McADDIN, Capt., mentioned, 138 
McCARTAN, Francis, mentioned, 88, 89 
McCARTAN & CAMPBELL, mentioned, 

89, 127, 130 
McINTOSH, George, order on Smith & 

Nutt, 114 
McINTOSH, John, order on Elliott & Gor- 
don, 132 
McINTOSH, Lachlan, order on Smith & 

Nutt. 114 
MACKAY, Mr., mentioned, 38 
MACKENZIE. Mr., loads rice, 45; rice 

delivered to, 47; nephew mentioned, 47; 

mentioned, 51 
McQueen, John, bills on, 106, 110, 114 
McQUEEN, John & Co., order on, 130, 137 
McQueen & Co., draft on, 133 
McQUEEN, Gordon & Co., drafts on, 118, 

129. 130. 137 
MANCHESTER. Capt., mentioned, 12, 13 
MARKHAM, Capt., mentioned, 104, 106, 107 
MARKHAM. John, bills on Bird, 111 
MARR. Andrew, mentioned, 92 
MARTIN, Capt., mentioned, 59 
MARTYN (Martin), Benjamin, notes, 14, 

24, 34, 76, 77, 78, 80, 104, 105, 107, 115, 



MARY ANN (Ship), mentioned, 13. 80; 
under convoy, 17; damaged in gale, 37 

MAXTON. Mr., collection of debt, 9, 16, 
•25, 28, 36-7, 46, 53 

MEDWAY (Ship), mentioned, 79 

MERMAID (Man of War), mentioned, 40, 


MEYERS, Mr., mentioned, 10 

MICHIE, Alexander, payment to, 133 

MICKLIX, See Ryder. Micklin & Wells 

MILLEDGE, John, married widow of Ras- 
berry. ii ; notes, 14, 38, 80; succeeds to 
command of troops, 38 

MILLER. Capt., mentioned. 135 
MILLIGEN. Dr., draft on, 110 
MILLS, Capt., mentioned, 38 
MILLS, John & Thomas, bill on, 134 
MINOTT, Mr., mentioned, 91, 103 
MITCHELL, Capt. David, mentioned, 35, 

36, 39, 62, 94 
MOAT, Capt. Isaiah, mentioned, 92, 111 
MONTGOMERY, Col. Richard, attack on 

Cherokees, 114; advance checked, 119 
MOODY, Mr., mentioned, 47 
MOORE, Commodore, blockades French 

fleet, 54 
MOREL, Mr., mentioned. 84 
MORNING STAR (Ship), accident. 40 
MORRISON. Capt. John, mentioned, 85 
MOSSMAN. See Grahams & Mossman 
MOTIER, Mr., paymaster of troops. 111 

NANCY (Ship), mentioned. 85 
NEGROES, cargo expected for sale, 12; 

cloth needed. 119. 128. 130 
NEW GRACE (Ship), mentioned. 12, 13 
NEW HANOVER, mentioned, 28 
NEWMAN. Mr., payment on order re- 
fused, 118 
NICHLESON, Samuel, bill on, 132 
NICKELSON, Mrs., mentioned, 11 

NOBLE GALLEY (Ship), mentioned, 12, 

NORMAN, Mr., mentioned. 58, 107 
NORMAN. Thomas, draft on McQueen, 

NUNEZ (Nunes), Mr., mentioned, 53, 60, 

NUTT. John, bill on, 108 
NUTT. Mr., mentioned. 4. 95. 115; see also 

Smith & Nutt 

OGECHEE, wine from 45, 60 
OGILVIE & WARD, mentioned, 48 
ORGAN, parish cannot purchase, 10 
ORPHAN HOUSE, See Bethesda 
OTTOLENGHE, Joseph, notes. 14. 24. 26, 

57. 61-2, 108. 132; payment on account, 


OUTERBRIDGE. Lt. White, letter to, 10- 
11. 23-4; draft on Mllligin, 110 

PEARSON. Edward, notes, 14, 57, 132 
PENGUIN (Man of War), to convoy, 28 

PETTICREW. Mr., order on McQueen 

mentioned, 106 
PHOEBE (Ship), mentioned, 13. 17, 24 
POLHILL. Nathaniel, letter to. 12. 57; 

mentioned. 38; bill on Savage, 108 
POMEROYS. mentioned, 2 
PORTREES. John, mentioned, 92 
POWELL, Mr., mentioned, 59 
POYAS, Mr., mentioned, 128 
PRINCE GEORGE (Scout Boat), pay bill 

for, 104, 105, 131 
PRINCE OF ORANGE (Ship), mentioned, 

94. 97, 98. 99 

PRINCESS CAROLINE (Ship), mentioned, 

PRITCHET. Rowland, estate mentioned. 

59. 61 
PRUNIERE. Mr., delays payment. 8: to 

send staves to Charlestown. 24; debt 

mentioned. 45, 118 
PRYCE, Mr., mentioned, 59, 61 

QUARANTINE, 105. 132 

R & B, See Rae & Barksdale 
RABENHORST, Rev. Christian, account 

explained. 82; bill to. 132 
RAE, John, mentioned, 39 
RAE, Mr., letter for, 37; mentioned. 13. 

45, 48, 75. 89, 131 
RAE. Mr.. .Jr.. mentioned, 22; assures 

settlement of account, 37 
RAE & BARKSDALE, mentioned, 13; af- 
fair mentioned, 22; account settled. 37 
RAINS (Raines), Capt.. mentioned. 40, 48, 

52. 53. 54. 62, 107. 108. 111. 113. 114. 125 
RAINS, Joe. mentioned. 38 
RANGERS, pay, 38, 62, 80. 95, 111, 115; 

another company raising. 95; ordered to 

Augusta, 103; mentioned. 106 
RASBERRY, Ann. (daughter of Thomas), 


RASBERRY, Mrs. Ann. (wife of Thomas), 

RASBERRY. Esther, ii 
RASBERRY. Miss, mentioned, 37 
RASBERRY, Mrs. (mother of Thomas), 

mentioned, 37 
RASBERRY, Thomas, sketch, i-ii; bills 
and credits. 14. 47, 48, 115, 118, 132, 134, 
1.38. 139, 140; to ship rice, 135, 138 
RASBERRY. Thomas & Co., i; account 

payable to, 80 
REYNOLDS, John, succeeded by Ellis as 

Governor, 18 
RICHARDS. Mr., mentioned, 84 
RICHARDSON. Mr., mentioned, 59 
ROBERTSON. See Jamieson. Robertson & 

ROBINSON. Pickering, indico. 27. 35; ac- 
count against Tobler. 113; bill to Rus- 
sell. 134; mentioned. 140, 148 
ROGERS, Capt., mentioned, 30 


ROGERS. See Dyson & Rogers 
ROSE & BUTLERS, mentioned, 92 

RUM, scarce in Savannah, 10, 24; ordered, 
11 ; price, 73 

RT'PKE. Comdr. Jurgen, mentioned, 12 

RT'SSELL, William, partner of Rasberry, 
i: notes. 12. 13. 24, 105. 132, 134; men- 
tioned. 16. 27, 28, 35, 45, 80, 82, 84. 110, 

RYDER, Micklin & Wells, mentioned, 107 

SALISBURY (Ship), mentioned, 119, 127, 

133. 138 
SALLY (Ship), mentioned, 92. Ill, 145 
SAVAGE, Samuel, bill on, 108 
SCOTT, Mr., mentioned, 81 
SCOUT BOAT, See Prince George (Scout 

SHANOLS, Mr., mentioned, 23, 52 
SHARPE. Capt., mentioned, 119, 127, 133 
SHAW. Alexander, letter to, 61; drafts on, 

114, 131, 133 
SHEFTALL. Mordecai, bill to Russell, 

132; see also Wood & Sheftall 
SHEPARD, See Drummond & Shepard 
SILK culture, account not adjusted, 77; 

pay bills for, 104 
SIMPSON, Mr., mentioned, 46 
SLAVES, See Negroes 
SMALL Pox, in Charlestown, 10, 104, 106, 

SMITH (Smyth), Capt., mentioned, 130, 

135, 147, 148 
SMITH, John, letter to, 8-9, 16, 24, 25-6, 

28. 44-5. 46-7, 55-6, 89-90, 91-2, 107, 114, 

118. 133: removed to Charlestown. 25; 

late of Indian land. 28; mentioned, 29, 

36. 60, 87, 107: rice from Bethesda, 33; 

letter from, 37; overseer to leave. 44-5, 

47; to pay Rasberry's account, 47, 48; 

ships deer skins, 62 
SMITH. Josiah, Jr., letters to, 9-12, 14-6, 

17, 26, 27, 32-3, 36, 38, 39, 45-8, 51, 55, 

56. 60-1, 73, 74, 76, 80-1, 84-8, 90-1. 94, 

103, 105, 106, 110-1, 113-4, 116-9, 126-8, 

130-3. 135-8, 140-1, 147-8: mentioned, 16, 

22, 27. 32, 35, 44, 51, 77, 92, 107, 139; 

payment to, 46; draft on, 118, 129 
SMITH, Mr., mentioned, 23 
SMITH & BREWTON. draft on. 15, 26; 

mentioned, 127, 129, 130, 131, 137 
SMITH & NUTT, letters to, 60, 82, 83, 87; 

mentioned. 81, 86, 87; order on, 114 
SOCIETY for the Encouragement of Arts, 

Manufactures and Commerce, mentioned, 

SOLA bills, 17, 37 

SOMMERVILLE, Capt., mentioned, 74 
SOUTH CAROLINA. Act detains woolen 

and gunpowder, 117, 132. 134, 135, 138-9; 

repealed, 148; currency in demand in 

Georgia, 38 
SPENCER, Mr., collector at Savannah, 36; 

will not endorse certificate, 58 
SPICES, 60, 82 

SPY (Ship), mentioned, 133, 138, 139 

SQT'ERRIBS (Ship), mentioned, 35, 36, 
62, 94, 138 

STEAD, Mr., mentioned. 13, 23, 25; settles 
account, 22, 37 

STERLING (Stirling), Capt., mentioned, 

35. 36 
STRACHAN, Capt.. mentioned. 35, 36, 119, 

132, 135 

SURPRISE (Man of War), to convoy, 28 
SWALLOW, See Carson & Swallow 

TADDER, Capt.. mentioned, 89, 90 
TALBERT, Capt., mentioned, 9, 11, 15, 17, 
26. 33. 51. 61. 73, 80, 81, 106, 107, 110, 
117, 132, 133, 137 
TALFIER (Telfair ?), Mr., arrives in 

Georgia, 71 
TAPPENDEN. Mr., mentioned, 135 
TAPPENDEN & HANBEY, merchants, 4 
THOMAS. John, settlement with, 59, 61; 

gone north, 131 
THOMAS, Mr., mentioned, 118 
THOMSON (Thompson), Capt., mentioned, 
23. 37. 80. 95: expected in Savannah. 104, 
105: carried into Martinico, 108 
THOMSON. William, letters to, 9, 24-5, 
30-2, 35. 38-9. 40-4. 48-50, 54-5, 57-8, 61- 
72. 77-9. 80, 94-104, 107-9, 111-2, 114-6, 
119-26. 131-2. 134-5, 138, 141-7; mentioned, 

8, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17. 18. 22, 24, 26. 28, 33, 
39. 45. 46, 47. 55, 73, 83, 84, 103, 106, 
107, 110, 111. 116. 118, 130, 135, 136, 137, 
140. 141. 148; draft on, 60 

TIMOTHY. Peter, Gazette mentioned, 81; 
has competitor, 91; payment for paper, 

133, 137 

TOBLER, Capt., affairs mentioned, 106, 

111; death mentioned, 113. 119 
TOBLER. John, letters to, 109-10, 112, 118- 

9. 131. 136. 147; draft on Smith, 117 
TOBLER. John & Ulrick, letters to, 10, 

23, 29-30. 39. 52. 58. 59. 61, 75. 88-9. 93; 

mentioned. 23, 110; accounts, 110, 114, 

117. 118, 131 
TOBLER, Mr., mentioned, 26, 48, 73. 89, 

93, 106. 113. 130. 133. 136; beaver skins, 

81. 133; deer skins, 89; letter to, 128-30; 

drafts. 127. 133 
TOBLER'S Almanacs, mentioned, 23, 48, 

52. 89 
TI'BBS. Capt., mentioned, 55 
TUCKER. Capt.. mentioned, 11, 13, 14, 17, 

37; misfortune, 26 
TUFFTS, Capt.. mentioned, 127, 128, 131 
TWO BROTHERS (Ship), mentioned, 12, 


UNION (Ship), mentioned, 119, 145 
UNION & MERCURY (Ship), mentioned, 
39, 40, 126 

VENUS (Ship), mentioned, 2, 3, 4, 7, 14, 58 

VIART, Mr., mentioned, 48 

VINCENT, Thomas, mentioned, 9; note, 11 


tioned, 88, 90 

WAKEFIELD & Co., complaints of their 
linen, 125 

WALKER, Capt., mentioned, 48 

WARD, See Ogilvie & Ward 

WARING, Rev. Mr., note, 14 

WATCH, to be mended, 9 

WELLS, Mr., payment for newspaper, 133; 

see also Ryder, Micklin & Wells 
WERTSCH. Mr., mentioned, 75, 76; see 

also Fieri & Wertsch 
WHANNY (Negro), mentioned, 54 
WHITE, Capt., mentioned, 136, 137 
WILLIAMS, Mr., mentioned, 93 
WINDOW glass, 77, 139 
WILSON (Willson), Mr., mentioned, 29 
WINCHELSEA (Man of War), mentioned, 

WINE, 45, 60 

WOOD & SHEFTALL, mentioned, 72 
WOODROOFFE, Mr., hosiery charge too 

high, 125 
WYLLY, Mr., mentioned, 127, 130; see also 

Johnson & Wylly 

YATES, Capt., mentioned, 12, 13 
YONGE, Bishop of Bristol, bill on, 115, 

YONGE, Henry, mentioned, 15, 91, 131, 

132, 138; ships samples of indico, 35; 

bills, 115, 116; going to England, 135 

ZIEGENHAGEN, Rev. Frederick Michael 
(German Chaplain), mentioned, 15, 74, 
76, 114, 135 

ZOUBERBUHLER, Rev. Bartholomew, 
notes, 14, 26, 57, 73, 76, 132 

ZUBLY, David, mentioned, 128 

ZUBLY, Rev. John Joachim, arrival in 
Georgia, 38; draft to, 131; mentioned, 
58, 109, 110, 113, 114, 119, 129, 140, 141, 
147. 148